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Best algorithms book I ever read. I took a fair amount of time looking at data structures and algorithms while I was studying for my interviews with Google, and based on informed suggestions from Steve Yegge’s infamous post, I decided to buy The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S.

Best algorithms book I ever read

Skiena. If you don’t care to read my ramblings about this book, here’s a summary: Buy this book if you do ANY serious programming. Note: I have no intention of writing about my Google interviews, just know that they were very well done and that reading this book did help me significantly. What makes The Algorithm Design Manual. Apps For Good turns teens into mobile app developers for a better future - TNW UK. “Being German, working for a Brazilian company and trying to convince people to change the world in London isn’t the easiest task,” says Iris Lapinski, the CEO of London’s Apps for Good program, with a laugh.

Apps For Good turns teens into mobile app developers for a better future - TNW UK

But changing the world is exactly what she’s doing. The program she dreamed up teaches young people learn to create apps that transform their world, inspiring a new generation of eager tech minds. Lapinski is a German born entrepreneur who found her way to CDI Europe after working as a commercial digital media and telecoms consultant for Ovum Farncombe Technology. CDI Europe is the European Hub for CDI (Centre for Digital Inclusion), a global network of community-based centres working on entrepreneurship and community action based in Brazil.

CDI’s model has been proven across Latin America, but since tech adoption is drastically different in the UK, Lapinski was required to blaze a new path. By edd dumbill, Software development completely in the cloud. We’ve passed an important landmark in software development.

by edd dumbill, Software development completely in the cloud

Using only a browser, it’s now possible to develop, debug and deploy software in the cloud. To prove it, I spent a few hours today teaching myself how. Using just my Chromebook I wrote, tested and deployed a simple Node.js program using Cloud 9 IDE, Heroku and github. Bd. Dart : Structured web programming. Awesome tutorials to master responsive web design.

Create an adaptable website layout with CSS3 media queries With the rise of both very large screens and mobile devices, web developers have to be able to create websites that display correctly and look good whatever the device is.

Awesome tutorials to master responsive web design

Sure, you can use good old techniques like fluid layouts, but I’ve got something better to show you today. This tutorial will teach you how you can create an adaptable website layout using CSS3.→ Read tutorial: Create an adaptable website layout with CSS3 media queries Fluid images This tutorial will shown you how to make your image scales down when the browser is resized or when your website is viewed through a smaller screen.→ Read tutorial: Fluid images. Trivium. The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software.


This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content. Thinking for Programmers, by Leslie Lamport. Kits Boards ARM7 AVR Arduino PIC 8051 Interfacing Programmer Robotics Embedded Products - India.