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Does the doctrine of predestination result in believing in a God who is not all loving?

Franciscan theology & Predestinarian Pluralism. Jstor. The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination - Loraine Boettner. Far & away, the best book on the subject! User Review - AR Reid - Having, myself, struggled with the Reformation idea of predestination, I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that this book is absolutely the best book on the subject! As I said in a previous ... Read full review I strongly recomend this work! User Review - Rune Sjoblom - This is a exelent book on calvinism, and in my opinion the best overall treatment of the subject.

Chosen by God: a look at the doctrine of predestination. The question of predestination vs. free will is a long standing one in the body of Christ. There are many that say that God has already chosen those who would be saved and it is those and nobody else that will be saved. Subsequently and according to this view whether somebody will be saved or not it is not so much a question of somebody else speaking the Word to him and him subsequently believing this Word. Though he definitely needs to do this, he can essentially do it only because God has “predestined” him for this, has “chosen” him.

Had God not “predestined” him, had God not “chosen” him – in the meaning of chosen him over somebody else that was not chosen - then he would not be saved. It is thus ultimately up to God who is going to be saved and whom He, as per this view, has “predestined”, pre-choose to be saved. Salvation: God’s choice for everybody. To see what is the desire of God concerning salvation let’s start with I Timothy 2:4. Whom does God want to be saved? See the turn. Religion and Politics: Islam and Muslim Civilization - Jan-Erik Lane, Hamadi Redissi, Riyāḍ Ṣaydāwī.