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Welcome to Swing Street Radio Where The Big Bands Swing! New generations are thrilling for the first time to the sounds of Swing and Big Band music which first emerged from the greatest period of American popular music. Orchestra leaders like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Glenn Miller are capturing their dancing interests, while vocalists … Continue reading Home

How Did Swing Music Help Create Foot Stomping Dance Style? The Story behind ‘White Christmas’ – America’s Most Loved Christmas Song. What is that song which strikes your mind as you hear or talk about Christmas?

The Story behind ‘White Christmas’ – America’s Most Loved Christmas Song

No matter how many years have passed and how many artists have released Christmas special singles over the years, ‘White Christmas’ by Bing Crosby is still our number one favorite. With the launch of this classic hit, Bing Crosby kick-started the practice of releasing Christmas songs by music artists. And as the festive season knocks on our doors, we are eagerly waiting for the swing music station in the USA to play this iconic hit all day, all night long. After all, no Christmas celebration is ever complete without people humming Crosby’s evergreen number. But, you would be shocked to know that this track was treated as a simple joke in the beginning.

The Writer of this Song…. It’s said Irving Berlin, the very talented songwriter of those times, wrote this number while reminiscing the Christmas memories. Bing Crosby’s First Reaction… Unraveling the Mysterious Missing of Glenn Miller during World War II. Benny Goodman – Remembering Contributions of the King of Swing. Interesting & Enlightening Facts about Swing You Must Know.

Being an authentic form of American music, jazz has undergone several transformations.

Interesting & Enlightening Facts about Swing You Must Know

From classic jazz to swing and bebop, the genre has simply wowed generations after generations of music lovers with its extraordinary appeal. However, in this blog, we have chosen the subgenre of swing for detailed discussion. So, it was in 1920, when swing was slowly and steadily becoming a part of every American’s life. Top Swing Artists that Emerged from the Harlem Renaissance. In the early 20th century, African-American families began migrating from Black Bohemia to Harlem, a neighborhood around New York City due to several factors such as the occurrence of natural disasters and World War I.

Top Swing Artists that Emerged from the Harlem Renaissance

Famously known as The Great Migration, this population explosion of African-American families turned Harlem into an epicenter of the cultural revolution of the blacks. If you have been a hardcore fan of swing & jazz, then you must have heard the term ‘Harlem Renaissance’. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. It is this socio-cultural revolution that has been popularly termed as renaissance centered in Harlem. During this golden age of dance, music, art, and performances, many black artists came to the fore of popularity.

Louis Armstrong – Born in New Orleans, Louis Armstrong played in small bands in Chicago. Duke Ellington – With over a thousand compositions to his credit, Duke Ellington moved from Washington DC to New York City with his music band. Swing Vs Bebop – Exploring the Uniqueness & Differences. During the 1930s and 1940s, swing music had swept all Americans off their feet.

Swing Vs Bebop – Exploring the Uniqueness & Differences

While bandleaders are like Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman created history with their musical arrangements, vocalists such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra amazed people with their talent. Serving as a way of emancipation from hardships and belligerence, swing music helped people find solace within its fold. However, with the end of World War II, this music genre suffered a setback for several reasons. Enjoy a List of Swing Dance Classic Hits You Can Never Miss. With its amazing rhythmic flow and beats, swing music is bound to take anyone off their feet.

Enjoy a List of Swing Dance Classic Hits You Can Never Miss

During the early 1930s, big bands comprising not less than ten to twelve musicians improvised swing and presented it in the most tantalizing form before the American audience. There was a time when big bands had been the main attraction of the night clubs in New York, Los Angeles, and so on. People from all sections of society would cherish and find solace in swing and big band music. Women Singers Who Made their Mark during the Big Band Era.

Top Bands that Spearheaded the Revival of Swing Music. Americans turned away from big band music because it reminded them of the tragic memories of World War II.

Top Bands that Spearheaded the Revival of Swing Music

Added to that, The Musician Strike and The Cabaret Tax played their roles in extinguishing the popularity of swing. With rock ‘n’ roll dominating the musical landscape of America through the 1950s and 1960s, new listening habits sounded the death knell for the swing music forever. However, events took a turn in the late 1980s which witnessed the revival of the swing on the big band music station in USA. Strongly rooted in the classic big band culture, this time swing was also influenced by different other musical elements such as boogie-woogie, jump blues, punk rock, and ska. In this blog, we shed light on those bands that played a crucial role in bringing back swing music into the lives of Americans once again. Royal Crown Revue – Formed in 1989, Royal Crown Revue was the brainchild of Mark Stern, Mando Dorame, and Eddie Nichols. Like this: Swing Street Radio: Factors that Contributed to the Death of Swing Music.

The swing music had swept every American off their feet through the 1920s and 1930s.

Swing Street Radio: Factors that Contributed to the Death of Swing Music

This new form of music boosted the morale of American soldiers at the war front, while it helped in achieving racial harmony on the home front. There is no other genre of music that can be so strongly identified with the authentic American culture. The first half of the twentieth century had witnessed the prolific rise and popularity of the swingand big band music. But, what led to its decline by the final years of the same century? People who would flock to the dance halls to watch their favorite bid bands perform gradually turned their back to this form of music. Your Ultimate Guide to Big Bands and Swing Music. Songs from Swing Music Radio You Must Have Heard Your DJ Play copy. How to Make People Dance to Swing and Big Band Music USA? Fill Your Daily Life with Big Band Swing Music. Swing music is precisely the kind of music that people like to listen to when they want to get into a happy mood and dance to the tunes.

Fill Your Daily Life with Big Band Swing Music

Popular back in the ’30s and 40’s, swing music was a subset of the jazz genre, which had gained a lot of traction back in time. Slowly, however, several other kinds of music took the reins, and people forgot about swing. But not anymore, as you tune into radios that broadcast big band swing music dedicatedly, you will be able to listen to chartbusters from the Golden era of Swing Music. So, today, let us bring to you a list of the best swing music songs you can listen to regularly! Before springing on to the section, let us speak about what big bands are for some time. Coming back to the subject, there can be nothing better than starting your day with the very popular Benny Goodman number “Sing Sing Sing.”

The Rise of Swing and Big Band Music in USA. Swing Street Radio: 7 Swing Jazz Musicians You Must Listen to in Your Lifetime. The Golden Era of Swing Music, since its inception, was the best answer to jazz which saw several music lovers dancing their hearts out in the halls.

Swing Street Radio: 7 Swing Jazz Musicians You Must Listen to in Your Lifetime

The rise of big bands and small groups could only bring the best of music in the era, making it such a popular time in the history of swing music. Artists, during this period, developed several styles of their own, which only influenced several musicians to perform subsets of jazz and make a name of their own. Today, you can tune into a swing jazz music station and find yourself crooning to those songs. The Top Seven Musicians of Swing Jazz Music Whenever you think of swing jazz music, there are a few names that crop up in your mind.

Coleman Hawkins: The fact that made Hawkins stand out from all the musicians of the time was his unique and raspy tone that combined beautifully with his improvisation techniques. Exploring the Four Stalwarts of Big Band Swing Music. As a music ensemble that consists of more than ten musicians across four broad sections of instruments – trombones, trumpets, rhythm, and saxophones, big bands were initiated during the early twentieth century.

Exploring the Four Stalwarts of Big Band Swing Music

These were especially hyped during the 1940s swing era, where such big bands were synonymous with a genre of music. The compositions and arrangements made big band swing music the ideal accompaniment for dancing during the time as well. The Big Band Spin-Offs The Dorsey Brothers, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Artie Shaw were ruling America’s big band scene back then. Among those stalwarts, there were often small bands that charmed their way into the hearts of audiences. Reasons You Should Tune into a Swing Music Radio. Swing music has been a tremendous part of the industry since the 1930s and has seen a lot of ups and downs ever since. Belonging to the jazz family, Swing music slowly gained popularity, especially in the USA, from 1935 to 1945, marking the time to be known as the Swing Era. If we had a time machine and could go back in that era, we would see young people in dance halls, letting their hearts out to the tunes of swing music.

However, in the twenty-first century, how much do we know about the genre? Let’s find out! Decoding the ‘70s Big Band Swing Music Radio. Swing Street Radio: A Sad “AUF Wiedersehen” to Wwii Sweetheart Vera Lynn. She was perhaps the most recognizable female vocalist of the Second World War. Her million-selling record “We’ll Meet Again” became an anthem of hope for soldiers and civilians alike across both theaters of war. And her performances on radio gave reassurance to Londoners during the darkest days of the Blitz. Dame Vera Lynn has died at the age of 103. Vera Lynn was born in London in 1917, the daughter of a plumber and dressmaker. Billy Strayhorn – An Unforgettable Jazz Composer of the Twentieth Century - swing music radio.

Swing Street Radio: Gene Krupa – The First Soloist Drummer of the Swing Era. Do you often identify the swing era with the saxophones and trumpets? After all, who can ever get over Louis Armstrong and his extraordinary trumpet playing skill? Further, Coleman Hawkins on saxophone could sweep people off their feet in no time. It goes without a saying that such exceptionally talented artists and instrumentalists immortalized swing and big band music in the USA.

However, at a time when the whole world was swinging to the rhythm of wind instruments, it was Gene Krupa who brought drums to the forefront of the swing era. Without this good-looking, charming, and talented young man, who could have considered drums to be an integral part of swing music? Finding expression through drum playing. Evergreen Swing Songs That Everyone Can Dance To - swing music radio jazz music radio. Understanding the Sensation of Radio Back in the 1930s and 1940s. Back in the 1930s and 1940s, radio was the predominant source of entertainment for all Americans. Be it news or entertainment, people tuned into radio to keep themselves updated or simply distracted from the harsh reality. This was also the time when big band music in the USA gained rapid popularity. With live music dominating the airwaves, almost every American household had a radio during the 1930s and 1940s.

Although the Great Depression disturbed the economic state, people would not hesitate you buy a radio set as that would guarantee a steady source of entertainment or distraction in the face of adversity. However, the new form of entertainment was received with mixed reactions. Swing Street Radio: Duke Ellington – The Man Who Influenced Jazz Like No Other. Edward Kenndy Ellington, better known as Duke Ellington was called as a musical titan for no reason. Noted for his impeccable style of piano playing, Ellington was an exceptional leader to have led one of the most successful, creative, experimental big bands in the history of swing and jazz music. With his terrific jazz arrangements, he could take his audience on a journey. His compositions that ran into thousands are vividly cherished and continue to entertain and inspire all listeners and aspirants to this day. Regarded as a true swing artist, Ellington’s compositions encompassed several other genres like blues, gospel, blues, and so on.

Bing Crosby – The First-ever Multimedia Star of the USA. Discover Mesmerizing Shows on Jazz Music Radio Station in the USA - jazz music radio big band and swing. During the twentieth century, the USA went through a topsy-turvy time wherein the Americans had to face the wrath of world wars and the economic crisis of the Great Depression. On the societal front, things were not all too rosy as racial discrimination was deeply embedded in the then American society. Jimmy Dorsey – An Exceptionally Talented Saxophonist and Band Leader. During the 1930s, several big bands stole the limelight and went on to become an integral part of American culture. Swing Street Radio: What Were the Socio-cultural Effects of Big Band and Swing Music? Martha Tilton’s Journey of Becoming the Big Band Songbird. Martin Block – The Man who Popularized Ballroom Music on Radio - old time radio ballroom music radio music radio station. The Inspirational Life and Career of Johny Hodges. Swing Street Radio: Listen to Andrew Sisters at The Big Band Music Station USA.

Celebrated Swing Artists of the Second World War. Tune in to Big Band Music in the USA for Dean Martin Classics - Big Band Music jazz music swing music. Virtuosi Who Shaped The Swing Music Era in the USA. Noteworthy Milestones in the History of Swing Music. Swing Street Radio: The Lesser Known Story of The Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra. Enjoy Big Band Music at Swing Street Radio. The Andrews Sisters – One of the Celebrated Female Vocal Groups. How Did Swing Music Withstand the Blow of Great Depression? Helen Humes – The Jazz Diva with An Impeccable Voice. Cliff Edwards – The Singing Maestro of 1920s and 1930s America. Helen O’Connell - A Trailblazer of Big Band Music in USA. The Amazing Life of Jelly Roll Morton.

The Magic Of Artie Shaw Orchestra On Swing Music in USA. Frank Sinatra- The Story of Legendary Ol’ Blue Eyes Singer. Chuck Cecil : Host of “The Swingin’ Years”, has Died at 97. What Led to The Fall of Swing Music in the USA? What Made Billie Holiday An Incomparable Swing Legend? A List of Unforgettable African-American Artists in Swing Music. Unwind & Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with Super Smooth Song Styles. Tommy Dorsey: The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing. “Mrs. Swing” Rocks the House – The Story of Mildred Bailey. The Classic Collections of Big Band and Swing Music For You. Buddy Bolden: The Architect of New Orlean Jazz. What Made Louis Armstrong so Significant to Swing Music? Reminisce the Essence of Jazz Music of the 1920s with us. Dick Haymes: The Swing Singer’s Story of Fame and Struggle. Dancin' With Anson – The Anson Weeks Story. Gus Arnheim: The Star of Entertainers and the Entertainer of Stars.

Life of Jerry Gray, a Pioneer in the Swing Music in USA. A List Of Some Of The Greatest Swing Songs Of All Time. Nat King Cole: The Piano Man Of The Golden Era Of Jazz. Keely Smith - The Life & Major hits of the Big Band Vocalist. The Life & Legacy Of Benny Goodman: The King of Swing. Big Band Music And Some Of The Greatest Albums By Legends. A Collection Of Some Of the Best Jazz Records Ever Made. The Golden Era Of Radio Might Be Dead But The Radio Isn’t.

The History Of Jazz And Its Subgenres. The Significance Of Jazz In America Music. Bolster Your Passion For Big Bands With Swing Street. Enjoy Big Band Music at Swing Street Radio. Inception Of Swing And Its Social Influences. How Swing Rose To Prominence With The Big Names In Jazz. Reviving Ballroom Music in the Digtial Era. Hear the Legends of Big Band Music In The USA On Radio. Why Big Band & Swing Music In USA The Refuse To Die? The Influence of Count Basie in Big Band & Swing Music. Swingin’ High- The Bibulous Bunny Berigan. Discover The Magic Of Big Band And Swing Music On Radio. How Did Radio Redefine Popular Culture Of The Swing Era? Relive The Magic of Ballroom Music on Swing Street. The Haunting Melodies of the Swing Era Come to Woo You. How Jazz Evolved Into A Much Loved Musical Tradition. The magical voice of Dick Haymes from the pages of history. Ballroom Music Station USA Recreates The Magic of Swing Music. Preserving The Essence of Swing & Big Band Music For Future.

The Key Players in the Revival of Jazz in the 21st Century. It Had To Be You- Vocalist Dick Haymes - Swing Street. The Famed Musicians That Shaped The Swing Era in the USA. Tune Into the Swing Music Station in USA & Enjoy Bliss! Ballroom Music Radio Station in USA – Come Dance with Us! Enjoy Big Band Music at Swing Street Radio. Tracing the Journey of Swing Music in the USA.

Preserving the Rare Collections of Vintage Music Records. Arranger & Musical King Maker: The Jerry Gray Story. Soak in the Melody of Make Believe Ballroom of the 1930’s Radio. When Radio used to Offer A Perfect Family Hour in the USA.