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Png - Problem with colors when uploading images to Facebook. Facebook - Color profile issues with PNG images. Avoiding Facebook Image Compression (JPEG Artifacts) The 121 Best Dancing GIFs of All Time! from GifGuide. Carlton Dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air Dancing GIF.

The 121 Best Dancing GIFs of All Time! from GifGuide

Pages d’aide de Facebook. 9 responsive design mistakes you don't want to make. As explained in UX Design Trends 2015 & 2016, responsive Web design has become the industry’s recommend approach for supporting multiple screen sizes and devices.

9 responsive design mistakes you don't want to make

But not all responsive sites are created equally. Photo credit: PlasmaComp Whether you’re designing a small company website or reworking an ecommerce platform, let’s explore some mistakes you definitely want to avoid on your next responsive Web design project. Focusing on Devices Instead of Screens According to data provided by OpenSignal, there are now 24,093 distinct Android devices on the market, up from 18,796 just last year (and this isn’t even counting iOS and other devices). Photo credit: Luke Wrobelwski. Move away from popular device classifications such as: 2015 Social Media Image Sizes Guide - Infographic. With the ever growing need to have a strong social media presence for your business / brand / personal profiles, it’s so important to optimize them with the right images to represent you.

2015 Social Media Image Sizes Guide - Infographic

To help you get the most out of your social media profiles, we’ve produced an infographic “The 2015 Social Media Image Sizes Guide” that tells you the best image sizes for each social network and image types; and to make certain that you’re up-to-date with social media platform optimization. This graphic will be constantly updated, so if the networks change their formats, we will be the first to show it in this graphic. Not only do we list the specific dimensions, we’ve have also added some very quick tips and insights to help you decide what photo to use in what platform. Facebook now offers slideshow ads for slow data connections.

While more people around the world are logging onto Facebook each day, not everyone enjoys mobile internet that’s fast enough to load and play video ads in their News Feed.

Facebook now offers slideshow ads for slow data connections

The social network has hit upon a new way to deliver ads that are more engaging than static images but far lighter on bandwidth: slideshows. Facebook now lets you create slideshow ads using your own images or stock photos The new format lets advertisers upload three to seven still images, add text and links and set up a slideshow that’s up to 15 seconds long. The company says these are up to five times smaller in file size than video ads of the same length. How to design a better product in 5 days.

Product design processes are meant to be cyclical.

How to design a better product in 5 days

But what if you could speed up each phase for better results and more frequent feedback? Maîtriser la recherche avancée de Twitter. Comme nous l’avons déjà vu, Twitter est (aussi) un puissant moteur de recherche, qui nous permet d’accéder à une immense base de données.

Maîtriser la recherche avancée de Twitter

3D Meninas explained. A lot of people is asking me how my Pure CSS 3D Meninas effect works and how I did it.

3D Meninas explained

In this post I will try to fully explain it, from the image edition part to the html/css coding part. Even if this is going to look like a tutorial, please, don’t take it as a tutorial; this effect is just an experiment and not thought to be useful or a good practice in web design. Bastantes personas me han pedido que explique cómo hice y cómo funciona mi efecto 3D de las Meninas con CSS. En este post voy a intentar explicarlo al completo, empezando por la edición de imágenes y terminando con la parte de código html y css.

Por favor, no toméis esto como un tutorial; va a parecerlo, pero el efecto es sólo un experimento y no está pensado para que sea útil ni una buena práctica de diseño web. Finding the vanishing point / Encontrando el punto de fuga Trace 2 lines (in green) following the 3d parallel lines in the right wall until they cross. Layers’ movement speed / Velocidad de movimiento de las capas. Amazing Background & Slideshow Plugin - Vegas. Vegas is a amazing jQuery Plugin for adding beautiful fullscreen backgrounds to your webpages.

Amazing Background & Slideshow Plugin - Vegas

You can also use it to create a stylish Slideshwo for your webpage. Basic Usage: 1. Include jQuery Library and in your head section. CSS 3D Editor. Youtuber - Youtube Marketer Responsive HTML5 Template. Youtuber is a Youtube Marketer Responsive HTML5 Template.

Youtuber - Youtube Marketer Responsive HTML5 Template

This free template is designed with Bootstrap 3, the best css framework, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery! It has clean and minimal design, an elegant responsive bootstrap template. It has great CSS3 animation and jQeury effect. 12 Jquery & CSS3 resources and tutorials (and 18 more!) Two things a web designer needs are inspiration and knowledge about all the aspects of the "web process".

12 Jquery & CSS3 resources and tutorials (and 18 more!)

New technologies are constantly being revised and renewed. We all know CSS3 by now, it's very powerful and if mixed with the awesomeness of Jquery and HTML 5, the results can be mind-blowing. 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency. Today, 90 percent of businesses use social media marketing because of its ability to reach consumers. Social media is the most popular online activity right now and Americans on average spend more than 3 hours a day on social networks, which rivals almost every other pastime including television.

Social media marketing efforts have the ability to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty and impact sales. But, at the same time, many businesses have no strategy in place. For some businesses, that means bringing in an outside agency to optimize current activities, create a new strategy, effectively implement the plan, and then make adjustments based on the available data. Before any brand hires a social media marketing agency, they must ask these five questions to make sure they’re the right fit. 1. A Google search for social media agency comes up with more than 230 million results. 2. 14 Ways to Make Money From One Song. Image via As with any business, your products and services (whether they be your recordings, tours, merch, or anything else) are the stars of the show. They generate revenue and keep your music career afloat. List of French expressions in English. English contains many words of French origin, such as art, competition, force, machine, money, police, publicity, role, routine, table, and many other anglicized French words.

These are pronounced according to English rules of phonology, rather than French. Around 45%[1] of English vocabulary is of French origin, most coming from the Anglo-Norman spoken by the upper classes in England for several hundred years after the Norman Conquest, before the language settled into what became Modern English. This article, however, covers words and phrases that generally entered the lexicon later, as through literature, the arts, diplomacy, and other cultural exchanges not involving conquests. As such, they have not lost their character as Gallicisms, or words that seem unmistakably foreign and "French" to an English speaker. Used in English and French[edit] A[edit] à gogo in abundance. À la. Annexe:Gallicismes en anglais. Vrais amis en anglais. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Contrairement aux faux-amis, qui représentent souvent un obstacle à l'apprentissage de la langue, les vrais amis en anglais [1] sont des mots ayant la même forme (parfois à quelques petites différences près) et le même sens dans les deux langues : ainsi « bus », « poison », « radio », « taxi ». On dit qu'ils sont « transparents ».