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MiXing At The Right Time The Right Sound To The Right People No matters they are billions Or they are two #RKC is for YOU!


Gagne – 1200px x 900px by Jérôme DUMORTIER (Ze Boss) Simon Horrocks – Medium. 2017 Radio. 2017 Sounds. 2017 #CommunityCompering. Let's Kill CM / Hurry Up CC. Gif. Jquery. ENMI 2015. Digital Mapping. Twitter list. Mac Utile. This Week On #RKC. 2016. Useful. _URGENT. LMT. Peut-on filmer un policier? Lundi 30 mars, à quatre jours du sommet de l'OTAN à Strasbourg, un internaute a filmé un contrôle d'identité effectué par la police municipale strasbourgeoise sur des gens qui distribuaient des tracts.

Peut-on filmer un policier?

Dans cette vidéo, le policier déclare qu'il est interdit de filmer, tandis que l'auteur répond qu'il connaît la loi et qu'il n'est pas interdit de photographier ou filmer les forces de police mais simplement de diffuser les images. En fait, les deux ont tort. Le filmeur amateur ne connaît pas si bien la loi que ça, et pour cause, il n'y en a pas. Vie privée contre droit à l'information De façon générale, le droit à l'image n'existe que dans le prolongement du droit à la protection de la vie privée. Sauf que filmer un agent de police dans l'exercice de ses fonctions sur la voie publique, comme dans le cas d'un contrôle d'identité, ne relève pas de la sphère privée. Pas de jurisprudence. 7 Invaluable Pieces of Advice for Recent Music College Grads.

Image via Probably the scariest thing about going to music school to become a more competent musician is graduating and having to find a paying gig.

7 Invaluable Pieces of Advice for Recent Music College Grads

The pressure is on to start repaying those student loans and prove to your friends and family that you haven't wasted the last four years of your life. While there are no surefire tips to take you from being a student to a celebrity, these seven invaluable tips will help set you and keep you on course for many years to come. Pay attention. 1.

New technologies have made it more possible than ever for you to get discovered from virtually any part of the world. Research the city that makes the most sense to you given your goals, and then plan out a short visit. Soiree creation. Un moment privilégié pour faire avancer votre projet.Une soirée pour rencontrer tous les interlocuteurs de la création/reprise d’entreprise et rassembler les informations utiles pour initier, consolider ou finaliser votre projet.

Soiree creation

Vous êtes porteur d’un projet de création ou de reprise d’entreprise ou dirigeant d’une jeune entreprise et vous souhaitez : recueillir tous les renseignements nécessaires à votre projet identifier les interlocuteurs essentiels qui vous permettront d’avancer connaitre les démarches à effectuer et les aides disponibles Un lieu, une soirée pour bien s’entourer et gagner du temps !

A checker III

#RKC Bands. À partager II. Decades in Music; Part 4 – The 70s: A Tale of Many Genres…! by @musicvstheworld. Imagine you are the year 1970.

Decades in Music; Part 4 – The 70s: A Tale of Many Genres…! by @musicvstheworld

You have two seemingly impossible tasks on your hands: 1) Put the general unrest of the 1960s firmly in the past and 2) Give people a new lease of life; show them a way forward. Where can you possibly start? You need one thing that unites people; that can mould and move and spread far and wide. Dotty McDot (@musicvstheworld)


A Lire. DIY Holograms. Urgent à checker II. Music Back Office. Downloads. AltaCast Standalone 1.0 AltaCast Winamp 1.0 AltaCast 1.0 for Foobar 0.9.x AltaCast 1.0 for Foobar 1.x If you want to stream in mp3 or aac, you have to get your own encoders as they cannot be distributed by me.


You can get the latest lame mp3 here and the latest aac libFAAC dll for Win32 here Just unzip the archives and drop the files into the AltaCast directory. Station Update Accepted. À partager asap. Concerts à checker. Pinacle // Anton Serra X Lucio Bukowski X Oster Lapwass. Birth of Music Visualization.

Blurred Lines: songwriters suffer as Tom, Dick and Harry demand their percentages. As the dust settles on the Blurred Lines fiasco, it seems the person who’s come out of this the worst is Robin Thicke.

Blurred Lines: songwriters suffer as Tom, Dick and Harry demand their percentages

Pharrell Williams can probably earn back his part of the settlement in a matter of months, but Thicke probably will never see that sort of income again. What’s more, we learned that Williams wrote pretty much the whole thing – yet Thicke got 20% of the songwriting split on the song. “This is what happens every day in our industry,” Williams said in his deposition for the case.


Tools. Samsung. 8 outils en ligne pour créer des visuels attractifs. Même si les Community Managers sont des gens très créatifs et polyvalents, il est toutefois difficile de cumuler des qualités rédactionnelles, graphiques, vidéo, etc.

8 outils en ligne pour créer des visuels attractifs

Five Crowdfunding Tips for Every Campaign. Written by Michael Ibberson on .

Five Crowdfunding Tips for Every Campaign

Posted in Campaign Advice, Promotion Trolling the web for crowdfunding tips could yield myriad results, many of which are overdone, inapplicable, or even down-right wrong. The following five crowdfunding tips are a compilation of the best — these are the fundamental crowdfunding tips to keep in mind. To avoid redundancy, we’ve kept things brief and to-the-point, so let’s get started: Actualites - ACP la Manufacture Chanson.


Opus Codec. Code. In Humbert's Footsteps - 1798 Battle Re-enactment. Official Music, Photos, Videos & Show Dates. Jackie Buono Music. Sue Dyson Music. BBC - apple rabbits: our London Calling act in the BBC Introducing hotseat. Where are you from?

BBC - apple rabbits: our London Calling act in the BBC Introducing hotseat

I was born in Hammersmith and lived there until I was two, then my family moved out to East Anglia and came back to London when I was nineteen in 1989. I now live in Kilburn. Names of band members and instruments played? I'm Jay Fisher, the only permanent band member of apple rabbits. I write and arrange, sing, play guitars, bass, piano, keys, accordion, percussion, plus a bit of programming, sound effects and noises. On the two albums I've made before I was helped out by some old music friends and friends of friends, including producer Dug Wolfsohn and Rachel Birkin, string arranger, who wrote the arrangement for the song I Could Not Care Less.

MISSINE + TRIPSTOIC and 2 Ghosts From The Orchestra. Missine + Tripstoic & 2 Ghosts from the Orchestra - Commentaires. Welcome to Karma Records Liverpool. Alice Grace in Wonderland. Coolgraph'art. The Audiobodies – Laidback & Talented. I remember when I first moved to Jersey City, I would go to a couple of the local bars several nights a week with some people I met from school and there is one night, even five years since, which still sticks out in my mind.

The Audiobodies – Laidback & Talented

I was at the Lamppost and I heard music. It wasn’t the metal or the hardcore rock that my friends and classmates listened to; this was a mellow, yet funky sound, with a smooth kind of style that instantly drew me in–they were the Audiobodies. WBM: First off, who are the Audiobodies? ANG LOW. A.S. Press Kit. Freak Asylum. Monika MHz - Progressive // Electronic // House Music. URBAN TERRORIST. Korie Anne Music. Jazz Community: Indie-nation ... The Advent of Crowd Funding - By Kathryn Ballard Shut — JazzTimes.

An interesting phenomenon has arisen in the independent artist space lately in which labels, bands, and music marketers can make a case for the public to "crowd fund" them in an effort to create more music and merchandise in the near future. Sites such as and have literally found a new niche in this area and are profiting from the trend. Swamp Music Players. Swamp Music Players have a comic strip Issues 1,2,3 and 4 released in late 2013! We hope you enjoy our bands very own comic art. It has been tons of fun and we look forward in continuing it in mid 2014! The fictional tale of hard boiled 1930′s jazz drummer Earl Jr Jackson Black and his band of outlaw musicians the Swamp Music Players.

A heist has gone all wrong and even the double crosses have double crosses as the Players find themselves hunted by the law and a crime boss. The cool ones band. - Entertainment District, Toronto Canada. Love Transfusion (Acoustic Remix) by Sonya Titus. Frameworks. Frameworks is the alias of 29 year old producer & multi-instrumentalist Matt Brewer. Another product of the thriving music scene of Manchester he’s been building a following over the last few years with releases on Organik Records, My First Moth (new album coming soon with Blu Rum 13) and Hero Records. Old Friend is the second EP from Manchester based producer Matt Brewer aka Frameworks. Last year’s Vanish EP proved to be one of our most well received releases of 2012. From that blueprint, Frameworks has matured his sound, with assured production providing a deftness of touch rarely seen in a young producer. With the four tracks on this EP, it’s his songwriting that really comes to the fore.

Belleruche’s Kathrin DeBoer features on ‘Breaks My Heart’ adding her breathy, effortless vocals to the mix. Click on the images below to stream/buy releases from Frameworks. Freak Asylum. Ontofield Home Page. Official Website. Secrets - OneRepublic (Cover by Tiffany Alvord & ThePianoGuys) Quemiv - Video multi angles multi cameras. Hype! - Weird - Official video HD - Rock Music Video. BRONX S.I.G “怪奇十三夜 -三夜- (Free Mix)” - JPRAP.COM(β) Music — The Jinxes. Welcome. Livie Mone. Oklahoma Rock Band Hinder News, Music, Tour Dates and more. DeejayCoat. Adelitas Way. Minimalist Illustrations by Shout « ⓔMORFES. Italian illustrator Shout aka Alessandro Gottardo has been featured in major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Economist and Newsweek among others. - HOME.


Stephen jones. Chris Monaghan Music. Jill Huber. Reverbnation. Soundcloud.