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Sans titre. Exit Eminem, The Strokes, Phoenix et ACDC : le site américain « Pixable » a imaginé à quoi ressembleraient les affiches des plus grands festivals du monde si l’on gardait uniquement les groupes qui comportent au moins un membre féminin.

sans titre

Et le résultat est flagrant : il ne reste pas grand monde sur scène ! Pour l’édition 2015 du festival Pitchfork qui se déroulera à Chicago en juillet, on recense seulement 13 groupes comportant au moins une femme sur un total de 46. La différence est encore plus flagrante pour le Lollapalooza à Chicago qui s’est tenu à Chicago en 2014, puisque sur 138 groupes, seulement 38 étaient composés d’au moins une femme. Sans titre. Voyage vers l'inconnu : récit d'un organisateur. « Viens, jeudi, on organise un événement »

Voyage vers l'inconnu : récit d'un organisateur

Silent Entryphone - LIVE at BLÜTHNER London. Portishead & Thom Yorke jouent ensemble. Spectacle vivant : top 7 des métiers qui recrutent. De nombreux métiers “gravitent” autour du secteur culturel, et lui permettent de fonctionner, mais certains recrutent plus que d’autres.

Spectacle vivant : top 7 des métiers qui recrutent

Pour vous y retrouver, Coulisses vous propose un tour d’horizon de ces professions qui embauchent, en compagnie d’un expert : Yves Paumelle, président fondateur de Profil Culture, le site spécialiste des métiers de la culture et de la communication. 1/ Les métiers liés à la création et au développement d’une relation avec le public (chargé de communication, community manager…) Incontestablement, ce nouvel enjeu pour les salles de spectacles et les compagnies semble s’ancrer dans la durée.

Live at Stardust Wayne Newton Theatre. Recorded live at the former Stardust Hotel, Wayne Newton Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday, May 2, 2003, 8 - 10 PM, to a packed audience.

Live at Stardust Wayne Newton Theatre

Simulcast on a show called "Jazz at the Stardust" via KOAS 105.7 FM "The Oasis", Las Vegas' major market smooth jazz station at the time. released 19 May 2015 TIM BALLARD, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Computer Sequencer STEVE DENNY, Keyboards CONRAD CSOGI, Drums. We Are + Destiny by PRYSM. Gone To A Rave #18: Phil Fearon on Brit Soul And Production House. Phil Fearon is widely known as the driving force behind 80s Brit Soul act Galaxy.

Gone To A Rave #18: Phil Fearon on Brit Soul And Production House

Far less well known, however, is what Fearon did next. As the 80s drew to a close, the singer was growing weary with the fickle machinations of the music industry, so he decided to build something for himself. He piled the cash he'd made from Galaxy into setting up a state of the art recording studio, determined to help young artists who - despite immense talent - couldn't get signed elsewhere. Fearon used this studio to form the back bone for his new label, which he'd titled Production House. Within the space of 4 years, the tiny independent had gone from an obscure house/ electro label to one of the greatest breakbeat hardcore factories of all time, churning out hit after hit over an all too short period. Boil The World by Jinder.

Minority For The Masses -The Album. Track Name: Your Way Chorus - You always get your way !

Minority For The Masses -The Album

, there's nothing left to say , something deep inside keeps saying run and hide , free from all this pain , there's nothing left today , fear of what maybe lost , you always get your way ! I don't know ! , and I dont care ! 5 Mistakes Successful Startups Avoid. In the fast-spinning and unpredictable business world, there are some common mistakes startups make.

5 Mistakes Successful Startups Avoid

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50 percent of the small businesses fail within the first five years. Your new business venture is more like a journey where you go along a rocky road filled with landmines — one wrong step and you’re out. Beginning stages are exciting, but then the majority of these blunders are made in early days. Regardless of the nature of the business, some mistakes are inevitable. 1. For your new business, cash is king! An Open Response to Taylor Swift's Rant Against Apple. Dear Taylor Swift, I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service.

An Open Response to Taylor Swift's Rant Against Apple

I applaud it. Lauryn Hill Covers Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" Photo by Will Deitz On July 10, RCA will release a Nina Simone tribute album called Nina Revisited: A Tribute To Nina Simone.

Lauryn Hill Covers Nina Simone's "Feeling Good"

It's being released in conjunction with the forthcoming documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? , which is coming to Netflix on June 26. The album includes six contributions from Ms. Lauryn Hill. The tribute album will also feature Mary J. According to Rolling Stone, Hill was originally only slated to record two songs.

Marika de - Medley Live (MJC La Luciole) Apple_Music_0_11EUR_pour_les_artistes.pdf. YouTube va t-il bientôt devenir un label ? Les acteurs du streaming se livrent une bataille sans fin pour la conquête du secteur : Spotify se démêle avec les labels concernant les redevances, Tidal essuie au quotidien des critiques plus ou moins justifiées, Soundcloud conclue des alliances avec les labels indépendants et les majors redorent leur blason auprès des acteurs de l'industrie.

YouTube va t-il bientôt devenir un label ?

The Unsigned Musician That Apple Featured Yesterday Is Hardly A Musician At All. Prince - Superbowl 2007 - vidéo dailymotion. WhiteMoor - Album Trailer (Pause and Effect) Le droit d’auteur ne fait vivre qu’une infime minorité d’artistes. Le droit d’auteur ne fait vivre qu’une infime minorité d’artistes. Voici à quoi ressemble l'Internet d'un hyper prudent. Internet, ce vaste monde, dont l'utilisateur moyen –vous et moi– se sert beaucoup mais auquel il ne comprend pas grand chose. Interview > Élodie - Laboculture. Official website for Welsh musician Pulco. ///CLIP/// Night Owls - Le court métrage - SEVERINE DE CLOSE.

The best free music production software. The past few years have seen a proliferation of affordable hardware arrive on the market, plus a number of tablet synths and smartphone apps that let you make music on the move. It might seem almost quaint now, but for years the most affordable way to get into production was to use a computer and make use of whatever free software you could get your hands on – legal or otherwise.

Though most modern digital audio workstations (DAWs) offer an entire studio for a comparatively small amount of money, there’s plenty of free legal software out there, making it possible to make professional-sounding music for no money at all, with a host of virtual instruments and high quality effects. Of course, some free software has aged terribly, but some of it is still worth trawling the internet for, even if it does mean navigating your way through what feels at time like an archive of web design best left consigned to the past. Loading Video… ForgottenBeeBlog talks to ‘Interrobang’s’… Dunstan Bruce – this is all forward motion!

ForgottenBeeBlog welcomes Dunstan Bruce to the hive..formerly the singer and musician with radical band of the people “Chumbawamba”. Dunstan along with Harry Hamer and Stephen Griffin are back with a bang…an “Interrobang”. Habibi funk - حبيبي فنك. Guitares Reverend, Micros guitares RailHammer & Pédales d'effets VFE. Arm and Hand Stretches for Musicians - Busted Piano StringBusted Piano String. Musicians are small muscle athletes – and should stretch to prevent injuries. Photo by R-M Arca. By nature, learning music involves repeating until a passage or technical exercise until a high level of proficiency, fluency and artistry is achieved. Instrumentalists use their finger, hand and arm muscles extensively when practicing and performing. This makes them especially vulnerable to a repetitive stain injury such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis and Tendinitis. Musicians can ease arm and hand pain, relieve tension and prevent injuries by incorporating stretching exercises into their daily routine.

How Musicians Should Stretch the Hand and Arm Muscles. La SNCF ouvre ses friches au public – TRAX MAGAZINE. One Eyed Wayne - Various Artists. RawDog - Blurred (clip officiel) Helpless (Debut Single Re-Mastered) [Preview] 'KISS LAND' by Blosome. Alicia Keys If I aint got you cover by Laura Ellis. New Party Army - Arbeit. Ninosband Songs. Miriam Toukan & Moran Magal - Believe (Yossi Sassi Arabic cover) Mixcloud develops new tool to import music from Soundcloud.

Prince3EG. JaCee and the Jags. Download Battle vinyls for Turntablist & Beatmakers - Breaks, Loops, Sounds y more... Free Music Downloads: Instrumental Albums (Part 1) WHITE BOY 'Rock On' Techtonic Plates. New opera website to offer free live streams of performances worldwide. La Traviata, Verdi’s opera about the doomed love of a courtesan and a young man, will be streamed live and free of charge worldwide from the stage of Madrid’s Teatro Real on Friday, opening an EU-backed programme intended to make opera more accessible.

The Opera Platform ( is a three-year project with an overall budget of almost €4m (US$4.5m), of which about half comes from the EU’s cultural budget. “The Opera Platform is an online platform for the promotion and enjoyment of opera. It is designed to appeal equally to those who already love opera and to those who may be tempted to try it for the first time,” a press statement said. It said internet users throughout the world would be able to watch the simulcast and future live transmissions from the stages of 15 participating European opera companies in 12 countries. There will be on average about one live transmission a month, which will be available for viewing on the website for six months.

Vibro Labs. #MaddyStory : Vinylit, l'histoire d'un succès français qui démarre fort dans l'industrie musicale. Créée en avril 2014, mais véritablement lancée en décembre de la même année par Pierre Creff et Clément Guillot, la startup, est en train de dépoussiérer un secteur qui en avait grandement besoin : le pressage de musique. Après avoir signé des contrats avec plus de 50 labels indépendants, l’entreprise espère bien se faire une place dans le coeur des passionnés de musique. Les labels du catalogue de Vinyl it. C'est vendredi, c'est le Bordel #248. Georgia Spiropoulos : LES BACCHANTES (The Bacchae) Teaser. Bio - Bella Gaffney - Inspired by Folk. To The Yard Pt 1 Teaser Clip by Funkshone. Hifiklub en concert à La Tomate. WHERE'S THE START EP FREE DOWNLOAD! by Blue Kassette.