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Reel 2 Real - Home. Reel to Real: Sound at the Pitt Rivers Museum Visualiser combining a photograph of a Bayaka woman with a soundwave graphic. Photograph by Louis Sarno [1997.21.3.137]. Visualiser by Nathaniel Mann.Reel to Real is the archival sound project at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Collections Fund. From the songs of children's games in playgrounds across Europe to Bayaka women's songs that enter people's dreams in the rainforests of the Central African Republic, this website offers an introduction to the several thousand hours of archival sounds held by the Museum.

It also includes information about the field recordists, their related collections, and a host of other resources such as films and the work of contemporary sound artists associated with the project. You can read about the methods used to digitize hundreds of wax cylinders, reel to reel tapes, audio cassettes and other formats that form the Museum's ethnographic sound archive. Session Ansicht. The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. The Vermont Folklife Center Archive - Field Research Guides :: Vermont Folklife Center Middlebury VT. Vermont Folklife Center Archive » Archive Field Guides Vermont Folklife Center Archive :: Field Research Guides In an effort to provide useful information to fieldworkers, students, community scholars, and others interested in cultural documentation, ethnography and oral history, the Vermont Folklife Center archive provides online access to a series of research guides.

Digital Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide :: An overview of digital audio field recording technologies currently available to researchers. Audio Recording Equipment Guide: Retired Equipment List :: A list of audio field recording technologies that have been retired from inclusion in the Digital Audio Recording Equipment Guide. Currently covers information on analog cassette, DAT, laptop interfaces, MiniDisc and Hi-MD.

Field Recording in the Digital Age :: Information on working with Solid State digital audio recording equipment such as the Marantz PMD660.


CDP - Oral history and folklore recordings. Search Results. NFSA - Easy Search. FRANCIA. Untitled. Phonothèque - MMSH. Alexandrie. Oral heritage portal. Centre d'Études de Recherche et de Documentation sur l'Oralité de l'UPCP-Métive. Alexandrie. Sound archives of the CNRS and the Musee de l'Homme. Research Centre of Ethnomusicology (CREM), University of Paris 10 - Telemeta.

Mediateca. FN - Phonothèque Nationale Suisse. La Phonothèque participe au projet est la première plate-forme participative consacrée aux archives de Suisse romande. Visitez la page de la Phonothèque sur! Clément Castella; Le ranz des vaches de la Gruyère; Les Bûcherons; Disque pour Gramophone, 1907. Notre patrimoine sonore. Une exposition itinérante de la Phonothèque Nationale Suisse. Historisches Museum Luzern 28.03.2014-08.09.2014. Save the BRS est une techno-campagne dont le but est de restaurer dans toute sa splendeur le BOP Recording Studios & Resort (BRS): structure absolument fantastique dédiée au monde du son, conçue et réalisée au début des années quatre-vingt dix par l'architecte suisse Thomas Rast et l'acousticien mondialement connu Tom Hidley.

Raising the Q-bar Fonoteca Swiss Jazz News: Bonne écoute! Le cahier didactique pour les écoles primaires avec des intéressantes et amusantes activités autour de l'univers des sons. INDEXING AND EDITING | The Song Collectors Collective. Indexing, Editing and Transcribing Dealing with the Recordings Once recordings have been made it is vital to follow the following-up process of Indexing them as soon as possible, editing out the songs, stories and associated material.

Files need to be as carefully and as thoroughly indexed as possible to make sure they are suitable for research for years to come by a range of people. These people may be; the families themselves and wider Gypsy Traveller communities; Artists (singers, musicians, storytellers, writers, poets etc); Academics (Anthropologists, Historians, Archivists, Folklorists, Medievalists, Herbalists, Magic Scholars, Agriculturalists, Geographers, Librarians, etc); The Humanities (Filmmakers, Radio Producers, Care workers, Educationalists etc) and everyone in between.

The Roles of Indexer, Editor and Transcriber IndexingBelow is the layout of the fields within the index and how to index your tapes. I.e. Indexing should ALWAYS be done first and as thoroughly as possible.