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Explained: Why these people cannot donate blood? - AbbloodAbblood. Blood donation is considered very noble task.

Explained: Why these people cannot donate blood? - AbbloodAbblood

In fact, many individuals donate blood on a regular basis so that they can also contribute in saving someone’s life, but you know that there are some individuals who can’t donate blood even if they want to like. If someone is on heavy medication for diseases like tuberculosis, then he simply can’t donate blood. Infections and disease restricts a person to donate blood. Here is the list of few restrictions to be kept in mind for blood donation.

Why can’t people with tattoos donate blood? In order to get a new tattoo, a person exposes his body to the needle and ink of the designer. Do Couples with Same Blood-Group Produce Disabled Babies? - AbbloodAbblood. 6 Facts about the Rarest Blood Type: AB- (AB Negative) - AbbloodAbblood. If your blood type is AB, you’re pretty unique and if it’s AB-negative, you have the rarest blood type of all.

6 Facts about the Rarest Blood Type: AB- (AB Negative) - AbbloodAbblood

This blood type so rare that not even 1% of the Earth’s population is categorized as AB-negative. 1. The Universal Plasma Donor and Rarest Blood Type. Abblood - Confirmation in 5 MinutesAbblood. Beware of the BLOOD provided by Blood Banks - AbbloodAbblood. What do common people expect from blood banks when the need of blood arises?

Beware of the BLOOD provided by Blood Banks - AbbloodAbblood

They expect genuine help because their loved one’s life is on the line. Sadly, some blood banks in the country aren’t responsible at all. Better late than never, government began booking them. The numerous violations under which the blood banks were booked include improper storage conditions, overpricing, absence of sterility testing, and poor maintenance of equipment, non-maintenance of prescribed storage temperature, improper logging and under staffing. This has raised serious concerns over the standard of blood being given out to people by the blood banks. Blood transfusion continues to be a major source of disease transmission and infection.

. – Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – West Nile virus (WNV) – Hepatitis viruses – Cytomegalovirus (CMV) – Parvovirus B19 – Human T-cell lymphotrophic viruses (HTLVs) However in India, most infections transmitted via transfusion are of HIV and Hepatitis B & C. Untitled. Just One Call to Us and You Will Get All the Help For Blood Needs - Slashdot.

The Inspiring Story of How a Kolkata Youth Is Making Sure No One Dies of Blood Shortage - AbbloodAbblood. The requirement of donated blood has been on the rise but number of donors lag far behind on the graph.

The Inspiring Story of How a Kolkata Youth Is Making Sure No One Dies of Blood Shortage - AbbloodAbblood

Doctors, experts and regular blood donors express their concern over the scarcity of repeated blood donors. World Health Organization’s slogan ‘give freely, give often’ is yet to gain attention of potential donors. Shortage of donated blood units has been persistent in India. According the WHO, every country needs at least a 1% reserve. India, with its huge population of 1.2 billion people, needs 12 million units of blood every year but collects only 9 million – a massive 25% deficit. Kunal Saraff knows how to tackle this issue… With more than 100 successful donor arrangements in Kolkata, it is this shortage that an organization called “The Saviours” is trying fix. Already in contact with various colleges in the city, Kunal tells the three ways in which you can help. They also encourage more and more people to register with them. Leukemia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments - AbbloodAbblood.

Leukemia is cancer of the blood or bone marrow.

Leukemia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments - AbbloodAbblood

A person who has Leukemia suffers from an abnormal production of blood cells, generally leukocytes that is WBC(white blood cells). This blood disorder is very critical. The DNA of immature blood cells, mainly white blood cells, becomes dilapidated. The abnormality causes the blood cells to grow and divide. As the normal process of our body thousands of new cells are generated and replace the old died cells. Acute Leukemia: In this disorder Blood cells grow and split much quicker than, Cancers grows on an aggressive rate and the patients is forced to take predatory treatment.Chronic Leukemia: Here the growth is not at faster pace but it is difficult to diagnose as the cancers grows for years without exhibiting any symptoms. Symptoms. Our Mission Is Well Marked: To Save Lives. Thalassemia: Roadblock or Dead End - AbbloodAbblood. Thalassemia is a dreadful disease as it leaves the patients in the troubled and vulnerable state.

Thalassemia: Roadblock or Dead End - AbbloodAbblood

This blood disorder has somewhat cursed my childhood and my parent’s life. I was diagnosed with Thalassemia at the time of birth. Doctors were trying very hard to save my life. They injected small and sharp needles in me to locate a vein in my body so that they could transfuse blood. But hard luck after so many pricks, their attempts were unsuccessful. When I grew up, then I was able to identify that my blood is full of iron. I took social awareness as my subject in middle school and I finally realized that what all the blood donors and Doctors are doing for me. I stand on my word that Thalassemia is a dreadful disease, but it is just a blockage of iron in your body which can be evacuated and it’s not the dead end. Abblood - Confirmation in 5 MinutesAbblood.