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Radhika Dulgai

Custom Software Development Services India. Keeping in view the constant changing nature of today business and competitive landscape that software product companies are facing, AABSys offers software product development services which provides agile solutions for new product development or product sustanence on evolving emerging technologies.

Custom Software Development Services India

AABSys has the required expertise and experience to support clients who has exisiting products and wants to scale up or relase new product versions with rapid time to market, competitive costs and shorter development release cycles. Our engagement model provides the right blend of cost , quality and agility which would help product development companies to decrease their product development cost, upgrade exisiting products or launch new products and faster time to market.

Product Engineering Requirements definitionArchitecture and DesignDevelopmentTestingDocumentation Product Sustanence Engineering. Application Development and Maintenance. AABSyS helps you in implementing enterprise GIS solutions to maintain up-to-date data, geo-spatial analysis and accurate modeling right from establishing requirement, specifying and designing the application, implementation to operating and maintaining in GIS application development life cycle.

Application Development and Maintenance

AABSyS provides end-to-end custom applications which are developed based on specific needs and requirements regardless of their complexity. We understand the customer requirements and provide a complete solutions suite to deliver the functionalities preferred. Our workflow consists of the modules like requirements analysis, design, coding, and deployment.

GIS for Insurance at AABSyS. Geographical information plays an important role in the insurance industry.

GIS for Insurance at AABSyS

The industry has been relying on new and advanced technologies such as insurance GIS to act as a catalyst for providing better services. The impact of various natural or manmade calamities that cause destruction can be studied and mapped using geographic information technology and assist in insurance GIS. Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) at AABSyS. The practice of coordinating details of the physical workplace with the people and work of the organization is known as Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM).

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) at AABSyS

The Computer Aided Facility Management technology helps the customers in tracking space occupancy, forecasting space needs and generating, stacking and blocking diagrams for space planning. The objectives of the industry include: Optimal utilization of space and tracking information from single source. Information of areas and status of rooms, furniture details with associated existing database. Gas GIS at AABSyS. Natural gas has become one of most popular sources of energy in the industrial and commercial sector.


The energy source provides a pollution free utilisation of energy. AABSyS has extensive expertise and experience in carrying out projects using GIS for gas industry. AABSyS GIS for gas services offer efficient designing, resource management, outage and distribution management, database planning and installations management, power line management and monitoring. GIS for Electricity Network Mapping at AABSyS. The fast pace of development and urbanisation has resulted in creation of new cities, townships etc.

GIS for Electricity Network Mapping at AABSyS

The new residential or commercial settlements require procurement of amenities such as well-planned out electricity lines that ensure smooth, hassle free transportation of electricity. The use of GIS for electricity has created much fervour in the utility industry. GIS for electricity, Remote Sensing, and CAD play an important role in designing, drafting, and planning of electricity supply lines within a township or from a power station in a time bound and organised manner. The maps of the concerned area are created use high end up-o-date software. GIS for Electricity Network Mapping at AABSyS. Utility Mapping Services. Utilities industries relies heavily on geographic information system, remote sensing utility mapping services, and computer aided design and drafting technologies for well-timed and cost effective functioning.

Utility Mapping Services

AABSyS IT has extensive experience and expertise in the utility mapping services and field data capturing of utility networks such as electrical, water, gas, sewage & telecom. AABSyS IT offers utility conversion services for utility supply lines such as water mains, data lines, telephone lines, power lines, gas mains, and sewer lines. GIS Application in Agriculture. GIS application in agriculture has been playing an increasingly important role in crop production throughout the world by helping farmers in increasing production, reducing costs, and managing their land resources more efficiently.

GIS Application in Agriculture

GIS application in agriculture such as agricultural mapping plays a vital role in monitoring and management of soil and irrigation of any given farm land. GIS agriculture and agricultural mapping act as an essential tools for management of agricultural sector by acquiring and implementing the accurate information into a mapping environment. GIS application in agriculture also helps in management and control of agricultural resources. GIS agriculture technology helps in improvement of the present systems of acquiring and generating GIS agriculture and resources data. AABSyS IT uses GIS application in agriculture sector such as GIS agriculture for improving present method of acquiring and generating agricultural and resources data.

Forestry Mapping Services at AABSyS. Forestry mapping services such as Forestry GIS are often required by government and commercial agencies to perform value assessments for certification, funding, policy recommendations and regulatory compliances.

Forestry Mapping Services at AABSyS

Often, the forest-cover data available with the private and govt. agencies is dated and unreliable. This data is not helpful to the user, forestry GIS can enable creation of updated data. GIS for Oil and Gas. The growth and development of nations worldwide has led to a steep rise in the demands for oil and gas.

GIS for Oil and Gas

This trend has led to the oil and gas mining industries to invest more in progressive and adaptive technologies like GIS for oil and gas. Crude oil and gas is now found in further deep across the earth’s surface than it was previously, and hence it is essential to use precise technologies like GIS for oil and gas for fuel exploration and appropriate utilization.

GIS for oil and gas deals with large amounts of data daily such as data based on the geographic features of the site to data for well-logging, pipeline planning, etc., the data required to understand the impact of the project on the environment. Geology GIS at AABSyS. The depletion of resources at a fast rate and implementation of policies that ensure sustainability of the resources have led mining and geology industry to realise the importance of technologies such as, GIS for mining and geology GIS. While mining and geology industry is a traditional industry, the use of GIS for mining and geology GIS has brought about a revolution by ensuring cost efficient and detailed studies of the concerned area. GIS for mining and geology GIS help in creation of maps that are an amalgamation of all the information regarding the concerned area.

Site suitability analysisMineral mapping to identify potential mineral zonesLithological structural features detectionGeological database creationMap updation for mineral explorationCapturing, gridding, contouring of featuresGeoreferencingTopographical & Physiographical mapping. GIS for Environmental Management at AABSyS. The world is developing at an astonishing rate and while this development has aided in improving the quality of life, it has also escalated the unaccounted consumption of natural resources.

GIS for Environmental Management acts as important management tool that helps in maintaining sustainability of natural resources, environment management. The environmental reforms and policies have grown leaps and bounds from the times of its foundation and therefore the use of modern technologies is inevitable. Modern day technologies like GIS for Environmental Management can help in understanding the effects on the environment from an inter-disciplinary aspect. This holistic approach is not only benefits the flora and fauna but also benefits mankind by achieving sustainable development using GIS for Environmental Management. GIS Data Capture Services at AABSyS. GIS data capture is a technique in which the information on various map attributes, facilities, assets, and organizational data are digitized and organized on a target GIS system in appropriate layers.

GIS Data capture can be divided into: Primary GIS Data Capture TechniquesThe primary GIS data capture techniques use remote sensing and surveying technologies to capture the data using either raster data capture or vector data capture. The raster GIS data capture technique involves capturing of attributes and other data without physical contact. This is usually done with the help of satellite imaging techniques such as aerial photography. This type of GIS data capture is advantageous as there is a consistency in the data generated, and the whole process can be regularly and systematically multiplied to get accuracy of the data in a cost effective manner.

3D Modeling Services at AABSyS. The 3D Solid Modeling services are useful for making informed decisions about a new product or model. The services essentially utilise the software such as AutoCAD, ArcFM and other such high end software media. AABSyS offers services in 3D Solid modeling to various industries such as mechanical, electrical etc. The AABSyS team of engineers, draftsmen and CAD technicians are highly competent and experienced in preparing 3D solid models for machineries.

Developing 2D/3D CAD models Wire frame data for design optimization 3D parametric feature based modeling Automated design of assemblies, which are collections of parts and/or other assemblies Creation of Engineering drawings from the solid models Validation/verification of designs against specifications and design rules Import/Export routines to exchange data with different high-end software packages Calculation of mass properties of parts and assemblies 3D Visualization and Rendering.

AutoCAD Drafting Services at AABSyS. AutoCAD Drafting services assist real estate developers, architects, engineers and contractors in creating a computerised version of the blue print, design, layout etc. They are easy to store, edit and share and therefore have become popular mode of data digitisation. The services offer high accuracy with no loss of data. AutoCAD is one of the most common choice of platform of the customers worldwide for its easy, efficient and friendly tools.

AutoCAD has the import and export facility to all other advanced and high-end software in the field of CAD and GIS. AutoCAD ensures the. 3d Walkthrough Animations at AABSyS. Architectural 3d Modeling Services. CAD Outsourcing Company. Engineering Design and Drafting Services. Photorealistic 3D Models at AABSyS. Raster to Vector Conversion Services.

Paper to CAD Conversion Services at AABSyS. GIS, CAD Services India - AABSyS. Digital Photogrammetry Services. GIS, CAD Services India - AABSyS. Cadastral Mapping Services. Indoor Building Plans - AABSyS. GIS Mapping Companies, Data Conversions. Remote Sensing Applications at AABSyS. Digitization Services at AABSyS. GIS for Municipality Tasks at AABSyS. 3D Topographic Maps at AABSyS. Land Parcel Maps at AABSyS.