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Art Studio Blog – Learn from my experience. Explore the techniques segments of this blog to find everything from fundamentals for all levels of experience to tips on specific aspects of painting in oil and acrylic.

Art Studio Blog – Learn from my experience

Watch the videos, check out the step by step photos and learn from the detailed lessons. You will also find a section on the business of being an artist and how to take your career to the next level. Here is a short video explaing color mixing to get you started: To download a chart that you can print and tape together like the one in the video, click these two links: Colour Chart Right Colour Chart Left For ongoing lessons, become a member by clicking “Register” above. Drawing Mouths & Lips - How to Draw Mouths Step by Step Lesson - How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials. Drawing mouths and lips.

Drawing Mouths & Lips - How to Draw Mouths Step by Step Lesson - How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

Drawing the Human Eye - OnlyPencil Drawing Tutorials. We can all probably draw the human eye, we draw the oval shape with the iris and pupil.

Drawing the Human Eye - OnlyPencil Drawing Tutorials

I consider that to be a basic sketch of the eye. Before you draw a realistic eye you must first study what it really is. Free Drawing Tutorials. Jeanne Oliver. MasterCourse2. Finger Painting with Oils — IRIS SCOTT. CSMA - Available Classes. CLASSES - Camille Doucet. This hands-on class, at the beautiful Cornell Botanical Gardens, offers an introduction to painting springtime garden flora while guiding artists of all levels to greater breadth of skills.

CLASSES - Camille Doucet

From plant observation and drawing, to composition and color mixing, we will explore black and white, color pencil, pen and ink, and go into greater depth with watercolor. Weather permitting, we will spend time in the gardens as well as the classroom. A suggested materials list is available. Pre-registration is required. Dates: May 17 through June 21, 2016, Tuesdays 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Fee: $200 ($180 Plantations members)Location: Nevin Welcome CenterRegistration: SATURDAY AND TUESDAY Private Art Classes. Kelly McKernan's Process and Technique in Watercolor. Fine artist and freelance illustrator Kelly McKernan presents a look into her creative process, including easy to follow tutorials on many of the watercolor techniques used in creating her artwork.

Kelly McKernan's Process and Technique in Watercolor

Do you want to purchase this as a gift? Head here! Something to watch over and over Considering all the youtube "how to's" out there I was unsure whether to spend even a dollar on any painting tutorial but my curiosity about Kelly's specific technique got the better of me. Her video takes you through her studio space, some of her past work that built up to her current style, her inspirations, art material, watercolor techniques, how to mount watercolor paper, and finally DELIRIUM! Alla Prima By Richard Schmid. ALLA PRIMA II ~ EXPANDED EDITIONEverything I Know About Painting, and MoreBy Richard SchmidFor fifteen years, the original edition of ALLA PRIMA has been considered one of the most comprehensive art instruction books on the market and the standard in classical art education both in the United States and abroad.

Alla Prima By Richard Schmid

Whether you're the owner of an original ALLA PRIMA or a first time reader, you'll love the new ALLA PRIMA II. Richard Schmid spent two years updating the original edition giving him the opportunity to fine tune and greatly expand what is generally regarded as the art world's foremost book for painters seeking serious instruction in representational painting. While all of the information in the original edition has been retained, Richard Schmid revised it for greater clarity, adding abundantly to the text in response to the thousands of artists who contacted him over the years with questions and suggestions. Under the Arts Tree. NTSC and PAL Versions available!

Under the Arts Tree

Scroll down on this page to see the NTSC version. PLEASE NOTE - DVD's to Canada and USA may take up to 3 weeks to arrive. Having completed this first Instructional Reference DVD, De Gillett and Graham Cox are currently scripting, filming, editing and producing the Second Instructional Reference DVD "#2 Advancing with Inks". This will be followed with #3 "Fixits and Finishing Touches with Ink"; and then #4 " Acrylics- Textures, Spatter and Glazes". Then, just for something completely different, Graham and De will start work documenting all of De's techniques in clay sculpture. Please understand that there are hundreds of hours of work in each high quality 2 hour production, and that in order to guarantee the best possible result no short-cuts will be taken.

Under the Arts Tree. The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport. Let’s Face It – Kara Bullock Art. Hello Awesomeness!

Let’s Face It – Kara Bullock Art

I am so happy to see you again!! For LET’S FACE IT, I have put together an “out-of-this-world”, super-duper awesome, amazingly fantastic team of 15 of my favorite mixed media artists. Anatomy and Figure Drawing. Spirit Horse — Ivy Newport. OUR PROJECTS - Three mixed media paintings* Ink & Paint Collage Horse.

Spirit Horse — Ivy Newport

Let’s Face It – Kara Bullock Art. Virtual Library (Publications Getty) Search publication results. "The 1688 Paradise Lost and Dr.

Search publication results

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