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ABC ADVENTURES. Fucking. Awesome via Drop Spots. The Art of Doing Stuff. Another 20 games that make you think about life. First we gave you five.

Another 20 games that make you think about life

Then we gave you ten. Now we are giving you 20 games that make you think about life. If you have developed a taste for games of a philosophical nature, then you should be in for a treat - we have some seriously innovative games here, everything from Elude, a game that explores the nature of depression, to Ulitsa Dimitrova, a tale about a street-urchin in Russia. Learning To Love You More.

We Feel Fine / by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar. Mission. « YOU ARE REMARKABLE. Mission. plain and simple, the mission is: to spread big or small bits of love and things that make you smile and laugh, little bits of unexpected happiness and affirmation. we believe in feeling good and spreading it; we want everyone everywhere to know that somebody somewhere loves you because you are amazing in all your strange and wonderful ways. here you will find lists on how to love yourself more, beautiful things, ways to share your beauty & knowledge & love. you will also find stories of people who have discovered YOU ARE REMARKABLE through the tangible guerrilla love sharing. anonymity is excellence: bits of paper with an i-love-you-just-because scribbled in rushed handwriting, a well thought out essay on the back of a photograph, a drawing hid between the pages of a book. leave your heart in random places for strangers; send a lover a letter without your name. committ a selfless act of love just because you can. share your secrets & what you’ve found!