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Rachel McGuinness

I am a student currently studying librarianship.

How Your Library May Not Be Using Twitter But Should « David Allen Kelly. I’ve been doing some workshops recently on social networking (especially Twitter) for our library system and thought I would collect some of this information here because I usually can’t cover everything I would like and it may also be useful information for other libraries.

Background Plenty has been said about the banality of many Twitter messages. Enough of you probably realize there’s more going on than meets the eye if you are willing to dig. Hash tags, twitter search, and a true global chat (uh, yes, it is basically, in essence, a “chat”) open up entirely new ways to reach out and touch people. Libraries have always been about books, but what is it about books that you’re there for? Twitter for librarians, Twitter Search engines. General Introductions to Twitter Cheatsheet My 2 sides of A4 cheatsheet.

Twitter for librarians, Twitter Search engines

You're welcome to print out and share it. The anatomy of Twitter: an 8 point strategic guide. Dated to 2009, but much is still valid. Espace at MMU: Home. Infographics & Data Visualizations. The Catalogue.

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