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Happy Easter! *Click here to see the tutorial for this project* One of my besties, Nicole(Nikki), recently got a new iPod touch, and by recently I mean...

Happy Easter!

November? Not that recently I guess, but she for real recently(March) told me she was in need of a case for her iPod. She keeps it in her bag when she goes out and a girl's bag can be a very dangerous place, especially for things prone to scratches. I should also mention that, in addition to finding joy in making stuff for my friends, I owe Nikki big time. Some time in the past year or so I had made a case for my own iPod touch. In my very professional research searches on Etsy(Bags and Purses>scroll>next page>scroll >next>page>scroll> and so on until my eyes get tired) I have come across these awesome little phone cases with one or 2 card pockets on the front. Unfortunately, shortly after I picked out the fabrics and started cutting, I realized they didn't really suit Nicole(in my mind at least, she says they're fine :p).

10 Free Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials. Totes make great handmade gifts.

10 Free Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials

Here is a Tuesday Ten that shows a round-up of lovely totes. If you love to sew you might also like these free sewing tutorials right here on Skip to my Lou! Every tote needs a matching pouch. Pleated Zippered Pouch Lined Zippered Pouch. New Green Mama: Reversible Messenger Bag Tutorial - StumbleUpon.

Here's what you will need: Main body -2 pieces of home dec weight fabric or corduroy measuring 14" x 12" (Fabric A) Main body-2 pieces of contrasting home dec weight fabric measuring 14" x 12" (Fabric B) Flap- 1 piece of Fabric A- 12" x 11.5" Flap- 1 piece of Fabric B- 12" x 11.5" Back Pocket- 1 piece of Fabric A- 14" x 8" Back pocket- 1 piece of Fabric B- 14" x 8" Small Pocket- 1 piece of Fabric B- 7" x 12" Strap- 1 piece of Fabric A- 6" x 42" Depending on the weight of your fabric, you may want to interface it.

New Green Mama: Reversible Messenger Bag Tutorial - StumbleUpon

I purchased 1 yard of each fabric and had plenty of fabric left over. Let's get started. Cut out all your pieces. Cut a 1 inch square out of the bottom corners of all 4 pieces. Interface pieces. Take your strap piece and iron each side towards the middle. Sew a bag with the free bag pattern. Make your own 6-pocket mini pocketbook and stay organized — insatiable need. I’m sure that many of you, like me, are on an eternal quest for organization.

make your own 6-pocket mini pocketbook and stay organized — insatiable need

I know I’m not alone in finding the Container Store’s promise of a perfect, organized life utterly seductive. But here’s the thing…I don’t really like purging, I love my stuff. Therefore I also love pretty things in which to stash my stuff, so I get to enjoy my fantasy of being organized and contained. This tutorial is about helping you stay organized, in a quick, easy, and super-cute way. It is a distilled version of the Holland Cox pocketbook, and is a breeze to make. The pattern …is only four rectangles. The body is 7.25″ tall.the large pocket is 5.5″ tallthe medium pocket is 4.25″ tallthe small pocket is 3″ tall materials needed I chose a vintage cotton canvas for the body in a bright retro floral, and quilting weight cotton in a matching color for the interior.

You’ll also need a button and a bit of elastic for the closure, and a bit of ribbon for the pen. Start with the pockets 1. 2.