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Vintage outfits. Downton Abbey Inspired Clothing ♥ I came across an article yesterday claiming that Downton Abbey (my absolute favorite show of the moment and probably of all time) has become so massively popular that Edwardian inspired clothing is coming into fashion. Now I live in Ontario, Canada and so far I haven't come across any elbow length silk gloves or fur capes at my local shopping malls, and to be honest I really can't imagine myself strutting about with a great furry thing draped over my shoulders. However there have definitely been more than a few drool worthy outfits worn by Lady Mary (my favorite character ♥ ) and I wouldn't mind this modern day version of this gorgeous cream and lace piece (though I actually prefer the original by far); Anyways, here are some pictures of the Downton Abbey/Edwardian inspired modern day outfits; I actually really like the gray blouse in the last picture, not to crazy about the skirt though.

Can't wait for episode 5 tomorrow night! Thanks for reading, leave a comment. Downton Abbey: Vtg Inspiration. Unexpected Snow Day today!

Downton Abbey: Vtg Inspiration

Perfect opportunity to scour the interwebs for a good shot of this beautiful blouse that Mary wore last night: Celebrity Style Black Chiffon Dress, Grecian, Party, Boho, Nobility, Victorian - Dresses. A Tutorial: Fabulous Ric Rac Flowers & Matilda Jane Clothing Rocks - StumbleUpon. Let me start out with a warning or sorry of some sort.

A Tutorial: Fabulous Ric Rac Flowers & Matilda Jane Clothing Rocks - StumbleUpon

The warning is because I have never done a Tutorial before, so I hope this is helpful and easy to follow. A Study in Happiness: SAAS (Sewing at Any Size): Basic Camisole Top. Welcome to my Series on Sewing at Any Size.

A Study in Happiness: SAAS (Sewing at Any Size): Basic Camisole Top

You can access the rest of the SAAS series by clicking on the topic link on the side bar. The series is a form of peaceful protest against the terrible, cheap, overpriced, ugly stuff that passes for plus size fashion these days. Anyone can make basic wardrobe elements to fit their body without trying to track down commercial patterns (a nightmare for anyone over a US size 24). As this may eventually become a book, please do not reprint or republish this anywhere else. You may, of course print for your own personal use! Avoid the Homemade Look with the Right Sewing Tools. Getting asked “Did you make that?”

Avoid the Homemade Look with the Right Sewing Tools

By friends and family is a loaded question: Are they asking us because they know we sew and are making pleasant conversation, or because it looks—horrors—homemade? How to Make Your Home Sewing Not Look Homemade. Pressing is different from ironing.

How to Make Your Home Sewing Not Look Homemade

When most of us iron, we use a back and forth motion, moving the iron over the fabric. In pressing, the iron is lowered to the place to be pressed, then raised off the fabric, and moved to the next area. Ironing board covers should be 100% cotton because the all cotton fabric absorbs the moisture so that the fashion fabric will dry quickly. The traditional ironing covers with the reflective surface, actually reflects the steam, and may cause burn damage to some fabrics and slows down the drying process when you’re shaping with steam.

First, be sure you know the fabric content to determine the proper heat setting for the iron, then follow the techniques below as you sew your garment pieces together. 1940 Skirted Swim Suit. Make This Look - StumbleUpon. 25 tutorials for Girl Skirts. If you are looking for sewing inspiration or a tutorial, the internet is hoarded of tutorials.

25 tutorials for Girl Skirts

The way it usually works is that we look for the tutorioals every time we need to sew something. Yet, when we want to sew something that we saw a few months ago, the tutorial is usually lost in the shuffle. Thnanks to Stephanie we can publish 25 skirts tutorials that she has gathered in one place online on her blog Every Little Day. Thanks for that! We hope that our readers and students will also benefit from this 1. 2.Five Minute Skirt from Angry Chicken 3.Milkmaid Skirt from Crafterhours 4.Twirly Skirt from House on a Hill Road 5.Elastic Waist Vday Skirt from Freshly Picked 6.A Simple Skirt from Made 7.Fluffy Pettiskirt from Make it & Love it 8.Easy Skirtfrom Two Little Banshees 9.Yoga Skirt from Sew,Mama,Sew! 10.Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver + S 11.The Circle Skirt from MADE 12.The Petel Tiered Skirt from The Girl Creative 13.Layer Cake Skirt from Prudent Baby 14.Tutu from Doodles Its Sew Easy! DIY Shift Dress. Summer rain. Saturday morning was sunny and blue.

Summer rain

I put on my summer skirt and set to work on the huge pile of unsewn swimsuits on my sewing table. By the time I decided to take a break, it was gray and rainy. No good for going out in, but rather nice light for a few pictures by the kitchen door. If you are considering making a very full pleated skirt like this one, do yourself a favor and hem it on the machine. I must have spent three hours hemming this, and while it looks quite nice, it’s just not worth it. Free sewing patterns, how to sew, new sewing quilting techniques, sewing machines and sergers - StumbleUpon.