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Do You Know Why Intra Workout Nutrition Is Important. Are you exercising for more than 45 to 60 minutes each session?

Do You Know Why Intra Workout Nutrition Is Important

If YES you might be stressing out your body. In fact, to avoid this you should learn about intra workout nutrition. As it will be necessary to cope up with the exercise stress on your body and your muscles. It is needed for those who are working out for more than 45 to 60 minutes. What Is The Best And Healthiest Pre Workout Meal? Are you a fitness freak or just joined a gym membership and confused about what to consume as a pre workout meal?

What Is The Best And Healthiest Pre Workout Meal?

Or Are you struggling to lose weight or gain muscle and unable to perform your workouts efficiently? No matter whatever the situation is, whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, whether you are working out in the gym or at home during the lockdown in a current pandemic. Eating before workouts and consuming your pre workout snack is equally important. Experts suggest to increase your performance during your workouts or exercise sessions role of a Pre workout meal is of utmost importance.

Not only this but to make your workouts energetic and perform exercises with enthusiasm you must eat well before a workout. Whenever there is a talk on Pre workout snacks or meals there are a lot of supplements also available in the market that provides ease from making and preparing the pre-workout meal. Let’s discuss it in detail. The Pre Workout Meal. Coronavirus Pandemic - How I Survived COVID-19? - Loaded Health. Have you ever thought that if you get the virus will you be asymptomatic or will have moderate symptoms?

Coronavirus Pandemic - How I Survived COVID-19? - Loaded Health

How ready are you to face this deadly virus? What if all your family will be affected at once? What to do in case of complications? How to prevent complications in the first place? I have already shared a lot of information regarding coronavirus on loaded health. Disclaimer: If you are suffering from COVID 19 try and talk to the professional about your illness. As far as I am concerned being a health care professional.

How It All Started I am not sure from where and when it is started but as far as I remember my onset of symptoms was from 28th December’20. Secondly, it was not only me who got affected my whole family started to have symptoms from 28th December’20. The Sequence of How I Survived COVID-19? My whole family had almost the same sequence of symptoms as I had except my mom. Around 1 – 2 am on 28th December I started having a dry cough. 3 pm when I went home. True Facts Why Smoking is Injurious to Health - Loaded Health. Do you smoke and are still unaware of its health hazards?

True Facts Why Smoking is Injurious to Health - Loaded Health

Well, this is no rocket science; it is a well-known fact that smoking is injurious to health for everyone in any form. Coping Up Your Mental Health During COVID-19 - Loaded Health. Coronavirus or COVID-19 had not only affected our lives physically rather it has a huge effect on our mental health as well.

Coping Up Your Mental Health During COVID-19 - Loaded Health

All the factors involving and affecting mental health during COVID-19 and the ways of coping up will be discussed in the article below. Factors Affecting Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19 created a surge of strong emotions in every age group of people. This also includes people who were front liners for example doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, and healthcare authorities. All of a sudden social lives of people changed and including Social distancing and being in isolation were the top factors. However, there are many other factors too that leave a strong impact on the mental health of the people. How to Be Safe and Stay Fit During Winter - Loaded Health.

We love winter for its frosty nights, don’t we?

How to Be Safe and Stay Fit During Winter - Loaded Health

But to stay fit during winter is also the utmost priority. Winter is indeed a particular season and the “more preferred” season, as I may put it. Are There Any Certified Vaccines for COVID-19? - Loaded Health. Although it might be confusing to hear new names of drugs and vaccines for COVID-19 every day.

Are There Any Certified Vaccines for COVID-19? - Loaded Health

In the text below is the genuine data about the existence of vaccines for COVID 19. How do vaccines work? And how many of these are approved for the prevention of the disease? The Vaccine and Its Mechanism A vaccine is an injection or a pill used to prepare the body against fighting the infection. Similarly, if you are exposed to any disease it will also work as a vaccine to your body against that disease or infection.

In fact, vaccines are safe to get. Vaccines works on decreasing the risks of getting an infection in the first place and also enhance and prepare your body’s immune system or a defense mechanism to create protection and fight even if you get infected by the disease. When a vaccine is inserted in your body, your immune system reacts to it by: Identifies the infected cell such as bacteria or virus. 8 Amazing Winter Vegetables and Their Benefits - Loaded Health. Cold weather brings in many privileges including its wide range of winter vegetables and fruits.

8 Amazing Winter Vegetables and Their Benefits - Loaded Health

On the other hand, taking proper nutrition is always challenging as winter arises because cold weather also brings up cravings and laziness that ends up neglecting the nutritional values of your food. However, some of the vegetables still survive the cold weather’s brutality. These vegetables survive this low temperature because of their high sugar content which allows them to freeze and hence survive the cold. All You Should Know About New Coronavirus Strain - Loaded Health. Have you heard about the new coronavirus strain that recently emerged in more than 20 countries around the world?

All You Should Know About New Coronavirus Strain - Loaded Health

This article comprises all the details you might be wanted to know about this new coronavirus variant. Few Words About New Coronavirus Strain Till February 15, 2020, the CDC (Center for Disease and Control) stated about 7 subtypes of coronavirus. This includes the one causing the pandemic emerging from China that is SARS-CoV-2. But, this new strain is not still being listed in them. The new coronavirus strain namely VUI is said to be 70% or more contagious and easily transmissible than the previously existing ones.

The name given to this new covid strain is VUI-20201201 abbreviated as variant under investigation from 1st December 2020. This virus strain is first detected in October 2020 and claims to affect almost ¼ of all people from COVID around the UK during those months. The new covid variant is different from SARS CoV-2 taking the lives of millions. To Conclude. Top 9 Healthy and Exclusive Winter Fruits - LOADED HEALTH. Getting flu and cold symptoms as soon as the winter arises?

Top 9 Healthy and Exclusive Winter Fruits - LOADED HEALTH

Include these winter fruits in your diet and decrease your chances of catching those infections simultaneously with several other health benefits. Winters are usually known for flu season and dry weather. What Are The Best Nap Timings? - LOADED HEALTH. Are you someone who loves taking naps in the course of your day? Well, then you need to know what are the best nap timings to get its maximum benefits. Nap is a great way to reboot your brain. It’s refreshing if you take at least 1 nap during your day, but benefits occur only if you do it within the recommended timings. Let’s find out what is the best nap timings and it’s recommendations. The Truth About Mouthwash Killing Covid-19 - LOADED HEALTH. Have you heard about the recent update on mouthwash killing Covid-19? Let’s find out how true is that and why there is so much discussion going on about it. Where The Idea Of Mouthwash Killing Covid-19 Came?

There is much evidence on this particular topic that shows the effectiveness of mouthwash lowering the viral load and limit transmission of covid-19. But today in this article I will be discussing 2 major studies that are highly acclaimed in terms of mouthwash killing covid 19. What is Resistance Training - A Comprehensive Guide - LOADED HEALTH.

Bored with cardio and want to switch towards resistance training? Or Are you confused about what is resistance training actually means? Or Did you frequently hear that resistance training is mainly for weight gain and muscle building but your goal is to lose weight? In this article, I will cover all the above-mentioned points for you. The central focus of this article will be around what is resistance training. The rest of the information will be only briefly explained which will be discussed in detail later on in the coming articles. A Detail Discussion and Benefits of Meditation - LOADED HEALTH. Are you experiencing a stressful period in your life? Reading and applying the benefits of meditation might help you get through it.

Likewise, provide you with relaxation and give back your peace of mind. What is Meditation? Meditation is a method of focusing on your thoughts in silence. A 1200 Calories Diet Plan For Free - LOADED HEALTH. If you have ever attempted to lose weight you certainly have heard about the 1200 calories diet plan. This diet is being marketed on nearly half of the health and fitness websites or even by fitness coaches and gyms.

So, the question arises: Why is there so much focus on 1200 calories diet plans by health and fitness professionals? What is the science behind this number and does it really work with concern to weight loss or overall health improvement? In this article, I will narrate not only the science behind the 1200 calories diet plan, as well as whether it is effective or not. Lastly, a free 1200 calories diet plan for you that can be simply comprehended and also promotes to sustain good health and fitness or lose weight. Science Behind 1200 Calories Diet Plan 1200 calories is a decent but low number of calories anyone can consume in a day.

Reality Check on 10000 Steps a Day - LOADED HEALTH. Obsessed with completing 10000 steps a day? Nutrition for COVID 19 - All You Need to Know - LOADED HEALTH. What Are The COVID 19 Exercise Recommendations - LOADED HEALTH. The Relation Between Supplements and COVID 19 - LOADED HEALTH. 10 Health and Fitness Tips Anyone Can Follow - LOADED HEALTH. Surprising Facts On Health Benefits of Coffee - LOADED HEALTH. Are you a coffee lover and often heard it’s bad for your health? LOADED HEALTH - LOADED HEALTH.