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JGuitar JGuitar JGuitar is a set of useful tools for players of stringed instruments. JGuitar's powerful chord and scale calculators replace traditional chord and scale dictionaries by providing dynamic calculation which works for any stringed instrument in any tuning. Users can alter the tunings of the instruments and even the instruments themselves.
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Everyone's Mixtape Everyone's Mixtape Checking your Google account... Checking your Facebook account... Everyone's Mixtape's celebrates the art of creating mixtapes. You can add to an existing mix, or start one of your own.
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let's get started making music... 1draw on the grid with your mouse to make a beatshow me2 save your track and share it with friends. show me3 out of ideas? roll the dice and start remixing. show me4 explore the beatlab community show me For more tips, tutorials vidoes, and FAQs, check out our community wiki. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while composing a track. make music together make music together
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Fact or Fiction: Prince Prince is shrouded in mystery, making him an excellent candidate for Fact or Fiction. Is he really a Scientologist? Does he own an exotic animal?Prince Fact or Fiction Song Meanings at Songfacts Song Meanings at Songfacts
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Welcome to the ultimate free video guitar lessons source on the web. GuitarLessons365 contains hundreds of free video guitar lessons for every level of guitar player. If your just starting out your guitar playing journey, check out the free video guitar lessons in the beginner guitar lesson section of the "Lessons Archive" page. More advanced players can find intermediate video guitar lessons and advanced video guitar lessons on the "Lessons Archive" page. In addition to all the free video guitar lessons you will find plenty of music theory tutorials and backing tracks to help you in your guitar practice. GuitarLessons365 GuitarLessons365
Game Tabs // Video Game Tablature Game Tabs // Video Game Tablature Gametabs is proud to present: Discover or rediscover the OST of the greatest RPG of all time...Final Fantasy VII! 2CDs, for a total of 39 tracks, arranged and interpreted by the Gametabbers. Download this album for free, here: You can follow the birth of this project, and meet the people who brought it to life in this thread: More project like this are planned, as the 2nd one is already in preparation.
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