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Young Science - Photos du journal. Watch A Cheetah Robot Jump Over Hurdles Without Slowing Down. There are now even fewer obstacles separating you from your new robotic overlords.

Watch A Cheetah Robot Jump Over Hurdles Without Slowing Down

Researchers have created a robotic cheetah that can—for the first time—autonomously detect objects and jump over them without slowing down. The team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have demonstrated how the futuristic four-legged robot is able to clear half-meter (18 inch) hurdles, while moving at a speed of 5 mph, in the video below. Before jumping over a hurdle, the robotic cheetah plans out its path in a similar way to a human runner. It estimates the height and distance of the object it’s approaching, decides on the best position to jump and exerts the force needed to leap over the object and land safely. Image credit: Haewon Park, Patrick Wensing, and Sangbae Kim The team first tested the robotic cheetah’s jumping ability on a treadmill, where it was tethered in place. Russian Artist Creates Steampunk Animals From Old Car Parts, Watches And Electronics.

When working with metal, it takes a true master to breathe life into their artwork.

Russian Artist Creates Steampunk Animals From Old Car Parts, Watches And Electronics

Russian artist Igor Verniy does just that with his beautiful and elegant articulated steampunk animal sculptures. Their moving parts and Verniy’s attention to detail makes them come alive. Show Full Text A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before Verniy creates his artwork. He observes his creations’ living counterparts to ensure that he captures their movements just right. Bored Panda reached out to Igor to talk about his work, so check out his responses below! More info: Facebook | Etsy (h/t: laughingsquid, mymodernmet) Thanks for sharing! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email “At heart, I’m an artist, and see the beauty of this world in bright colors, but I’m a technician, too,” Igor Verniy explained to Bored Panda.

“Feel free to dream childishly about unattainable things, because this always pushes people forward” No, This Isn't An Alien. Contrary to speculation, a strange-looking animal crawling through the wreckage of a palm plantation is not from another planet.

No, This Isn't An Alien

Instead, it is an indication of the tragic status of the one we're on. The video features a sun bear, which when healthy looks like this: Credit: Cuson via Shutterstock. What a healthy sun bear looks like. Exactly why the creature in the video looks more like Gollum is not yet known. History. El misterioso origen de la cueva de Royston, en el Reino Unido, así como las insólitas inscripciones y tallas sobre sus muros, sigue siendo un verdadero misterio para los arqueólogos desde hace más de 250 años.


Hasta el día de hoy, no es posible saber quién la ocupó, ni con qué propósito. La cueva, que presenta tallas medievales únicas inscriptas sobre sus muros, fue descubierta accidentalmente en el año 1972, en la localidad de Royston, y no existe hasta el momento una versión científica sobre quiénes pudieron ser sus autores. The Strangest Animals You've Never Heard Of. Here’s a small collection of bizarre animals that we hope some of you may have never heard of.

The Strangest Animals You've Never Heard Of

The animal kingdom does love variety - and feel free to add your own in the comments section. Pacu Fish Pacu is actually a common name for numerous different fish species that are related to piranhas. Pacus are vegetarian fishes that are traditionally found in the major river systems of South America. They look a bit like a piranha, but they’re usually a lot larger than your average piranha. Peering into the chomping jaws of these fish will reveal their totally bizarre set of gnashers that look scarily like human teeth.

Image credit: SWNS. Dumbo Octopus There are 18 different species of octopus within the genus Grimpoteuthis which are commonly referred to as a “Dumbo octopuses” due to their characteristic ear-like fins that make them resemble Disney’s Dumbo. Fotógrafa retrata a los seres vivos más antiguos del planeta: Uno habita en Chile. En nuestro planeta hay especies que han sobrevivido por miles de años, pero que de no ser protegidos podrían desaparecer muy pronto.

Fotógrafa retrata a los seres vivos más antiguos del planeta: Uno habita en Chile

Así lo afirma Rachel Sussman, fotógrafa y artista conceptual neoyorquina, que ha pasado la última década buscando y documentando a los seres vivos más antiguos del mundo. Según el portal Business Insider, Sussman se dedica a fotografiar organismos que tengan una antigüedad superior a 2.000 años. Los 7 Parásitos más Horripilantes del Planeta.

Tan pronto como tu doctor dice que tienes parásitos en tu cuerpo, no necesitas oír más detalles.

Los 7 Parásitos más Horripilantes del Planeta

Cymothoa exigua (un parásito que sustituye la lengua) 20 Animales Rarísimos Que Es Muy Probable Que Se Extingan Antes De Que Mueras. El delicado equilibrio natural está siendo afectado por nosotros, cada dia destruimos bosques, quemamos llanuras, contaminamos los oceanos y fuentes fluviales, en fin estamos modificando el habitat natural de casi todas las especies del mundo.

20 Animales Rarísimos Que Es Muy Probable Que Se Extingan Antes De Que Mueras

Tanto asi que mas del 33% de las especies conocidas está en la lista roja de animales en peligro de extinción. Esperamos desde esta humilde bitacora contribuir en la conservación de estos majestuosos seres vivos. These Creepy Animals Are Living Nightmares. I Didn’t Even Know They Existed! - Entertainment Paw.