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ReMarkable : paper style gadget is for students and professionals seems a good approach. A device like Amazon kindle is on the sway to run in the market with its uniqueness of going paper ergonomics.

reMarkable : paper style gadget is for students and professionals seems a good approach

A company that believes in paper sized tablet and does the tasks just more than reading. Yeah , i am talking of reMarkable : the paper tablet company which has been launched recently and they just differentiate from Amazon kindle in not just the design, but also for the sketching and writing purpose. Interesting , isn't it? AI algorithm filters out the comments in Instagram very strictly. Many people might have heard of Instagram photo sharing app.

AI algorithm filters out the comments in Instagram very strictly

You can able to share photos and get likes , comments for your recently shared photos and videos. Instagram is a social networking, but also its addictive type to users whoever uses it. Okay, lemme not detail you of instagram here, but i would like to tell you of instagram feature that is helpful to make the instagram less hasty amongst other users. When we use our social networking sites , we all notice that cruel , rude and even some comments which are abusive that creates irrelevant and untidy issues. Instagram has come over with certain AI algorithm , where it just scans , filters and takes that cruel comments away. Nest smart home gadget product from Google : A smart security approach. Google always surprise us with so many features , so many applications , products and also latest gadgets .

nest smart home gadget product from Google : A smart security approach

Recently, smartwatch announcements are highlights to them , we all know what Google company is capable of and their announcements will stun us. They are not only tech giants who just gizmos the products in net related stuffs , but also smart gadgets in secured level for domestic and industrial purposes. Do you get any idea what i am bouncing of ? . Yeah , I'm talking of one of the Google's smart home product company nest's app and its hardware products . After Apple now FB is testing out this feature. A week back, Apple announced Iphone X and it's new feature to login credential called " Facial Recognition pattern " ( an algorithmic pattern that allows the computer to identify and verifies the human via patterns , dots and lines in nodal forms via skin-texture analysis).

After Apple now FB is testing out this feature

Apple was the first tech giant to announce the facial recognition will be enabled in their future releasing devices. Following them , now Facebook is testing this feature in deep ways and they are running several beta tests to comply with standards. If you missed your account details or your account has been locked or forgotten any login authentication credentials , Facial recognition pattern can still restore your account safely is what is mean to be.

It seems small amount of users must've gotten this feature enabled already into their account. Okay, Apple IphoneX is having this feature already , what difference does facebook users gonna experience ?. Amazon Alexa with Echo : an amazing product. We all know Amazon is a well known e-commerce site , where we can buy any items like watches/electronics/books / mobile phones / utilities and so on..

Amazon Alexa with Echo : an amazing product

As we find lazy to goto shop and buy, we always search on net and buy and pay via online and makes our life so instantly easy. Enable 280 character limit in Twitter in these ways. We all know of Facebook but few people doesn't know of Twitter ( Online news and message sharing service that has 140 character limits ) is a good social networking site that helps the people to connect and friend with any people in the world in few clicks and follows.

Enable 280 character limit in Twitter in these ways

But twitter has its tweets limit of 140 character per message which is a con to any user. As in the days today , we love to communicate more and more . Though it has message option, it doesn't work like fb which also has its limitations. Bots for social im apps and web are really helpful in variety of ways ! Today, we live in social networking era, where social networking has become a detachable stuff , as you see we just use social network for several stuffs , whether its for social / business / advertising / dating /networking .

Bots for social im apps and web are really helpful in variety of ways !

Social networking apps like Facebook , Whatsapp, Messenger , Wechat , Slack , Viber, Kik , Line , Skype , imessage , amazon echo. Okay, we all know of these private/instant messengers are useful to everyone to connect our friends through phone contact book. Okay, what about Bots ? Firefox's Quantum web browser is good but still it needs a boost ! We all know that Alternative to IE , Firefox was doing better until Google chrome comes out.

Firefox's Quantum web browser is good but still it needs a boost !

Once Google chrome web browser was out , the results were fast and also takes your back memory well. Firefox web browser is an open-source web browser developed by Mozilla foundation and it is a non-profit organization that aims in developing innovative and also user-friendly projects till date. I was a fan of Mozilla Firefox once till Google chrome was launched, but for past few months or a year approximately, Firefox was making lots of distributions and changes and users are getting more and more attracted to it. Recently , Firefox launched the beta version of Quantum version to public to download. Do more with duckduckgo search engine : really amazing. When we think of search engine , the first name that comes to our mind is Google .

Do more with duckduckgo search engine : really amazing

For more than past two decades , Google was doing better indexing and everyone uses google for every search, Whether we are looking for any items to purchase , whether to open an email account or to find the information of any product or school or colleges or to search for jobs and for to post ads and also to book the tickets for reservation. Pricee : a new ecommerce search engine for Indians looks good :) When we use internet , first we used to search information in text search bar to find websites , information about any person or any ticket reservation and for any research papers and also we use search bar for social / business purposes.

Pricee : a new ecommerce search engine for Indians looks good :)

We used to access internet through Google search bar to find information has become old for e-commerce purposes. Now, recently there is a search engine released exclusively for searching e-commerce deals and products and that is Pricee launched by NDTV recently What does it do ? . India's quantum computer is soon to be launched. We must have heard of Quantum computers ( the computers that stores information of technology based on quantum states of sub atomic particles instead of storing bits like 1's and 0's ). Normally, developed nations like USA , UK , Germany , Japan and China used to build and develop these computing for fast processing information. In Quantum computing , the process of storing info in qubit mode . A qubit can store 1 and 0 simultaneously , while two qubits can hold four values as 00 ,01 , 10, 11.

To start a billion number operations , Quantum computer takes require more than 3.5 million steps than traditional machine At Harish Chandra Research Institute , Allahabad & Physics department of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore are two departments seems to have shown erudition in the aspects of quantum computing technology so far. New Techie from MIT makes wireless charging more easier ! : Pi. Today we live in an environment where charging is done mostly via wired and few smart devices of today supports wireless charging .

Though it sounds credible , it has only few vantages as per present trends. With the present technology of wired and solar , we could able to connect only one device at a time which also time consuming sometimes. Now the deck of cards will get a new update sooner from the MIT alumini , who made a tremendous and innovative effort recently and showed us the vision by bringing a new limelight wireless charger to the open desk to public. What difference does it make ? . The company informs that it can charge upto 4 devices in full power , but also it can charge more devices in reduced power in terms of balancing with devices . Is Whatsapp embeded inside Fb app ? Most people use Facebook and WhatsApp in recent years than it was inducted earlier .

We read news and get along with new friends in Facebook , whereas in Whatsapp we used to share infos. a lot . Most of us know that WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook some years back and so far Instagram , WhatsApp , Bonfire and few other services are under Facebook's control. We know that Facebook used to have apps embeded to it . Just if you click that WhatsApp application , you will be routed to WhatsApp page without leaving Facebook page is what the tested users say of.

That button works like shortcut and could be found in menu area . Facebook is testing the first app in Denmark it seems , that's why when one of the TNW user tested that app by switching the regional language settings to Danish, he could able to see WhatsApp button is enabled into it. Beddit : fresh app and monitor product for sleep monitoring seems okay. Sleep is very important in our day-day life and it has become question mark to many people today at night.

Why ? It's because we have lots of works or some professional or social activities and sometimes playing games , watching tv and also working late at night are all the major prioritical issue. when we use more apps these days , sometimes at late night we forget to sleep due to obsession . As one side technological and daily routines causes our sleep deterioration . Search the files inside Google drive easily like a pro with these tricks. When every user signs up a google account , they will get free google drive . Many people doesn't know what actually the google drive is . Google drive is a cloud application storage platform, where you can store and access files anytime , anywhere easily. An useful and must have medical app for every Indians : Practo. Everyone including mine will be meeting doctor one day , when we face our health disputes. Whether it may be fever , cold , headache or allergies or any surgeries for our family members or friends, we always look for doctor .

Either via friends or via other members, but we don't know how they actually treat well not until we or our members get treated best. Dictate for Ms word is an useful tool. Many of us would be an user of Microsoft word regularly, we use for official / educational / personal purposes . Whooooa ! Hyperloop project in India will be innovatively promising one.

Hyperloop a future ambitious project that aims to transport the passenger / freight transportation that could reach far distance in an hour . Pricee : a new ecommerce search engine for Indians looks good :) mAadhar app for everyone. New Tbh app ! for iphone users an overview. Many of us might have heard of sarahah application , where you can send the messages to anyone anonymously . Is Piratebay secretly running crypto mining. Piratebay is a famous torrent website where you can download applications / games / tv series / musics / ebooks and pictures as well. It's been well known to many users who uses torrent everyday . One can use any torrent client downloading tools like bittorrent , utorrent , vuze to download the files from torrent websites . Have you heard of crypto mining ( method used to generate digital coins , where they use GPU , CPU , ASICS to use and process the digital transactions ).

Okay you might have heard of Bitcoin and so many digital coins . what those crypto mining , bitcoin stuffs has gotten to do with Piratebay . Win Million Dollar cash prize by hacking Tor for Zero days. Allo for web ! Get paid from Amazon through affiliation program. Snooze your friends posts buddies ! :) Google's next app is getting ready for Indians. Never too Late to start a Business. IPHONE X - Whooooa ! Samsung ! yo nail it. Use new torrent searching client tool " Torrench " Earn cash through CPA Marketing. Downloading files from Scribd is easier now ! Earn some extra cash. Wow ! Samsung. What is Smart Truck ? Some of the useful Google drive links for everyone. Risks and Guidelines to trade in stock market to earn money consistently. Basics of Mutual funding about other schemes. What causes 2008 financial crisis. Why the upcoming Economic Collapse is inevitable. Downloading files from Scribd is easier now ! Learn to code using Code with Google for your school and college kids.

Imagine with this AmalGAN AI to create art. The Pentagon now testifies the person through heart beats. BODY GUARD ( 2018 ) : BBC's tele series is beefed up with more darkish and nerve racking political action thriller. New Photo Voltaic Solar cells can distinguish Hydrogen and Electricity concurrently. Invest in Indian economy for better future sustainability. Intel and Rolls Royce allied on hands to build autonomous cargo ships.

Top Killer sites for best online education to develop your Inter personal and professional skills. The Tesla Files : 5 part series of History Channel's provocative show is an engaging documentary but incomplete. Rosetta AI filters the impertinent memes screening task in Facebook. Robots in Japan are now training English to boost linguistic skills. Tips to access Android Phones at emergency situation using lockscreen tapping method via. emergency call. AI now predicts the audience from its movie trailers using NVIDIA GPU. Remapping the Squeeze feature on Pixel to do whatever you want. How to secure your PC easily and safely. Steps to Remove Pattern lock on Android without resetting using Aroma File Manager.

Books that are recommended by top entrepreneurs before starting a business. Snapdragon 1000 chips got ready to do its service in Windows 10 laptops. Budget , Save & Invest your money into brighter family future. Proven ways to make money so quickly from home without any investment. Enable new gmail web interface features in single click with these tips. Ubisoft's SAM is ready to be available for personal gaming assistance in service. Quora Gaffer: 10 Most Popular and in-demand programming languages in 2018. Quora Gaffer: Tips to download and save the disabled by author files from Slideshare website. Quora Gaffer: Some of the best interesting and favorite useful websites to look of. Quora Gaffer: Corti :The real-time ai co-pilot that helps to analyze symptoms and alerts emergency in fast pace. Quora Gaffer: Search the files inside gmail like a pro with these tricks. Quora Gaffer: Black Mirror TV Series : An Anthology that tells sarcastically about the dark side of technological human mentality.

Quora Gaffer: Some of the best foreign movies around the world that are worth watching for ( Part 2 lists ) Quora Gaffer: The Prisoner ( 1967 ) Tv series is an unique mystery/thriller metaphor of modern cult that exposes our society with cat and mouse escapism of individual. Quora Gaffer: SKETCHAR : this AI deep learning conceptual tutor directs the users to draw the pictures easily with help of AR & NN.

Quora Gaffer: IBM's Watson powered voice assisted home's and car's will soon be in action. Quora Gaffer: ONNX : a combined team work initiative for ai developers to hover around framework easily. Quora Gaffer: Some of the best foreign movies around the world that are worth watching for. Quora Gaffer: Piccolo ai tech will now automate and also sense your every move through its gesture recognition technique. Quora Gaffer: Moleskine's smart writing set is a modern day tech light pen and digital pad that connects paper and gizmo.

Quora Gaffer: Amazon's Sense making sensible to home users automated with alerts. Quora Gaffer: Ai is helping out to spot out pre diabetic patients with help of cardiogram app from wearables. Quora Gaffer: Vuzix blade glass is an AR smart glass that seems to be functioning more of Google glass rivalry. Quora Gaffer: GE's smart light has got Alexa and Homekit options enabled. Quora Gaffer: Snowden's app Haven is just a smooth smart security home safeguarding system that alerts. Quora Gaffer: Teach codes to the kids with this interactive and fun Makeblock Codey Rocky Robot. Quora Gaffer: You can code anywhere with this Codeanywhere cloud ide platform.