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Learning with Interactive Whiteboards

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Educational Leadership:Do Students Care About Learning?:Invitations to Learn. September 2002 | Volume 60 | Number 1 Do Students Care About Learning?

Educational Leadership:Do Students Care About Learning?:Invitations to Learn

Pages 6-10 Do students care about learning? The answer is, of course, that “it depends.” At 4 years old, David asked his teacher a question as a lesson began: “Is this going to be a ‘learning experience’? Because if it is, I don't want to do it.” In 10th grade, Kenisha did what she had to do to pass her classes. Josh was often reduced to tears by homework. Until this year, Bethany was convinced that students who did well in class were either smarter than she was, or luckier, or just better liked by the teacher. The students in Ms. Early in the year, Jana was skeptical about math. Javier was angry last year that his family had moved to a place where he knew no one and no one understood him when he spoke. Jessica and Dane had always found history boring. Do students care about learning? What Is Invitational Learning? Few students are drawn to lists of facts.

The Best Way To Take Notes - Business Insider. Setting Intentions: A Powerful Tool To Help Us Learn. Students test out of math, delve into robotics. As winter approaches, virtual school replaces snow days in some districts. Metacognition: The Gift That Keeps Giving. The Art of Planning Deeper Learning. 6 Tools for Teachers. Video. In this video, you will learn how to add and edit text objects in a SMART amp workspace. Viewers will also learn how to format text, using the workspace text editor, and clone formatted text to save time when creating workspace content. In this video, you will learn how to insert a SMART Notebook file into a SMART amp workspace. This feature allows teachers to easily share lessons with students, without having to consider the type of device or software students are using.

The Screen Capture Toolbar is one of the most useful SMART Notebook Tools and brings content directly into your SMART Notebook page. Learn how to use the Screen Capture Toolbar on your PC and navigate its main options. In this video you will learn how to change the settings of your pen tray. This video shows you how to create custom badges in Edmodo and then reward them to students. This video shows you how to add and conduct a poll within your Edmodo group. Blogging About SMART Boards, Resources, Lessons, Training, Games. This is where our team shares their ideas and experiences with educators from around the world.

Blogging About SMART Boards, Resources, Lessons, Training, Games

Here you’ll find our blog, Educator Resource Center, video archive, and other resources. The Teq PD team blogs on a variety of topics, from the Common Core to their favorite apps. You’ll also find the latest company news. The Educator Resource Center contains free-to-download-and-share SMART, ActivInspire, Easiteach, and Mimio lessons organized by subject and grade. Please feel free to engage with the Teq team here, or through one of our social channels. Read the latest posts from our PD Mentors and Curriculum and PD Specialists: Read the latest posts from some of our Instructional Technology Specialists: Teaching Coding (For Teachers who Can’t Code) Enrolling Your Chromebook for Device Management Have you recently started using Chromebooks or other devices in your school with Google Apps for Education?

Google Educator Course and Exam Revamp Are You a Google Aficionado? New and Improved. Supporting the use of technology in the classroom. IWB Scratch Project.