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(FULL TUTORIAL ADDED!) My version of a $385 bracelet! :) chain and thread. - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS (FULL TUTORIAL ADDED!) My version of a $385 bracelet! :) chain and thread. - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS For starters: the bracelet I made... So I was browsing some high end designer jewelry a while back, and though I never buy designer things, it's sometimes interesting to look through such items. I came across this bracelet that i thought was really cute...except it was $385! $385 bracelet.
bird and berries beach pebble necklace by birdahoy on Etsy I have engraved this beautiful beach pebble I found on my adventures around the coast with a robin perched on a berry laden bough. It is strung with grey cotton cord and finished with a pebble toggle. Inspired by all the snow here recently, the birds are out in force looking for food in the gardens. Necklace measures approx 19 inches (49cm)Pendant measures approx 1 2\/8 x 1" long (3 x 2.5cm) bird and berries beach pebble necklace by birdahoy on Etsy
When M. came home from her camp with school, she showed me this yellow bracelet she made with 'scoubidoo' strings. One of her friends taught her how to make these and of course I wanted to have a go at it too. Instead of scoubidou string I used strips of fabric for one and leather - what did you think?!

Summer bracelets DIY

Summer bracelets DIY

Boden Boulevard Necklace Knockoff

Did you know Mother’s Day is about a week and half away?? Eek!! I don’t know about you but I’m scrambling a bit here. ;) So I thought I’d help you out. Actually, Melissa and I are helping you out. :) Melissa sent in a Tutorial Request for a darling Boden Necklace – and I knew that it would be perfect for a Mother’s Day idea. Or a “I’m going to make that myself for Mother’s Day” idea. ;) Boden Boulevard Necklace Knockoff
Happy Monday everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make this necklace and introduce my first giveaway! Below are the steps to make this tulle necklace. DIY TUTORIAL and a giveaway!

DIY TUTORIAL and a giveaway!

Headband Refashion

Headband Refashion Our headband had a flower that was starting to look a little tired and worn so we made it new again! This braided ribbon could embellish many things— a hair clip would be cute too! These headbands would make great handmade gifts for little girls to make each other! Woven Ribbon Headband Gather a headband and about 4 1/2 yards of ribbon. You can use any with — I chose 1/4 inch.

Octopus Charm Tutorial by =Oborochann on deviantART

A tutorial for octopus charms :3 A few people said I should make a picture tutorial so I decided to. It looked kinda fun heh EDIT-- WOW Im so glad you guys liked this!! I was really scared it would suck or wouldnt come out right or it was too ginormous, so thank you for all the kind comments, they all made me really happy ^________^ EDIT- Since Ive become a graphic designer Ive realized how bad this thing looks lol my apologies to all for the horrible typography TOT Hay guys I have a youtube channel now, gonna post more videos and tutorials soon! Octopus Charm Tutorial by =Oborochann on deviantART
Hydro Bracelets | Homemade Bracelet Crafts

Friendship Bracelets {Craft Camp}

I am excited to be offering 30 days of fun crafts to keep kids active and entertained this summer! You won’t want to miss a day of these fun crafts for kids from some amazing bloggers! Please be sure to pay them a visit! Hi I am Beckie from Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Décor and I am back here on STML showing you how to make woven friendship bracelets As I was thinking about what project to do for this series I tried to remember what my most favorite craft was when I was a girl. It was by far bracelet making! I have noticed they are making their way back on children’s wrists lately. Friendship Bracelets {Craft Camp}
DIY Wrap Bracelet

DIY Wrap Bracelet

You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists. The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! With that being said, we’ll show you how to master a version of the ever so popular wrap bracelet. It’s so simple and addicting, you’ll soon be churning out these wristlets with your eyes closed.
Hi lovelies! Here's my latest project... Watercolor petal necklace, inspired by this designer necklace by Lanvin below. It's $450! Picture via Watercolor Petal Necklace <3 - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS Watercolor Petal Necklace <3 - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS

DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet – HonestlyWTF

We’re nuts for nuts. Is there a more versatile and inexpensive DIY component than a hex nut from the hardware store? You can imagine our excitement when we first discovered Philip Crangi’s Giles & Brother Hex Collection. Honestly, nuts braided into jewelry is WTF genius!
Sponsored Content - Craft Book Excerpt The following is an excerpt from the new craft book... Jewelry Upcycled! Bubble Wrap Necklace - Step by Step Tutorial - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS
In this Instructable, I'm going to teach you how to make Finger Loop Braids. With this technique you can make braids with just your hands that have 10 or more strands each. They can be used for anything. Bracelets, chokers, belts, hat bands, as trim on clothing, or furniture... If you need a strong lacing, a finger loop braid will multiply the strength of your string/rope by 10.

Multi Strand Finger Loop Braiding

I love you because... Message in a Bottle Key Ring
Washer Necklace
Rock&Gem Online: How to Wirewrap How to WirewrapA Faceted Pendant That Does Away With ClawsDesigned by Mavis Llewellyn, as Featured in Wired Have you ever wished for a more attractive way to mount a stone in a pendant than the old-fashioned use of "claws"? Mavis Llewellyn used wire wrapping in the project presented here, for that very reason.
A quick fix leather bracelet
Etching Brass and Copper
Super easy oriental bangle EDIT: step by step pics! - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS