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Artec Eva. Syncrosect. Ch 10. Chapter 10 The Nature of Waves The purpose of this is to give quick reference to information or to use in an emergency (like if your text has accidentally been left under your desk at school). This is NOT intended to replace reading the text with its excellent photographs, diagrams, charts, and tables. Max Planck originated the quantum theory, which states that electromagnetic waves consist of individual packets of energy. The theories of Planck and of his contemporary, Albert Einstein, are among the most revolutionary ideas in twentieth-century physics. Planck received the Nobel Prize in 1918. 10.1 Energy Transfer The locations of energy sources are often different from the locations of energy requirements.

Winds and projectiles in flight are well-known examples. Thermal convection is a familiar process for transferring heat energy from one location to another by the gross movement of quantities of heated gas or liquid between these locations. They are electromagnetic waves. Figure 10-5. Good vibrations — Tuning fork hitting water at 1600fps | Science!