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Quikkloan influences exclusive innovation stage utilizes enormous information, machine learning calculations, bookkeeping information, online deals, shipping information, total and electronic installment innovation to investigate the reliability of no credit or low credit profile clients to distinguish and apply advances inside minutes.

Personal Loan. Quikkloan - Instant Personal Loan App. Quikkloan is a digital loan marketplace for salaried and self-employed people.

Quikkloan - Instant Personal Loan App

We facilitate personal loans by leading multiple Banking and NBFCs partners to get the best loan offer for you at affordable EMIs. EMI CalculatorYou can calculate your easy EMI payable by entering the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure in the EMI calculator.Representative ExampleLoan Amount - Rs.10,00,000, Tenure - 5 Years, Interest rate - 10.75% paMonthly EMI Repayment - Rs.21,618, Total Interest Repayable - Rs.2,97,077Total Amount Repayable - Rs.12,97,077., Loan Amount to be credited in your bank account - Rs.10,00,000 - Rs.11,800 = Rs.9,88,200, Processing Fee* - Rs.10,00,000 * 1% = Rs. 10,000GST - Rs.10,000 *18% = Rs. 1,800, Processing Fee including GST =Rs.10,000+Rs.1,800=Rs.11,800*Please note the processing fee starts from 1.0% to 6% +GST.

The figures provided are indicative and subject to change from time. The processing fee will be deducted upfront at the time of the loan disbursal. Personal Loan In Jamshedpur - Quikkloan. Personal Loan In Visakhapatnam - Quikkloan. Personal Loan In Mysore - Quikkloan. Personal Loan In Mumbai - Quikkloan. Personal Loan In Delhi - Quikkloan. Personal Loan In Kochi - Quikkloan. Quikkloan- App. Instant Loan – Get Quick Loan Online Up To 50 Lacs In 1 Day - Quikkloan. What is National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)? When we talk about the Indian Financial Market, the only reference that comes in our mind is of the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

What is National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)?

This organization plays a key role, as a mediator and a loyal supporter of investors and brokers who strand their trade in the Indian Financial Market. NSDL was founded on 8th November 1996. It is India’s largest Central Securities Depository. NSDL based in Mumbai and was the brainchild of a National Economic group.

The focus of the group was on building a robust system to handle securities. History of NSDL In August 1996, lawmakers introduced, Depositories Act that led to the creation of NSDL. What is National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) Quick Loan. Personal Loan for Medical Purpose. How to Check Your Cibil Score & How to Download Free CIBIL Report Online. What is CIBIL Score?

How to Check Your Cibil Score & How to Download Free CIBIL Report Online

CIBIL score is one of the most important factors that almost every financial institution checks when they receive credit applications from individuals. A cibil score is a three-digit numeric summary that indicates the creditworthiness of an individual. What is Form 60? When it comes to the Permanent Account Number (PAN), it is considered to be a valid identity proof of an Indian taxpayer.

What is Form 60?

Thus, the Indian Government has made it mandatory for all citizens to carry a PAN Card, if they belong to the group of income earning. But if an individual does not have a PAN Card, Form 60 is considered as a legal validity under section 114B of the Income Tax Act 1942. Form 60 is a replacement of a PAN Card that must be submitted to the concerned authority at the time of any financial/banking activity like opening of a bank account, filing ITR,etc. While submitting PAN Card Form 60, an individual must also submit identity and address proof such as passport, ration card, driving license, water bill, landline bill, etc. This form can either be submitted online or in paper to the entity with which the transaction is being completed. How to Generate UAN Number. Universal Account Number, commonly known as UAN is a unique identification number allotted to a working professional.

How to Generate UAN Number

This account number not only helps in the identification but also keeps your money, information, and assets safe. If you don’t know how to generate UAN number, activating UAN is simple and quick at the website of EPF India. In just a few steps, you would be able to activate your 12-digit identification number hence and reap the benefits of the same in the future. Your UAN comes with many privileges and benefits like provident fund, online passbook facility, partial withdrawal, etc.

And, once you link your UAN with Aadhaar, you are entitled to enjoy plenty of other benefits also. CIBIL Grievance and Redressal Process. Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL), now known as TransUnion CIBIL, is the leading credit information company in the country.

CIBIL Grievance and Redressal Process

CIBIL Score plays a critical role for individuals in getting any type of loan from banks and financial institutions throughout the country and CIBIL Rank helps companies get credits from such institutions. The bureau procures data from credit institutions and assigns CIBIL Score or CIBIL Rank. Since it maintains and manages the largest collection of consumer credit information, sometimes disputes and grievances may arise. But a CIBIL Consumer can contact the CIBIL Grievance Redressal Cell and get the issue resolved at the earliest.

What is National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) National Pension System. National Pension Scheme ( NPS )India is a voluntary and long-term investment plan for retirement under the purview of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) and Central Government.

National Pension System

NPS schemes have two options. Tier 1 and Tier 2. What is Instant Pre-Approved Loan on ICICI Credit Card? An instant pre-approved loan on ICICI credit card can easily be availed online.

What is Instant Pre-Approved Loan on ICICI Credit Card?

With a maximum loan amount of up to Rs. 15 lakh along with flexible repayment tenures, a personal loan on credit card has various other features to ask for. However, you should be an existing customer of the bank to become eligible for a pre-approved personal loan. And, when it comes to personal loan eligibility, factors like monthly income, cibil score, credit history, category of the employer and income/job stability are taken into consideration by the bank before approving the loan.

And, the best part is that you don’t need to submit any document while availing the loan as you are an existing customer. What is an Instant Pre-approved Loan? A personal loan that has been given instantly on the grounds of an existing customer. How to Link Aadhaar with Bank Account? Linking of aadhaar with a bank account comes with many perks and privileges hence was also made mandatory by the government to link the same.

How to Link Aadhaar with Bank Account?

On linking your bank account with aadhaar comes with a lot of value-added features like-safety, security and authenticity of the account. Moreover, you would be able to reap the maximum benefits of various government schemes also if your account is linked with your 12-digit numeric summary. When it comes to linking your bank account, you can link it either with Bank Branch, Internet Banking, Mobile App, ATM or Phone Banking. You simply need to follow a few easy steps and you are done with the process. Quick Loan. Personal Loan Balance Transfer. Top Features and Benefits of Personal Loan Balance Transfer in India A Personal Loan Balance Transfer is a great source of financial help, which comes with a plethora of outstanding advantages such as low-interest rates, reduced EMIs, maximum loan amount and improved credit/cibil score.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Both salaried professionals, as well as self-employed individuals/professionals, can avail this credit facility, after continue repaying their loan till 9 months or 1 year with the existing lender. Do not get attracted by looking at the lure offers, instead become a calculative borrower. Always keep in mind certain factors such as when to avail a balance transfer and how beneficial it is for you in the long run. Best Personal Loan Interest Rates. Personal Loan, a financial instrument to fulfill your short-term as well as long-term personal needs. Lenders offer this unsecured credit at affordable or low-interest rates, based on the eligibility of the borrowers.

Lenders consider many factors such as credit history, CIBIL score, income, repayment capacity, and category of the employer before giving personal loan approval or rather deciding the personal loan interest rates. RBI Extends Loan Moratorium Period for Another 3 Months; Cuts Repo by 40 bps. Must Read: RBI extended the moratorium for another 3 months, from June 1 to August 31.RBI cuts the repo rate by 40 bps to 4% and reverses repo rate to 3.35%RBI allocated Rs 15,000 crore to EXIM Bank to avail US dollar swap facilityRBI offered 90-days extension to SIDBI for the 90-day term loan facilities The Reserve Bank of India has announced to extend the moratorium on loan repayments by another three months to 31 August 2020.

RBI has also cut policy repo rate by 40 basis points to 4.0% and reverse repo rate to 3.35% after an unscheduled meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee. The earlier three-month moratorium on the loan EMIs was ending on May 31, 2020. This makes it a total of six months moratorium on loan EMIs starting from March 1, 2020. Talking about policy rates, a reduction in the repo rate from the existing 4.4% came in a surprise move to support the economy. Senior Citizens Savings Scheme. Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a government-backed savings instrument offered to Indian residents aged over 60 years. The deposit matures after 5 years from the date of account opening but can be extended once by an additional 3 years.

The SCSS interest rate for April to June 2020 has been set at 7.4%. This is the highest interest rate among the various small savings schemes in India. SCSS is available through Public / Private sector banks and India Post Offices. Being a government-backed savings instrument, the terms and conditions applicable to the SCSS are the same, regardless of the bank/ post office, you invest through. Tax benefits are providedSafe to invest in the schemeInterest rate has been reduced from 8.6% to 7.4%Premature withdrawal is allowed The scheme comes with various security features and provides individuals with a savings option for the long run. SCSS Eligibility The Eligibility Criteria for the SCSS are mentioned below: How to Avoid Personal Loan Rejection? Whether you are a first-time loan borrower or someone who has already been on a financial journey, nobody wants a personal loan rejection, right? After all, a rejection will not only hamper your credit score, further damaging your CIBIL Report but makes your loan profile weak in the eyes of lenders for future borrowings as well.

So, how to avoid personal loan rejection to stay away from such a situation? Read the post below. Covid-19 Personal Loans. How to Get Tax Benefits on Personal Loan. Generally, the personal loan is not taxable, as loans are not considered a part of your income when you are filing your IT returns. Top 10 ways to Improve Credit or CIBIL Score. How to Read a Cibil Report? Personal loan for Self Employed. HDFC Bank vs ICICI Bank vs SBI vs Axis Bank vs PNB: Personal Loan Interest Rates Comparison. HDFC Bank vs ICICI Bank vs SBI vs Axis Bank vs PNB: Personal Loan Interest Rates Comparison. How to Check Your Cibil Score & How to Download Free Cibil Report Online. Benefits of Personal Loan Part Payments. A personal loan part payment can be availed when an existing loan borrower has a lump sum amount of idle money, which is not equivalent of the principal outstanding loan amount(balance). The part payment is one of the best ways to bring down your principal outstanding, which in turn reduces EMIs and the total interest you pay to the lender.

A borrower can avail a personal loan part payment after 6,9 or 12 months of loan repayments (varies from lender to lender) and also the amount of part payment either be the (multiple of EMI or % of principal outstanding). Not all banks and NBFCs allow personal loan part payments and those which do, levy certain charges on the same. Be a smart borrower and avoid part payment if you have a small lump sum as it creates a negligible effect on your EMIs and also makes you bear the related charges. Personal Loan Eligibility. Top Up Personal Loans. What is PPF. Intro Public Provident Fund or commonly known as PPF is one of the best savings schemes offered by the Government of India. Every Indian citizen can open a PPF account either in a post office or any bank branch.

One can invest from Rs.500 to Rs.1.5 lakh per year in his account with up to 12 deposits in a year. Personal loan Balance transfer. Balance Transfer from Credit Card to Bank Account. How to get Personal Loans with low or Bad CIBIL Score? Instant Loan: Get Instant Bank Loan Online @10.99% Why Personal Loan is Better than Credit Card? Best Personal Loan Interest Rates Online 2020. Benefits of Personal Loan Part Payments. Personal Loan for Government Employees. Instant Personal Loan in Kochi, Kerala. Top 10 ways to Improve Credit or CIBIL Score. Personal Loan For First Time Borrowers.

Best Personal Loan Interest Rates Online 2020. Best Personal Loan Interest Rates Online 2020. SBI home loan interest rate cut down to 7.90% from 8.15% Instant Loan: Get Instant Bank Loan Online @10.99% Top 10 way to Improve Credit or CIBIL Score. How to Avoid Personal Loan Rejection? Personal Loan For First Time Borrowers. What are the most common Credit Report errors to repair? Quikkloan Blogs. Personal Loan, Golden rules to follow when taking a loan by Quikkloan. Personal Loans in Delhi NCR, Apply for Personal Loans Online. Personal Loans in Delhi NCR, Apply for Personal Loans Online.

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