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Model: Abequilibrium Photo: TheR_apist. Oriental Bittersweet. March 14. by Shin We mentioned in our article about the White Day that there was an accident. Here are the details. The plan was to take a photo like this. I planned to take some photos acting hanging. BONDAGE BASICS *English* Graydancer's Ropecast. Broken - Blog RopeMarks. ...I broke a rope during a live show and dropped my girl...

Broken - Blog RopeMarks

First of all, I am very glad no serious physical harm was done to my girl. Being the trooper that she is we continued and acted as if it was all part of the show. Really, who of the 2000+ people watching did we think we were fooling. Nonetheless... ........KINKY KARTOONS and OTHER, TWINK KINK , HARD CORE, ENTERTAINMENT....... BOUND: Japanese Bondage Night.

DallasKink – Adventures in Guerrilla Bondage. Naturally Twisted. Bondageisnotacrime - kidnapping the boss's son. TokyoBound. Ito Seiyu (1882-1961) has been pushing the envelope of kinbaku and torture imagery long before the “Golden Age” of SM magazines, getting some of his better work censored and banned by the authorities, earning him the label of “pervert”.


To help you better appreciate this series, first read the following notes on the kanji characters heading each picture and text: Wood (木, ki), Fire (火, hi), Earth (土, tsuchi), Metal (金, kin), and Water (水, mizu) are the “five elements” called Wu Xing (五行) in Chinese. 雪村春樹 Yukimura Haruki Sensei and reflections of a rope bottom. The other night I had the chance to meet famous nawashi Yukimura Haruki Sensei .

雪村春樹 Yukimura Haruki Sensei and reflections of a rope bottom

It was a private party setting and I was of course excited about the chance to perhaps be tied up by the famous newasa's expert. It was a cold night, and after agonizing over what to wear (as only women can agonize over such thing), I chose to wear a short soft black dress and bring a nagajuban just in case. I'm Knot Knormal - confessions of a journeyman roper.

Nina Rus: rope artist & model. Boulevardisme. Eros and art: Youji Muku. LondonRopeTop. Kinbaku - Nawakesho - Japanese Rope ARt - Nawa Shibari - Rope Dojo - Nawa Dojo. Shibari Dojo Brazil. Kinbaku Luxuria – We lust for Kinbaku. Seeing_Lines.../ Home. Demon SIX talks to Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) of Studio SIX. Earlier this year, Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) had the honor of being interviewed by Demon SIX (no relation to Studio SIX) who is not only a prominent figure at Fetlife but also a privileged member of the inner circle of Master K (no relation to Circle K).

Demon SIX talks to Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) of Studio SIX

The interview first appeared in the Kinbaku Group on Fetlife. I have had three rope bondage phases in my life. So-called Western: From kindergarten to 1997, when I tied every woman I could lay my hands on. Home. Rope enthusiast, teacher and student. Nawa Chou - My Journey Through Japanese Rope. Home - Nawa Ai. More Inches. The Journey Is The Destination.