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QuickFMS is the cloud-based facilities management software that allows facility managers to effectively organize, structure, and run all elements of your business and infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance, all in one place.

5 Benefits of Using Office Hoteling Software. Office hoteling is emerging as a multifaceted strategy during the current pandemic.

5 Benefits of Using Office Hoteling Software

With the reduction of active cases, offices have begun to operate, though they are yet to work with their full capacity. Along with following the safety protocols of cleaning, social distancing, and contact tracing, office hoteling has also become the need of the hour for organizations wanting to create a safe yet productive work environment. Office hoteling can help to build a safer workspace post-pandemic in three ways.

How Is Office Hoteling Helping Businesses in the Current Crisis Firstly, instead of having a huge crowd of people working simultaneously in your workplace, office hoteling can help to stagger the shifts, reduce floor occupancy, and help an organization implement shift timings or shift days as per their requirement. Desk Booking & Sharing Software. A Few of Our Clients Here are a few companies that are experiencing greater productivity and collaboration with QuickFMS.

Desk Booking & Sharing Software

Hot Desk Booking Software Optimize your office space and increase the efficiency of your employees In the current scenario, companies that grow rapidly soon run out of office space. The growing real estate price is further driving the need for better office space management. 5 Popular Flexible Workspace Trends You Need To Know In 2021. Faced with unprecedented challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have been compelled to spend a significant amount of their resources to enable remote working and continued operations.

5 Popular Flexible Workspace Trends You Need To Know In 2021

Business operations, including the utilization of office spaces and physical assets, will need to evolve by incorporating strategies to encourage remote work while at the same time protecting and supporting employees and their jobs. A notable impact of the economic slowdown is how the organizations have turned to strategize and recover their investment by minimizing expenses, especially in highly expensive real estate investments. An excellent idea in this direction would be to apply flexible workspace trends to reconfigure current workspaces. This is a practical short-term solution and an efficient long-term investment towards generating a healthy profit for years to come once the process is put in place. How to Implement Flexible Office Space to Your Advantage?

Many progressive organizations have long adopted flexible office space and scheduling.

How to Implement Flexible Office Space to Your Advantage?

Simultaneously, many other firms have resisted, believing that it would damage their company culture or productivity. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated organizations to utilize flexible office spaces as the most efficient method to meet their workforce’s requirements. Understanding Flexible Office Space Flexible office spaces or flexispaces create dynamic environments that consist of all traditional office elements, i.e., desks, chairs, phones, computers, organized in a versatile manner. The concept utilizes a single workspace as a team office space, a conference area, a project operations area, etc., as needed. Flexible workspaces are scaled to accommodate the varied requirements of workers. Elements of flexible office spaces include open-plan concepts, breakout spaces, quiet zones, touchpoints, and shared resources. Desk Hoteling Strategies for an Optimized Workspace. 5 Digital Workspace Solutions You Should Leverage in 2021.

In the COVID-19 era, digital workspace solutions have proven vital to business continuity.

5 Digital Workspace Solutions You Should Leverage in 2021

Upgraded QuickFMS Hot Desking Mobile App for Android and iOS. The leading provider of Cloud-based facilities management software, QuickFMS is pleased to announce its upgraded QuickFMS Hot Desking Module Mobile App, enabling office space optimization through your cellphone.

Upgraded QuickFMS Hot Desking Mobile App for Android and iOS

The Hot Desking App is available on Android and iOS devices. The upgraded QuickFMS Hot Desking Mobile App is equipped with features that will benefit both employees and the Office Admin and HR team. Employees can either download the application or work on the web version. Employees can now remotely reserve a vacant seat with their colleagues using the floor plan in three easy steps. How is Hot Desking Mobile App Effective? The QuickFMS Hot Desking Module Mobile Application provides the perfect floor layouts for seat booking and shift planning to the HR and Admin teams.

Online Reservation and Resource Management Software - Free Demo. Cloud-Based Facilities Management Software - CAFM System. Cloud-Based Contract Management Software. Help Desk Management Software - Free Demo. Maintenance Management Software. Physical Asset Management Software - Free Demo. Property Management Software. Why is Hot Desking Getting More Popular in Offices during COVID-19? There is an ancient purported Chinese curse that translates roughly to, “May you live in interesting times!”

Why is Hot Desking Getting More Popular in Offices during COVID-19?

While there is no documented proof of this actually being a Chinese saying, it is a well-proven fact now that in late 2019 the Chinese tried to brush under the carpet the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus and carelessly allowed it to spread worldwide. Five million people are said to have left Wuhan before quarantine, with 400,000 of them having entered the US alone. So what did all this result in? The whole world around us has changed in 2020. There is a completely ‘new normal’ in every country. Branch Performance Management Software - Free Demo. Can a company Admin head having dispersed offices or retail outlets across the country or world, just sit in the corporate office and get live updates every morning to know the status of each branch?

Branch Performance Management Software - Free Demo

Yes, the QuickFMS Branch Performance Management Software helps you do exactly the same. In the not so distant past, part of an Admin team’s responsibilities included going weekly to the local branch offices. Then the Zonal Head would visit once in a month while a Regional Head would visit once in a quarter, or some similar schedule was drawn up for various levels of officials. All these routine monitoring visits would entail an investment of a lot of time and money, both of which should ideally have been spent on other more productive activities that add to the company’s bottom line. Branch Performance Management Software - Free Demo. Office Seating Plan Software: Where You Sit Matters. There can be several reasons why you might have to change your existing office seating arrangement.

Office Seating Plan Software: Where You Sit Matters

From the requirement of a new work desk to moving into new office premises, to adding new amenities, multiple causes may convince you to change your current floor plan. How to reconfigure your floor plan to maintain social distancing? A PwC survey states that 65% of CFOs would prefer to reconfigure their worksites to promote physical distancing and 76% are considering masks and testing for the workplace. Slowly more and more companies are allowing their employees to resume work from their offices.

Following are the 6 ways in which office seating plan software will solve your workspace dilemma: Evaluating Structural Limitations Some structural aspects, like the available area and its layout in terms of walls or floors, are constant and cannot be changed. Amit Prasad is the founder and managing director of SatNav Technologies and has business interests in a wide range of IT products. Branch Performance Module Software - Free Demo. We all know how hard it has been operating in the current competitive business environment.

Branch Performance Module Software - Free Demo

Almost every business sector is facing competition, where banking and financial organizations are no different. The growing operational and maintenance costs, the rising competition, and reducing profits are making it difficult for the banking and financial sector to nurture a constant growth. Bank Facility Management – The Challenge of Space Optimization Technology has been serving the banking and financial sector wisely.

Healthcare Facility Management Software for Hospitals & Clinics. Healthcare facility management software is an innovative facility management solution that helps hospitals and clinics effectively manage patient care and streamline their daily operations. Facilities management software for hospitals and clinics empowers healthcare facilities to optimize all their physical resources and automate management functions, which are crucial for smooth, streamlined, and well-functioning of healthcare facilities. Healthcare Facility Management Software During the COVID-19 Crisis With the high demands on the healthcare industry today, it’s more important than ever before for hospitals and clinics to maintain perfection in terms of facility management.

The delicate hospital ecosystem has no room for error in asset management, equipment sanitation, cleaning & sanitization, and other custodial tasks during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 6 Great Benefits of Using Seat Booking Software. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, as everyone was asked to work from home, many organizations have found work from home as a possibility and are planning to cut on office space.

However, they need to manage their office space to ensure that there is a place available for every employee who is required to come to the office. This is where seat booking software comes in. It will help manage the office space effectively. Desk Booking & Sharing Software. Why Managers Are Looking for Facilities Management Software in India. An Indian subsidiary of the world leader in food and facility management services was facing problems in monitoring its physically distributed sites, streamlining the operations, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

After procuring facilities management software, the company is now able to manage all the assets of their different sites, track their maintenance schedules, budgets, and costs. The level of customer satisfaction also increased due to the seamless completion of service requests. The facility managers can now effectively manage their FM operations by getting KPI reports, escalation alerts, service level non-adherence alerts, etc.

Since the procurement, not just the overall productivity of the company has improved, but its bottom line has also shot up significantly. Not just the large corporations, but small and medium enterprises, too, need a dedicated system in place for smoothly managing their day-to-day operations and functions. How Facility Management Software Benefits Everyone at Your Workplace.