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Quick2Kart, launched by Emenox Retails Pvt. Ltd is part of the Emenox Group. We give customers an unmatched online shopping experience by bringing the best of products at the most economical prices. Currently in Noida and thereafter expanding to Delhi NCR, will scale up its presence pan India to enable consumers to satisfy their local needs in the quickest, smartest and safest environment. aims to be India’s largest online food and grocery store and will fulfill the promise – “groceries delivered...quick!” We offer the fastest delivery options and also the most convenient with 8 delivery slots spread out across the day. For convenience, delivers till late at night (10 pm!) and also gives an option of express delivery within 90 minutes. Our website has an intuitive and interactive user interface and search options. And customers can shop through whichever mode they’re comfortable with – through the web, via the mobile app or even order with a single phone call. offers suggestive Shopping Lists, helping its customers save time every month by remembering their most purchased items, last purchased items and even past purchases, as a ready reference. Unlike other websites, enrollment with’s rewards program “Quick2Points” is immediate and registered users start earning points for encashment from their very first purchase. All this and more, for a great shopping experience with some of the lowest prices in the business –and that too at no minimum order value! We are committed to ensure Full Purchase Protection for all shopping done on so that consumers can benefit from a safe and secure online ordering experience, convenient electronic payments and cash-on-delivery, easy & no-questions-asked returns and’s customer friendly support.

Shop Grocery Online - Quick2Kart

Have Organic Products For Your Health: Ensure Complete Well-Bein. Drink Tea For Health: Science Says. Pepsi Pet 2Ltr – Quick2Kart. Tata Tea Premium Leaf 1Kg – Quick2Kart. Healthy Food Guide: Top 5 Foods That Keep Your Heart Healthy! 60% of cardiac patients in the world are from India!

Healthy Food Guide: Top 5 Foods That Keep Your Heart Healthy!

How’s that for a stat? But then, there’s also another stat that begs for attention! And this is about the fact that the treatment cost for cardiac diseases in India has crossed the $2 trillion mark. Drink tea for Agility and Wellbeing. Tea is a favoured drink among people of diverse age groups and genders across the world.

Drink tea for Agility and Wellbeing

It plays a major role in attending to a wide range of problem related to weight, osteoporosis and stress. Prolong your life by incorporating tea in your routine! Tea leaves are rich in healthy compounds that include Polyphenols, vitamins & minerals,caffeine, antioxidants and Theanine. Here’s the perfect way to shop for products for your baby. Modern life is one of conveniences.

Here’s the perfect way to shop for products for your baby

A modern family cannot be expected to spend the greater part of the day shopping for the home, office or both. There was a time when one had to drive to the nearest grocery shop to buy grocery and staple products. Later there was a concept of large malls where one could shop to one’s heart’s content. However, there are problems inherent to the situation of malls and inhabitants who are stationed at gated communities. Firstly, these shops are generally some distance away from one’s home. – New but Already Revolutionizing the Indian Online Grocery Shopping Domain! by Raj Arora. Articles by Raj Arora Digital Marketing Professional Indians have proactively taken to ecommerce in the last few years. – New but Already Revolutionizing the Indian Online Grocery Shopping Domain! by Raj Arora

If at the start of the decade, online shopping in India was restricted to books, clothes and gadgets, today Indians are fast familiarizing themselves with complete digital age shopping. Online grocery stores have come up in all major metropolitan cities in the country and is the latest entrant in this space. Offering the facility of online grocery in Noida, Vaishali, Indirapuram and Crossing Republik, the website is on a mission to bring about a revolution in the market.

Let us take a look at how Q2K is silently bridging the gap between expectations and delivery. 5 Ways in Which Online Grocery Stores Are Transforming India. Healthy Food Guide: Pamper your taste buds to your heart’s content! Bakery products have enjoyed a fan-following since time immemorial!

Healthy Food Guide: Pamper your taste buds to your heart’s content!

More than the obvious reasons of their colourful, creative and tasty manifestations, bakery products come as an assortment and make a good complementary food for a wide range of occasions. Birthdays, festivals, anniversaries or other reasons of celebrations - everything is incomplete without one or another bakery products. Nutritious and easily available, bakery items make an alternative meal across social classes across the world. Pediasure Complete Chocolate - Quick2Kart. Pediasure Complete Vanilla 400gm Refill – Quick2Kart. Pedigree Adult Meat & Rice 3Kg - Quick2Kart. Pedigree Adult Wet Pouch 80gm – Quick2Kart. Quick2kart - An ambitious project that makes grocery shopping easier than ever! by Raj Arora. By Raj Arora Digital Marketing Professional Quick2kart has come into existence with the promise of ‘quick delivery of grocery items’ – and it has changed the way people around Noida, Vaishali, Indirapuram and Crossing Republik undertake their grocery shopping.

Quick2kart - An ambitious project that makes grocery shopping easier than ever! by Raj Arora

It has a vision to shift the trend of shopping in supermarkets to shopping online from a comfortable placeat one’s own pace– They plan to expand to other corners of the country also very soon. With an immediate focus on expansion into the other parts of NCR, the company aims to become the largest online food and grocery store in India! Healthy Food Guide: Consume Energy-replenishing Fruits - Be on the Move All Through the Day! It is recommended to have a diet that is rich in fruits for a healthy life.

Healthy Food Guide: Consume Energy-replenishing Fruits - Be on the Move All Through the Day!

Fruits – rich in nutrients - can avert heart diseases and strokes and also keep blood pressure under control. For proper growth of body and mind, one must include fresh fruits in their diet.. Fresh fruits can now be bought online. Pep up your life with Organic ‘Energy’ Drink and Food Items. Those who are overstressed and deprived of sleep now have plenty of alternatives to keep themselves going – thanks to some energy boosting drinks and food items.

Pep up your life with Organic ‘Energy’ Drink and Food Items

Thanks to online shopping sites like – you can get your favourite pack of organic green tea and other energy boosting food products delivered at your doorstep. 5 items to help you Fight Fatigue and Replenish Energy with 1. Whole grain cereals: Consuming refined carbs like candy leads to excess of insulin production from the pancreas. Santoor Hand Wash 900ml Pump Free – Quick2Kart. Santoor White Promo Pack – Quick2Kart. Vivel Bathing Soap Mix Fruit N Cream - Quick2Kart. How To Give Your Body the Nutrition it Needs, Have Fresh Vegetables Aplenty! Introduction.

How To Give Your Body the Nutrition it Needs, Have Fresh Vegetables Aplenty!

Get Yourself these 5 food items to Ensure a Healthy Heart: Order them Online! Heart-related diseases have been on the rise and a cause of concern worldwide.

Get Yourself these 5 food items to Ensure a Healthy Heart: Order them Online!

Work and life stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise are a few reasons for the condition that many of us have put ourselves in. While daily exercise is a must, proper eating habits and healthy food are a necessity for maintaining proper health. A few food items that are good for heart include the ones described below. Order these online to enjoy assured quality and avoid visits to vegetable shops. Online food shopping also warrants a collection of items in the right assortment and the way you want on a daily basis – and not needing to depend on the whims of your vegetable vendor. 1. 2. Healthy Food Guide: Have Your Daily Dose of Fruits – Mankind’s Best Food! We all know how important it is to have foods that are not just filling but nutritious too!

For our heart, brain, liver, other organs – and the whole body for that matter - to run properly we need adequate nutrition and vital elements, some of which even the body itself can’t produce. The food has to have ample of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to help the body fight bacteria and other foreign agents to keep it free of diseases. And not just a boost to disease resistance, we also need food that delays the aging process and keep the body continue to run in the optimum manner! Babool Toothpaste – Quick2Kart. Haldiram All In One Namkeen - Quick2Kart.

Eat Fresh vegetables for a healthier life – Order them Online! by Raj Arora. By Raj Arora Digital Marketing Professional Consuming fruits and vegetables in good quantity daily reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Vegetables are a source of many nutrients and play an important part in ensuring well-being of an individual. But still people tend to neglect buying fresh vegetables and, partially also due to many of the present-day challenges in life, are forced to compromise by eating junk food that in the long run prove harmful to their health.

And among all the prevalent reasons, lack of time and inconvenience in undertaking a trip to nearby marketplace are a few reasons frequently heard as the argument to avoidgrocery shopping. Now for those, truly seeking a well balanced life, there is no room for excuses! Internet has ensured that shopping can be done throughout the day. Subscribe to Organic Items: Enjoy Fertilizer & Pesticide-free Food. Organic food is said to be healthier than the food items that are cultivated/bred/reared in a controlled environment. And this perception has been growing stronger with time – especially with the way genetically mutated strains of viruses, bacteria and other forms of microorganisms are populating our ecology and infiltrating our body system. Healthy Food Guide: Experience the World of Goodness in a Cup of Tea! Many of us have the habit of consuming tea in the mornings.

Research conducted on several accounts prove efficacy of tea as a stimulant, and how it plays a role in regulating vital elements in the body. A cup of tea relaxes mind, helps in weight loss, reduces stress and strengthens the bones. Fiama Di Wills Mild Dew – Quick2Kart. Nescafe Classic Coffee – Quick2Kart. You Can Get a Wide Range of Fresh Fruits Delivered at Your Doorstep. Fruits are all-rounders when it comes to helping human body function properly.. Fruits are nutritious, rich with diseases-fighting elements and fiber-filled. Thanks to online grocery stores like – now you can enjoy a host of delicious and fresh fruits delivered to you! But before you get on with ordering the fruit of your choice, here’s a lowdown on what fruit you might want to include in your daily diet. 1.

Apple: Apple has plenty of an antioxidant type called ‘flavonoids’. 2. Subscribe to herbal Products from Patanjali, Available Online with Quick2kart: Ensure Your Wellbeing. Ayurveda is the traditional Indian healthcare system whose efficacy stems from the use of naturally available items such as roots, fruits, barks, leaves of different plants, herbs along with a host of other elements such as honey, essence etc. The herbal components that form the base of Ayurvedic treatment are not only nutritive but also come with many healing properties. While herbal products have always been very popular in India and available at all leading stores across the country – what’s most heartening to see is the growing availability of such items at online stores such as! Healthy Food Guide: What are the Mineral-rich Food items You Need? Keep calm with good-food for nervous system.

Today’s stressful and hectic lifestyle can really take a toll on a person’s health. The nervous system exhausts almost all its resources trying to defend against attacks resulting out of stress, panic or anxiety that could cause harm to the endocrine system. Consuming food that can reduce the burden on the nervous system and feeds, heals and regenerates the body is much needed. Healthy Food Guide: Shop online for foods that may help control blood sugar. Though there is no alternate to balanced food for people suffering from diabetes, there are certain foods that have been found to keep the sugar levels in check in such individuals. Experience Grocery Shopping from the Comfort of Home: Quick2kart, a Case Study! Shopping for groceries could not have been easier! Online shopping may have been a fad for some time, but online grocery shops are the latest trends that make internet so useful for regular households.

By shopping online, the consumer avoids standing in queues at the counters, carrying many plastic bags – all the while saving on fuel and energy! One can also avoid the hassle of finding good parking space in congested places. Healthy Food Guide: Select Healthy Food for a Healthier Living: It just Got Easier to Get them Now! Excess weight is one of the major causes of an unhealthy life.

It is very difficult to shed the extra flab unless one follows a strict and timely diet regime – and take in food items that genuinely supplement the essential components that the body requires. 555 Detergent Cake – Quick2Kart. Zipouch Silver Bag- Pack of 50 - Quick2Kart. Wheel Green Detergent Powder – Quick2Kart. Real Active Orange Juice – Quick2Kart.

Tata Tea Agni – Quick2Kart. Tops Jam Mixed Fruit – Quick2Kart. Nature Fresh Chakki Atta - Quick2Kart. Nature Fresh Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil – Quick2Kart. Nature Fresh Chakki Atta - Quick2Kart. Ponds Magic Talc 100gm (Ponds White Beauty 7.7gm F) Ponds White Beauty. Britannia Biscuit Marie Gold – Quick2Kart. Britannia Biscuit Nutri Choice 5 Grain – Quick2Kart. Zandu Balm Ultra Power - Quick2Kart. Vim Liquid Anti Germ Dishwash. Vim Liquid Lemon Utensil Cleaner. Catch Coriander (Dhania) Powder – Quick2Kart. Catch Chilli (Mirch) Powder – Quick2Kart. Iodex Pain Balm - Quick2Kart. Jindal Aluminium Foil 9 Meter - Quick2Kart. Kamasutra Longlast Condoms – Quick2Kart. Moov pain relief specialist. Kissan Tomato Ketchup. Kissan Ornage Jam 500gm. Mangat Ram Tur (Arhar) Dal – Quick2Kart. Himalaya Face Wash Neem.

Bambino Vermicelli Plain. Bambino Macaroni Elbow. Bingo Tangles Masala. Bingo Tedhe Medhe Masala. Bajaj Almond Hair Oil. Horlicks Women'S Chocolate 400gm Jar ( Dabur Honey ) Horlicks Standard Jar 500gm. Quick2Kart. Buy Grocery Online - Online Grocery Store - Grocery Shopping Noida. Chana Masala. Ice Cream. Lays Chips Magic Masala 57gm. AGNESI Fusilli Pasta. Patanjali Products. Pedigree.