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Manage the crowd at your facility with strategic deployment of queue stanchions and posts available in an assortment of finish and color variants. — Q-Manager® for efficient Crowd & Queue Management... WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. Providing India’s No. 1 Q Management and Crowd Control Solutions. When Event Management And Crowd Control Goes Hand-in-hand. Murphy's Law is a popular adage that states that "things will go wrong in any given situation if you give them a chance.

When Event Management And Crowd Control Goes Hand-in-hand

" So, why give them a chance, when you can actually avoid them. If we talk about events with bigger crowds, the likelihood of crowd-related accidents grows by exponential numbers and controlling them becomes the prime responsibility of an event manager. Retractable belt barriers for crowd control at best price. Crowd Control Barriers. Choosing a belt post? Go through this quality testing guide before buying. Whenever it comes to crowd control, the first thing that comes to our mind is the structure having two posts joined by a stretchable belt.

Choosing a belt post? Go through this quality testing guide before buying.

In technical words, we call this structure a retractable belt post that is the most trusted and most commonly used method for crowd and queue control. Merely choosing any ordinary belt post is not sufficient when you want quality results. But sometimes, due to lack of proper knowledge, it becomes difficult to decide that what are qualities that you need to consider while buying a belt post for your place. Retractable Brass Posts. Mother’s Day Special: – Q-Manager – Medium. Top 5 queues that mothers have to face in day to day life.

Mother’s Day Special: – Q-Manager – Medium

The life of a mother is full of struggles every new day. From getting kids and the family up in the morning to ferrying the children to the school, a mother often can be seen in a rush doing her tasks with utmost dedication. These day to day tasks of running here and there make them feel frazzled and exhausted, and hence the last thing they wish to do in their life is- waiting in some queue for their turn. Let’s see some of the top queues which mothers have to deal with, in their day to day lives and try to make their queuing task somewhat easier on this Mother’s Day. 1. 2. 3.

Retractable Double Belt Post. Rope Post vs. Belt Post: Which one you should choose? Case-1: You are an event organizer who agrees to the fact that keeping your visitors safe and sound is your responsibility.

Rope Post vs. Belt Post: Which one you should choose?

You have decided to use crowd control solutions for your next event but wondering which one to choose. The Rope Post or The Belt post. Case-2 : You are a businessperson having a high footfall at your place every day. You want your workers to be efficient in their services. How a car mechanic suddenly got his dream job (Fiction) - JUSTTYPE JUSTTYPE. April 17, 2017 Business & Services Every morning, at the rush hours, when most of the people are busy running to their workplaces, some people can be seen doing their regular chores enjoying every bit of that work.

How a car mechanic suddenly got his dream job (Fiction) - JUSTTYPE JUSTTYPE

Sometimes, when I leave my house at early hours, I use to notice these people and the beauty with which they are indulged in their small regular chores. These tasks are the only source of their livelihood and give them the bread and butter for their families. I often see a man doing dusting at the furniture store, a woman sweeping at the coaching center floor, a man placing his selling items on the footpath. After talking to him for a while, I got to know that he was a car mechanic once, but due to his loss of sight, he is no more doing that work nowadays. Now, what follows is his daily schedule of coming before the whole staff, do all the cleaning, dusting and last but not the least, comes his favourite part of the job.

Make Banking Experience Better with Q-Manager. From the past few months, whether we talk about demonetization, changing rules or the end of financial year on 31st March, banks have always been the trending topic of discussion among the common masses.

Make Banking Experience Better with Q-Manager

As the competition among the private banking sector is increasing day by day, the banks are trying to make themselves the preferred bank of every individual. With the digital facilities like online banking, wallets, etc. they are attracting new customers every day. Some banks have also installed the facilities like passbook printing machines, cash deposit and cheque deposit kiosks for better customer facilitation and provide them banking experience without any human contact. To cope up with the risk of customer going to their competitor, the banks are focusing on giving maximum customer satisfaction to its clients. They are trying to give delightful banking experience to retain the loyal customers in their banks. 1. 2. 3. 4. Buy Best Quality and Lowest Price Retractable Belt Posts, New Delhi. Velvet Rope posts managing the Navratri Crowds.

Divine Days of Navratriare coming soon at the end of this month from 28th March, and as all know, this festival of nine nights attract huge crowds at temples and the Jagrans, bringing out the need for crowd control by the organisers.

Velvet Rope posts managing the Navratri Crowds

When it comes to modern styling with the traditional solid usage in crowd control, only one option comes in mind and, that is- colourful, stylish and robust rope posts from Q-manager. A Guide to Manage Water Park Crowds in the coming summers and HOLI. Q-Manager Conserving the Environment. The ecological moral is a term, everyone is discussing nowadays.

Q-Manager Conserving the Environment

Likewise also known as environmental ethics, it is related to an obligation of an organisation to protect the environment in which it operates. Every business has a moral duty of acting in a responsible way for the environment. Organizations ought to take a gander at the ways to work in an eco-accommodating way and still stay beneficial. They should opt for supportability standards for Sustainable Business Development, which includes natural maintainability, social manageability or even sustained economic growth.

All these activities come under the corporate social responsibility (CSR), and very few companies take it on a serious note. Make Outdoor Queueing Comfortable with Q-Manager. Q-Manager: Finest Queue Management Solutions. Retractable Belt Posts. Cafe Barrier. Guru Nanak Birthday Mailer. Crowd Control Products. Belt stanchions Q Manager. Happy Children's Day Q Manager. Diwali. Happy Karva Chauth Q Manager. Untitled. Weheartit. Untitled.

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