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Queue Manager

Manage the crowd at your facility with strategic deployment of queue stanchions and posts available in an assortment of finish and color variants.

Stylish double belt posts. Beautifully designed Sign Holders by Q-MANAGER. Giving the red carpet exclusivity to the overall décor by Velvet Rope Posts. Managing the peak shopping hours are now made easy with Q-Manager. Passenger queues are being managed efficiently with Q-MANAGER. 100% occupancy at cinema halls means more queues??? Queue Posts for Hotels, Restaurants and Eating Points. Q BARRIERS. Covid-19 Vaccination & Q-Manager Joining Hands for a Healthier 2021.

Ensuring Safety as the first priority. Making it easy for the banks to serve their customers efficiently. Restaurant Queue Management Solutions by Q-Manager. Queue Manager – Crowd control Equipment. Practice Social Distancing with Queue Posts from Q-Manager. Q-MANAGER Safety solutions for Government Offices, Healthcare Facilities, Grocery Stores and more. Manage Crowd in Cinema Hall with Q MANAGER3. How to Manage Crowd during this ongoing Corona Crisis. COVID-19 Pandemic: 5 Ways to do the Safe Queueing. Social Distancing and Safety from Coronaa. Classic Rope Post in Brass - Q-MANAGER. Impeccable Q-Manager Retractable Belt Post. Q Manager Wall Mount Unit with Retractable Belt. Top Grade Queue Manager Posts. Buy Q-Manager® Classic Chain Posts @ Discounted Price. Get the Finest Quality Retractable Belt Posts. Q Manager® A Crowd & Space Solution Hub. 4 Signs That Tells Your Queue Needs an Update. Copy of Queue Manager. 5 Smart Ideas for Managing the Counter Queues. Growing Sales is a good sign for any business and it eventually comes to the stage when the number of customers just increase to the extent that the business needs a process or a way to handle or manage them efficiently.

5 Smart Ideas for Managing the Counter Queues

Customers standing in the queues for their turn are often so impatient that it is hard as well as challenging to keep them waiting without letting them feel bored or irritated. And when we talk about the businesses, each one of them has their own way to handle such situation. Rope post chrome. Q Manager products maintain discretion and décor (2) 5 Easy Ways to Manage Extra-Long Queues. Humble honey. Retail Display Bowls. Retractable Double Belt Post. Powder Coated Rope Post. Powder Coated belt barriers. Effective Queuing Solution with Economic Queue Managers. Why Low Prices are Not Always Good? – Just Type. You might be well aware of the importance of quality products in your life.

Why Low Prices are Not Always Good? – Just Type

But there are the times when we prefer cost over quality and take our decision on the basis of the price of that product. But, do you really know what a cheap brand with cheap price and poor quality products can do with your life?? Have a look- Before purchasing a product, What do you look for??? – Appearance – Specification – Durability – Quality – Service – Warranty And PRICE. This Price is one of the most prioritized elements in today’s expensive world. 1. 6 Ways Q-Manager Can Benefit Your Business. Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra - Heavy Crowds and the Story behind It. Managing the Queues with Simplicity. If you have ever got into the queue management needs for your organisation, you must have surely heard about the name of Q-Manager and because of our customers’ trust towards us, Q-Manager is the name of the Brand Today.

Managing the Queues with Simplicity

Started with the simple idea of managing the queues in crowded environments, it has now become a statement brand for defining the movement of people and thus managing the footfall at each crowded place. Since its inception from the year 1998, the Q-Manager is continuously making the difference the way businesses work with its revolutionary product line. So, wherever is the crowd, be it metro stations, banks, hospitals, cinema halls, hospitals, shopping complexes, food courts, restaurants, schools and colleges, Q-Manager stands with the same dignity and simplicity to make the movement easier for each of the visitors. Managing the Queues with Simplicity. Eid-Ul-Fitr- How to handle Mega Crowds on this Mega Festival.

The significant event on the Islamic Calendar is going to arrive soon around 14-15 May 2018.

Eid-Ul-Fitr- How to handle Mega Crowds on this Mega Festival

And we are talking here about the festival and celebration that marks the end of Ramadan; Eid-Ul-Fitr. Observed by Muslims around the world, this day witness mega sales and mega crowds in markets, malls, restaurants, shopping centers etc. People prepare big shopping lists for children, friends and relatives and hope for some great deals on clothing, accessories and gifts during this time. Parking lots are often full and clogged with vehicles. Q-Manager Sign Holder – Ultimate Branding Innovation. Q-Manager Sign Holder – Ultimate Branding Innovation.

Enhance The Customer Experience With Q-Manager. Keeping your customers happy is the key to business success and we are here to help you in enhancing the customer experience at its best and ultimately yield the maximum profits for your organisation.

Enhance The Customer Experience With Q-Manager

Talking about the lines at- Entry Points Service Points Check-Out Points Waiting is Frustrating to anyone and if you will study about it bit in detail, you will find out that: ‘Waiting annoys, agonizes and aggravate customers and is extremely expensive’. Want to know how? Waiting line turns to be a source of impatience between customers and business which ultimately cause the loss of revenue. Queue Management Tips That can help you manage the Place Excellently. Some Accessories That Goes Well With Your Queue Management. Retractable Belt Posts- The Contemporary Solutions for Crowd Management. Do you remember last time when you visited a bank, a hospital, an event, a train or metro station?

Retractable Belt Posts- The Contemporary Solutions for Crowd Management

Or simply waiting for a lift to come? Do you remember what a mess that place was because everybody was in a hurry to get onto the counter first or inside the elevator at earliest or get into the metro at the fastest? It is very sure that you may also remember the difficulty in getting in and out of that place because not just one, two or ten people but a whole swarm of them was doing the same thing. While not letting the people come out in the haste of getting inside first, or in the hurriedness to be served by the concerned person for their objective of arrival, they forget the inconvenience that their activities might cause to other people. So, have you ever wondered what could be the possible reasons for this behaviour?

Well, the answer is quite simple. By now, it is inevitable that to give any place a civilized look; we require something to redirect people in a proper manner. Frequently Asked Questions About Café Barriers. What are Café Barriers?

Frequently Asked Questions About Café Barriers

Café Barrier is a tool used to define certain boundaries, and to divide or enclose certain areas with the printed banners attached to the queue posts on both sides. What is the Use of Café Barriers at My Place? Meant for different uses at different places, these Café Barriers can be used to create extra sitting space outside the restaurants, whereas the other features that these Café Barriers offers include: defining areas, dividing them into sections and eye-catching branding opportunities. Get the Best Queue Management System on Your Premises from Q-Manager. Q-Manager Rental Services in India. Product Showcase of the brand Q-manager. In Today’s competitive environment, footfall and space management has become harder and harder due to the greater number of people with lesser time in their hand.

Product Showcase of the brand Q-manager

Events go haywire, entrances become chaotic and indoors become more congested. To deal with this problem, Q-Manager introduces a complete array of crowd and space management entities: Retractable Belt Posts Double Belt Posts Classic Posts with Velvet Ropes Classic Chain Posts Cassette Belt Plastic Wall Clips Wall Mounting Units Sign Holders Merchandising Bowl Floor Stand Stand Alone Unit Café Barrier Retractable Belt Posts Offered in Chrome, Brass, Gold and Stainless Steel finish, the belt posts from Q-manager has emerged as one of the most commonly used tools for queueing purposes.

Double Belt Posts Made of stainless steel, the Double Belt Post is the favored crowd and space management product used at places like banks, malls, airports, railway stations, etc. for security reasons. Classic Velvet Posts Classic Chain Post. Q-Manager – A step forward for the disciplined places. Impatience during the waiting time is a global phenomenon, and when it comes to the business value, it certainly does have some effect on the market value of your brand.

Q-Manager – A step forward for the disciplined places

No one has the patience to wait for their turn to be somewhere and so, everyone is in a hurry. Let’s explain this with the help of an example to which you may relate in a better way- Think of the chaotic situation that arises when a lot of people squander over a crowded place in an uncivilised manner to cut short their time consumption! Queue Management Equipment to Increase Customer Footfall and Satisfaction. Queue Management Equipment is the collection of tools used for crowd control and queue flow in a proper way.

Queue Management Equipment to Increase Customer Footfall and Satisfaction

And when it comes to the areas with heavy footfall, it becomes the most inseparable part of the queue management task. Queue Management is not only bound to certain places but can be seen at almost every place of our day to day routine. Be it airports, railway stations, metro stations, educational institutions, hospitals, malls, restaurants or shopping complexes; it is the need of an hour today. Make Your Customers Feel Guided Not Controlled With Q-manager. When the term "Crowd Control" comes in any context, the first and foremost thing that may come to anyone's mind is that the Crowd to be controlled would be an unruly crowd, with lots of pushes and jerks to witness and thus ultimately leading to unhappy results.

But, the one thing that you are required to understand here is that the term " Control " is never welcomed by anyone, and on the other hand if you turn it into guidance, the persons who are the part of that crowd would be happy to receive it with a smiling face. Understanding and realizing this concept in actuality, Q-Manager brings you the professional tools and techniques through which you can make them feel guided but not controlled and thus can achieve the goal of "crowd control management", in the best way possible. They let you organise the place in a way that your visitors are guided to move in queues and thus behave in a well-disciplined manner without much efforts. Make your queues move faster with Q-Manager. If you are an industry person, who faces queues almost every day, then you must either make the queue move quickly or make it appear as if it is moving quickly to keep your customers happy and engaged.

All and all it is the perceived waiting time, which should be focused upon for the positive response from your customers. So how can one focus on these most common and essential aspects of Customer Satisfaction during their waiting time in Queues? The Answer is- Planning and implementing the procedures, to manage the customer perception, by doing necessary actions, with the touch of uniqueness and authenticity in your plans, can trigger the sense of satisfaction among your customers. Wondering how you can do that? Below we are sharing some of the easy tips and techniques which can help you in achieving your customer satisfaction goals in a better way and can ultimately make your queues appear to move faster than before.

Q-Manager Helping You in All Event Phases. Phase-1 Pre-Event Phase- This is the phase which includes activities like planning, monitoring and safety precautions instalment settings etc. Role of Q-Manager in Phase-1. Top 5 Safety Tips for New Year. How to Save your Time and Money with Retractable Belt Posts. You may wonder by reading the headline that how can one save time and specifically the money with Retractable Belt Posts. But here, after reading this post, we can bet that you too will agree with the same. So let’s move on to explore the ways by which one can achieve that above-said aim. Take a look- Retractable Belt Posts are the stanchions with stretchable belts tied at both the ends to prevent people entering in restricted areas, to make them move in queues, to keep certain things safe from external touch (like in the case of antique items placed in the museums) etc. LinkedIn. Tips for increased Sales at your Point of Purchase.

Before discussing the tips to increase sales at any point of sale, it is important to let you know that what this POP (Point of Purchase) actually means? VIP Protection with Crowd Control Equipment. Introduction: Celebrities, Government Officials and Big Corporate Personnel always tend to get the attention of the common people and hence are more prone to security issues. Let them relish the Karwa Chauth Delights with Q-Manager. Dussehra. The Concept of Queue Management and Crowd Control. Making your visitors stand straight in a line while they wait for their turn patiently might seem to be a simple plain task but in actuality, there is no standard way that can be taught or that is prefixed for such chaotic situations.

Top Ten Event Safety Tips by Q-Manager. Tips to make your next exhibition more informative and attractive than ever. Being an exhibitor, you must have agreed to the fact that organizing a great exhibition that leaves a mark on the mind of the visitors often demands patience and a great set of skills. Apart from which, the things that visitors do expect before entering any exhibition are- It should be Informative It should be engaging It should be different It should serve the purpose of their visiting. Tips to make your next exhibition more informative and attractive than ever. The Concept of Queue Management and Crowd Control. Crowd Control and Queue Management at Airports. While accommodating millions of passengers in a year, the airport business is touching the heights in recent times. Queue Manager Accessories. Raksha Bandhan 2017. Stand Alone Units - Q-Manager.

How to achieve well-managed queues even at the busiest places? International Yoga Day Celebrations, Be Safe, Be Informed with Q-Manager. Yoga is being increasingly familiar from the pastsome years and is spreading its wing wider in the coming future. Crowd Control Barriers. Retractable Brass Posts. — Q-Manager® for efficient Crowd & Queue Management... WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. Providing India’s No. 1 Q Management and Crowd Control Solutions. When Event Management And Crowd Control Goes Hand-in-hand. Murphy's Law is a popular adage that states that "things will go wrong in any given situation if you give them a chance. " So, why give them a chance, when you can actually avoid them. If we talk about events with bigger crowds, the likelihood of crowd-related accidents grows by exponential numbers and controlling them becomes the prime responsibility of an event manager.

No one wants to spoil the mood by some unforeseen event arise due to some pushing, jerking, or just a misunderstanding and hence, the on-the-spot administrators of the event require to do a proper risk analysis and then arrange for its solutions in advance. Retractable belt barriers for crowd control at best price. Crowd Control Barriers. Choosing a belt post? Go through this quality testing guide before buying. Retractable Brass Posts. Mother’s Day Special: – Q-Manager – Medium. Retractable Double Belt Post. Rope Post vs. Belt Post: Which one you should choose? How a car mechanic suddenly got his dream job (Fiction) - JUSTTYPE JUSTTYPE. Make Banking Experience Better with Q-Manager. Buy Best Quality and Lowest Price Retractable Belt Posts, New Delhi. Velvet Rope posts managing the Navratri Crowds. A Guide to Manage Water Park Crowds in the coming summers and HOLI. Q-Manager Conserving the Environment. Make Outdoor Queueing Comfortable with Q-Manager.

Q-Manager: Finest Queue Management Solutions. Retractable Belt Posts.