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Burscough Fencing and Sheds. The Year of Living Fabulously. Like all good things, this series must come to an end… Part 3 of the Big Crazy Bohemian Garden.

the Year of Living Fabulously

(Part 2 HERE) (Part 1 HERE) The greenhouse. It’s pretty killer. What garden is complete without a couple Pink Flamingos? Another great recycling idea, old plastic Halloween “Witch’s cauldrons” painted blue and used as planters… And of course, there are chickens. 5 feathery friends, providing breakfast for all. And now, on to the Front Yard. I love the mannequin on the front porch, no doubt reclaimed from the ArtSmyth Mask Shop. There’s an amazing Wisteria on the front gate. The fence on the North side of the house is covered in blackberries and roses, a beautiful combination. And last but not least, a large mirror in the front side yard reflects a pair of plant-covered deer. I hope you’ve enjoyed this delightful garden tour as much as I have. Koi Pond – Koi Jumped, it’s a sad day.. I was woke up by Huey Fang this morning for a bad news.. laying on the grass next to the pond was a dead koi.

Koi Pond – Koi Jumped, it’s a sad day..

Appearantly jumped out after pondering the thoughts of how it would be like to live out of water, perhaps inspired by some old school Chinese stories like the Monkey God, thinking that it too, can become a god. blargh. omgwtfbbq.. sien The koi was a shiro utsuri, we like to call it the cow, since it’s got the New Zealand cow’s spots, but not a dalmation’s, mind you. White background and black pattern. I got this koi from the farm at Kelana Jaya near the small Giant. 14″ already you know! Koi fish predators are everywhere when it comes to koi ponds but how do you keep and protect your koi fish from predators.

First off some koi predators are raccoons, snakes, frogs, cats, kingfishers and the worst predator of all the blue heron. All of these predators pose some risk to your koi but what can a pond owner do to protect koi from being eaten. The first thing to protecting your koi from predators is getting to know the predator themselves. Nylon pond netting is another main type of pond netting.

Compared with plastic pond netting, the nylon pond netting is stronger and more UV resistant. The nylon pond netting can be knotted or woven types. The knotted structure supplies higher tensile strength for the netting, which can be used for child safety nets. Specification Material: high quality nylon material. Pond Electric Fences. Once constructed, our ponds become part of the local food chain and as a consequence our koi are on the menu.

Pond Electric Fences

Expectations of eternal harmony are unrealistic - both within and around the pond "Know thy lot, Know thine enemies, Know thyself. " - Sun Tzu, The Art of War We naturally get upset when wild animals attack our fish but it's important to understand that they are just trying to survive. It's not surprising to see so many wild animals dwelling within the cities, their habitat is being consumed by urban sprawl and they lose their natural hunting grounds With some modifications and design considerations fish loses can be minimized in most circumstances.

Ultimately its important to realize that once a predator has targeted your pond, you have a real problem that needs to be dealt with. How To Treat Ulcers In Koi & Goldfish - The Koi Pond Experts. Ulcers (red sores or spots) are fairly common in koi goldfish ponds and can be caused by a several different things.

How To Treat Ulcers In Koi & Goldfish - The Koi Pond Experts

You need to treat ulcers in koi and pond fish as soon as possible. The fish above show signs of an ulcer. Note the red infected tissue around the perimeter of the affect area. Setup Greenhouse Covering Koi Pond. Living in a temperate climate means water temperatures are not conducive to Koi growth on a year round basis.

Setup Greenhouse Covering Koi Pond

In Toronto this typically means fish stop eating in early November and likely don't begin eating again until mid April. Koi health. Chemicals in koi pondsMany koi keepers reach for a bottle of their particular favourite medication at the first sign that their koi are behaving in any unusual way but is this course of action the best approach to adopt?

Koi health

I would say not. Aquarium Medications and Treatments. This article has information about different aquarium and pond treatments.

Aquarium Medications and Treatments

A gram negative or gram positive application is given where they apply. It is also noteworthy that not all human medications or veterinary are practical in aquarium or pond applications. A good example is Penicillin and Ampicillin (Please reference each of the sub articles above for more in depth information about different treatments). Most bacteria which infect fish are gram-negative, including Aeromonas salmonicida, Flavobacterium columnare (Columnaris) Vibrio, and Pseudomonas species. The major group of gram-positive bacteria which cause disease in fish are Streptococcus. When you have fish that are sick (bacterial, fungal, or parasites), you want to try and isolate the fish in a hospital aquarium whenever possible.

Regular water changes before each treatment allows for a more effective treatment, especially when treated in the main display aquarium. Sponge Filters work great in hospital aquariums. Koi4u - Search. Fish Medicine Sick Fish for Koi Care The Quality Koi & Fish Medicine To Keep Your Koi and Pond Fish Healthy and Colorful. You are here: Home > Pond Shop > Fish Medicine for Sick Fish Koi Health is almost always an issue of Water Quality, Stress and Koi Husbandry.

Fish Medicine Sick Fish for Koi Care The Quality Koi & Fish Medicine To Keep Your Koi and Pond Fish Healthy and Colorful.

Most Koi parasites and diseases are already present in every Koi pond, but when your Koi become stressed because of bad water quality it is then they become extremely susceptible to infectious diseases. Stress is any factor which causes a Koi or Pond fish to depart from a state of optimal balance of organ function. If you maintain optimal water conditions, avoid crowding, wintertime chillling, and infrequent pond cleaning, it will reduce the need for fish medicine caused by sick fish. Conversion Tables Click HereNishikigoi Terms Click Here. Koi Pond Water Quality. New Protein Skimmers From Precision Marine. Messages. Available languages: Schach - Deutsch Шахматы - Русский Шахи - Українська Chess - English Ajedrez - Español Échecs - Français Scacchi - Italiano Sakk - Magyar Schaken - Nederlands Szachy - Polski Help us finish translating: My language is not listed We are working hard to make available in over 70 languages.

Check back over the year as we develop the technology to add more, and we will try our best to notify you when your language is ready for translating! Koi Behavior [Archive] - The first thing to do when observing any of the following behavior is to check your pond or tank water parameters. A lot of the following behavior can be a reaction to the water chemistry being out of whack thus it's important to rule out water chemistry as the cause. It will dictate further action taken. Know the readings for: temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, KH/alkalinity and GH/general hardness Swings in pH and temperature can distress fish which might cause them to exhibit one or more of the behaviors listed below.

It's important to check the pH at least twice during the day. It is also important to know your source water readings. Most of us have witnessed one or more of the following behavior. If the behavior might be a health issue, please refer to the very comprehensive Health Sticky for further guidance: ProForm-C Treatment for Costia, Trichodina,Ich,Fungus,malachite green C and formalin treatment for Koi and Goldfish, Terminate by Aqua Meds.

Koi health