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Chess Game - Every Move Explained - Move by Move - 1844 A Romantic Game. Introduction This game was played in 1844 at Warsaw, Poland between Alexander Hoffmann and Alexander Dimitrovich Petrov [Petroff].

Chess Game - Every Move Explained - Move by Move - 1844 A Romantic Game

The game score and some of the notes are from Soviet Chess by Nikolai Grekov (translated by Theodore Reich) and published in 1949. Grekov wrote, Petrov (1794-1867) was the outstanding Russian player of his day. Gaining this supremacy in his teens, he held it for more than fifty years. In 1824, Petrov wrote one of the first Russian chess manuals. The mid-19th century was the great romantic period of chess and this game is an example of the romantic style. Chess Games Database - GameKnot. This is a database of 2,509,383 chess games played online on GameKnot since 2000.

Chess Games Database - GameKnot

Download Sigma Chess. Download Sigma Chess 6.2.1 with HIARCS 13.2 & Deep Junior 12.

Download Sigma Chess

ChessGYM - Exercises. Chesslecture. Chess Skills: resources for improvement. Comparing Applications Chess apps for the iPad and other iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini) proliferate.

Chess Skills: resources for improvement

When I wrote my initial review of iPad chess apps, there were slightly more than a dozen. Now, it would take some effort to count all of the available programs in the Apple App Store. Scid / Wiki / GetResources.

Chess SW

The Palview Pages. On this page: Latest News December 2003: New Palview, PalMate and Palive version Palview version 4 has now been released.

The Palview Pages

Among the new features are the Problem and Tactics pages. These are quiz pages where a problem or a tactical exercise is shown to the visitor who can then try and guess the solution by making the right move on the board. Another powerful new feature is the Magazine page type. Palview now supports variations up to 15 levels deep. Games: Video Games: Recreation: Board Games: Chess: Macintosh. Maro's Chess Page. Index My Special Pages.

maro's Chess Page

It Vektor3 Chess. Vektor3 is an award winning chess program for Mac OS X with an intuitive user interface, that takes full advantage of Mac OS X' Aqua.

it Vektor3 Chess

Due to Vektor3's multi-document approach, you can open and work with several documents at once. Each document's chess engine can compute a move at the same time, or analyze a game while you can continue to work with other documents. Vektor3's analysis features let you monitor the chess engines evaluation, set up any legal position for analysis, or auto-annotate games for you.

Vektor3 can import and export games in PGN format, and export games complete with diagrams and text styles into HTML format for easy web publishing. It can print games in two columns, also including figurines and diagrams in high resolution and color. The Chess portal. The United States Chess Federation - Dinos to the Slav: Silman on Apple Apps. I adore my Apple products (sorry Android fans, this article isn’t for you).

The United States Chess Federation - Dinos to the Slav: Silman on Apple Apps

They’re beautiful, elegant, powerful, and work flawlessly. I have the latest ultra thin 3 Terabyte fusion iMac (27” screen), the retin0a (64 gig) iPad 3, the 64 gig iPad Mini, and the iPhone 4S. And though I make use of all these devices on a regular basis, I have to admit that the iPad Mini has become my true love. I also have 1,600 apps (Help!

Call a psychiatrist!) Nowadays, apps can be more than 1 gigabyte in size, some magazines (which do things a paper magazine could never do) can tip the scale at 500 MB, a big music collection can easily fill up a whole iPad, and movies also eat up space with their 1 to 2 gigabyte weight. This article is for people that own iPads, iPhones, and/or the iPod Touch. Chess Game - Every Move Explained - Move by Move - 1844 A Romantic Game. Understanding%20The%20Sicilian%20Defense. The Sicilian is truly a variation that you can study for a lifetime, and can be one of your main defenses to e4.


It you think that the Sicilian defense would be a great defense to add to your opening repertoire because it suites your style of play, then this page is going to be a fine starting point to begin your studies. However, don't think you can just skim over the material here and then begin to make a significant improvement in your play. To be successful you must first strive to become a specialist in just one variation before you take on the Sicilian. Such is the nature of this beast, the very complex Sicilian Defense. Many twists and turns must be prepared for or you may soon become mired in its complexities. The Sicilian is not for the timid. The Sicilian defense is definitely not an opening for the beginners opening repertoire. If you are White and you are going to play against the Sicilian you must use precise play. 1. The ideas behind the Sicilian Defense 1. 2. ! Chess Informant Download Store.

Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation. Play Games Live Online Play games online with people all over the world, any time day or night.

Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation Billed as “the world’s biggest chess server”, it is easy to find games against players near your own skill level at any time. Chess to enjoy. Chess for Success. Portland Chess Meetup Group (Portland, OR. Promoting High Quality Competition and Events for Scholastic and Junior Players.