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Sylvette. Il looking at things. Awesome people hanging out together. Wave At The Bus. "NO BREASTS NO REQUESTS" Written 20 years ago.


Or yesterday. Not sure. (Source: davealex) The DJ booth at a club is like the kitchen at a house party… everyone always seems to end up there. Submitted by Disco Gnomes Found on a DJ booth in GermanyTRANSLATION: “TODAY NO REQUESTS, JUST BLOWJOBS!” I’m assuming they meant “receiving”. Submitted by cizko How To Book a DJ. Submitted by Flip the Skript However, if you’re illiterate and you’re not DJ’ing: PARTY IN THE DJ BOOTH!! Found by REVOLVRSubmitted by Schuyler Jager I once heard of a girl who pooped on someone’s DJ equipment because he wouldn’t play “Chocolate Rain”.

Submitted Henry Self, emaag & Stop Goblin That number can never be too high. From a DJ booth in Amherst, MASubmitted by DK However, they will probably accept BJ’s in both. From Melbas Nightclub in IrelandSubmitted by DjNr8 This should be standard on every DJ booth too. (Source: BEHRINGER) Pipotronic. Incredible Photo Manipulations by Jan Oliehoek – with Interview.

Our special guest today is Jan Oliehoek – an amazing artist who’s photo-manipulations will play tricks on your mind, that’s how great they are.

Incredible Photo Manipulations by Jan Oliehoek – with Interview

You’ll mainly see mutant animals, combined in the most weird and fascinating way possible. He gave us the opportunity of showing his artwork on blog, to offer inspiration and delight, along with some advice to other artists, in an exclusive interview! Q: Hello and welcome to community. Please tell us who Jan Oliehoek is. A: Thank you! “Zebra Frog” Q: Your photo manipulations look so…perfect! A: I only use Photoshop CS2 and my Wacom tablet. “Making Friends” Q: Your ideas are really original and the combinations unique.

A: A lot of my images have been created for contests on the internet. “Baby Dragon” Q: Do you believe in natural talent and rich imagination or hard work and training? A: I belive in both, but I believe that hard work and training can more than make up for a lack in talent or imagination. “Dream House” Drat Croggy. Niou Taiknolog1e: Geekeries & Cie. Kagedo. Générer un nom aléatoire - Fake Name Generator. PINEwood. Fancy. Porn World vs. Real World. Comment devenir un ninja gratuitement ? Vos recherches #3 endives reproduction si les chats avaient des pouces andré rieu célib ?

comment devenir un ninja gratuitement ?

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