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Enjoy Havana Tours and Excursions in Cuba Round Trips. Areas of Cuba. Cuba is the Caribbean's largest island.

Areas of Cuba

Well, actually, it’s a group of islands. Stunning beaches edge the 3,000 plus kilometers of coastline, where colorful fish swim along vibrant coral reefs in the sparkling, clear turquoise sea. It’s accommodated politicians, inspired writers, and provided sanctuary to radicals. It’s famous for food, music, dance, and sport. Famous Cuba. Cuba is an archipelago (a group of islands) that stretches across the Caribbean Sea.

Famous Cuba

While it is the largest country in the Caribbean, it’s really only about the size of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania or the European country of Poland. So, compared to rest of the world, it’s not so big. Staying at Homestays or Casa Particular. Private Roundtrips to Cuba. Group trips are great.

Private Roundtrips to Cuba

You meet different people and there’s always someone to take a picture of you and your travel mate. A private trip, on the other hand, offers even more benefits. Whether it’s an intimate trip with your significant other, your best buddies, a girlfriend trip, a fraternity reunion, or whatever group you, a private tour provides loads of advantages, which include: • it’s personalized and customized to your unique desires. Havana Tours and Excursions. Habana (Spanish for Havana) is Cuba’s main port, biggest province, and top business area.

Havana Tours and Excursions

It is also a city for the senses – a place one must stroll through in order to properly take in. It’s a place where one listens to rumba music, smells salt scented air, feasts on sumptuous food, sees bright, bold colors on clothing and houses and cars, and touches wondrous treasures. Most of all, one gets to meet the warm and friendly people who are proud of their culture and who will happily show them the sights. Qué Bolaa. Que Bolaa Cuba Travel. Visit habana’s historical center. Cuban Top Tours, Excursions, and Homestays. Discovering Cuba Roundtrip. Where to Stay and What to See in Cuba. So, you’re going to travel Cuba.

Where to Stay and What to See in Cuba

That’s fantastic! A Cuban vacation is very exciting. There’s so much to see and do. The white sand beaches are beautiful and the turquoise water is clear and warm. Don’t forget to swim in the water and look for starfish and see the stunning coral reefs. Planning a Vacation to Cuba. Cuba Offers So Much to Enjoy. Making the decision to tour Cuba is easy.

Cuba Offers So Much to Enjoy

You might go on a gastronomic tour. Cuban food, which takes Caribbean cuisine and tosses in African and Spanish elements, is considered one of the best comfort foods in the world. And Cuba’s creamy desserts and delicious homegrown coffees provide the perfect compliment to its distinctive spices. Maybe you’ll go to enjoy the music. The artists in the country have had an immense impact on jazz and salsa and on the sounds of other countries. Travel to Cuba for Your Vacation. Traveling and Touring Through Cuba.