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Quantum 9

Quantum 9, Inc. specialize in attracting high net worth individuals and investment firms to win cannabis business licenses to cultivate, manufacture and dispense marijuana.

Permit Acquisition Services. Quantum 9 Aims To Land Lucrative Oregon Marijuana 'Seed To Sale' Tracking Contract - The Weed Blog. Quantum 9, Inc. has selected the strategic alignment partner ArchitectNow as the technology implementation and development firm for the Oregon Liquor Control Board (OLCC) Seed to Sale System Request For Proposal (RFP).

Quantum 9 Aims To Land Lucrative Oregon Marijuana 'Seed To Sale' Tracking Contract - The Weed Blog

The partnership adds to the already very talented Quantum 9, Inc. technology platform development team. ArchitectNow is led by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Kevin Grossnicklaus. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award given to the most outstanding members of Microsoft’s technical communities. Of 100 million technical community participants worldwide, only 4,000 are awarded Microsoft MVP status. Each year a panel of Microsoft employees reviews the contributions of each nominee for quality, quantity, and level of impact on the technical community.

Quantum 9, Inc. is considered one of the largest and most prestigious cannabis-consulting firms in the world. Source: PR Newswire. 4 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups in Early Stages → Community. Tips to Become a Real Estate Agent. Cannabis Investment Consulting. Luis Pérez Companc aplicó toda la potencia del Toyota Corolla WRC. A bordo de su descollante Toyota Corolla WRC, el piloto porteño Luis Perez Companc aplicó toda su potencia y decidido a dar el batacazo se dirigió a su cuarta victoria consecutiva junto a su navegante José María Volta.

Luis Pérez Companc aplicó toda la potencia del Toyota Corolla WRC

Atrás y a más de un minuto de ventaja, quedó el piloto Federico Villagra. La edición a la que hacemos referencia es la primera etapa del Rally de la Vuelta de la Manzana que se realiza desde el año 1963 en suelo rionegrino y es la competencia de esta categoría más importante del país y con mayor trayectoria y convocatoria popular. Allí, Luis Perez Companc y Volta ya han hecho de sus andanzas en tres oportunidades y se coronaron como campeones y hoy buscaron repetir. En la jornada de hoy se adjudicaron una diferencia sustancial para con el segundo piloto en posicionarse a la hora de llegada; la dupla de campeones históricos tuvo unos cincuenta segundos de diferencia con su par Federico Villagra.

About Quantum 9 – Quantum 9, Inc. International Cannabis Consulting Firm – Medium. Behance. Michael Mayes, CEO and Founder of Quantum 9, Inc. 5 Ways to get more Client Referrals. Marketing For Marijuana Dispensary – Do’s and Don’ts – Quantum 9. Marijuana legalization at a recreational level has initiated to take place in the United States – Colorado a former adopter and California incorporate with states like Massachusetts and Maine.

Marketing For Marijuana Dispensary – Do’s and Don’ts – Quantum 9

Since Colorado authorize marijuana in the year 2012, entrepreneurs in the industry keep a regular eye on the processes of legal dispensaries in order to comprehend do’s and don’ts of marketing products. After being legalized, there are still some restrictions involved while marketed it. Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry within the United States – the ways marijuana can be marketed is confined by the laws. Hence, legal dispensaries need to operate within the laws in order to persist their license. From Quantum 9 – An International Cannabis Consulting, Shared Top Do’s And Don’ts of Marketing Your Dispensary: Obey the Law – Persist license.

7 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Real Estate Website ~ George Schiaffino. When you are representing yourself as a real estate agent the best way to rule out your business is expanding your brand name and increase your network link.

7 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Real Estate Website ~ George Schiaffino

Therefore social media site could be best option for you advertise your business but many a time there are mistakes that are committed by real estate agent in their website. George Schiaffino has come up with seven major mistake that could be avoided on real estate website: Not Posting New, Original Content Discovering content from other land experts, bloggers, distributions, specialists, brands, or associations and sharing them on your social records can be a lifeline. Physical and Pharmacological Effects of Marijuana. Vice President and General Manager, Avon. Magdalena Ferreira Lamas is the General Manager of Avon North Latin America.

Vice President and General Manager, Avon

In this position, she manages Avon’s business in Mexico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. She has recently been with the corporation since 2006. Before this position, she worked as VP of Sales and previously as Head of Marketing for Avon in North Latin America. Prior to that, she was fashion & Home Regional Overseer in Latin America, Industrial Sales Director in Peru, Country Manager in Republic of bolivia and Strategic Planning Director in Argentina. Before entering in Avon, Magdalena Ferreira Lamas was Sales Manager and Control Marketing Manager for Ambev and Brand Director for Pepsi and 7Up at PepsiCo. Exercise That Does Not Feel Like Exercise – Randy Becker Financial. As we get older, it becomes harder for many of us to engage in the fitness and athletic pursuits we’ve enjoyed for years.

Exercise That Does Not Feel Like Exercise – Randy Becker Financial

It’s tougher, both mentally and physically to play a full round of golf, two sets of tennis or take a daily two-mile walk. Randy Becker Financial says it can be very discouraging to accept diminished performance, such as losing a tennis match to someone you used to beat. And just getting out of bed the next morning with creaking joints, sore muscles and general aches and pains can be a painful reminder that we’re not getting any younger.

Exercise That Does Not Feel Like Exercise – Randy Becker Financial.