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Quant Connects aims to provide World Class cloud solutions, all while providing the support you need. From IaaS and Cloud Storage to Security and Monitoring, we do it all. We are always facing and overcoming new challenges and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, ensuring you get the best of the best the world has to offer. For more info visit us at

The Impact on Small Businesses Of VPS Servers! Why You Need VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting? Good Practices Of Cloud Monitoring Service! What Is Cloud Monitoring? Why Do Businesses Need It? How Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit From Cloud Web Hosting? Acquire The Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Provider. Everything to Know about Cloud Hosting for Businesses. Why Need VPS Hosting for Businesses? The Best Cloud Service Provider for Small Businesses. Get Cloud Management Service From Cloud Service Provider! Looking For A Plan For Your Startup Or Business Along With An Online Presence? Why You Should Audit Your Cloud Resources and Keep Your Data Safe. The Top 3 Cloud Hosting Solutions for Businesses. Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Any Business?  Traditional Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting: Pros and Cons. Benefits That Make Businesses Choose Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Hosting!

Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting. Know The Difference Before You Opt-In. For a time now, businesses face the question of cloud hosting vs traditional hosting very often.

Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting. Know The Difference Before You Opt-In

And truth be told, there are no straight answers about which one is better because it all depends on various features and factors provided and included in both of the hosting services. Higher Uptime With Cheap Cloud Server Hosting! Are You Planning To Host Your Wordpress Website On A Cloud Server? Most people are already using cloud hosting without realizing it.

Are You Planning To Host Your Wordpress Website On A Cloud Server?

Yet when it is time you are launching your WordPress website, you are facing the question of the options provided for web hosting. Best Cloud Data Storage Provider. Quant Connects Launches Single Enterprise Archiving Platform. QuantConnects, a cloud data storage provider, has launched a single enterprise archiving platform.

Quant Connects Launches Single Enterprise Archiving Platform

This service provides an experience just like the cloud would. Users will have to subscribe which only requires a one-page online EULA and a Storage as-a-service subscription. This new launch is set to allow new business while fulfilling all the future archiving needs with a one-stop solution. This solution comes with cost-effectiveness. One more benefit of QuantConnects is that you only need to pay for what you use. The CEO of QuantConnets talked to the media houses about the launch, and said, “Organisations become vulnerable to downtime and lose data.

With the newly launched QuantConnects archiving platform, you can use the information in your enterprise and build a platform for data lakes, where data silos can be consolidated. This is one of the many plans QuantConnects has launched this year. Quantconnects’s New Launch Benefits! Moodle. Free Press Release DB | Press Release Date : Dec 29, 2020 Download QuantConnects has announced the launch of affordable plans for Cloud Hosting Services this week.


The company’s latest launch service, Cloud Hosting, is a new approach to web hosting. It helps you to bypass the restrictions of traditional hosting. How Does Cloud Monitoring Services Help? 5 Problems Businesses Face & How Can Cloud Monitoring Help? Did you know that recently Forrester has predicted that by 2020, millions of knowledge-work jobs will be replaced by chatbots, robotics, virtual agents, etc.?

5 Problems Businesses Face & How Can Cloud Monitoring Help?

Companies are facing serious challenges while trying to keep pace with market trends by following traditional IT infrastructure. This is where Cloud monitoring services come into play, which is replacing many manual functions that consume time and resources, and in some cases are expensive. There is growing adoption of Cloud monitoring services in the United States alone. Cloud monitoring so far can help in handling heavy workloads and provide enhanced mobility. However, to incorporate Cloud monitoring services successfully, one could face some critical challenges and require additional external expertise. 1: Cybersecurity Risks Security breaches are not something unheard of.

Cloud Monitoring Solution. The Top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools. Cloud monitoring tools help to assess the state of a cloud-based infrastructure and track performance, safety, availability of apps and services.

The Top 5 Cloud Monitoring Tools

It uses automated and manual tools to monitor, manage, and evacuate the infrastructure, cloud computing architecture and services. Which Is The Best Cloud Server Provider For You? How to Choose the Best Cloud Server Provider for Your Business? In the past, businesses used to start on a shared Linux server as they learned web-hosting and then shifted to a dedicated server that helped in handling increased web-traffic.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Server Provider for Your Business?

But the cloud hosting became a game-changer, and now a business doesn’t necessarily need to use the traditional host anymore. It is still important for many businesses to decide between a cloud server and a dedicated server. If in doubt between the two, it always helps when one knows the details and features provided by the service. With cloud hosting, one can get server resource allocation based on hardware virtualization, whereas a dedicated server plan has to offer a fixed allocation based on isolated RAM, CPU, and SSD/HDD. Why use Cloud Server Hosting? Cloud hosting provides the web server with resource scalability options that give a competition on the same price range as that of dedicated server hardware for high traffic websites.

Cloud Storage For Enterprise. The Best Cloud Storage Options to Suit Your Needs – Telegraph. These days, due to the pandemic, a lot of people are working from home, and having reliable cloud storage is the need of the hour.

The Best Cloud Storage Options to Suit Your Needs – Telegraph

Small businesses at some point realized the importance of cloud storage for enterprise and loved it as it makes data storage seamless. That is the reason that today businesses have access to dozens of paid or free cloud storage options and services to suit their needs. So how do you pick the right cloud storage option for you? You need to take into consideration your business, the type of material you need to store, and how well it works for you and your employees. One Solution for Multiple Requirements! Why Your Business Should Opt For Cloud Monitoring Services. If you have a business that relies heavily on cloud storage, needless to say, you need to monitor it.

Why Your Business Should Opt For Cloud Monitoring Services

The number of business enterprises that have their data over cloud storage is huge. It is increasing as time goes by and physical methods of storing data become more and more obsolete. It has been predicted in statistics in many pieces of research that by 2018, the expenditure on cloud storage by companies had outsized the expenditure on IT as a whole. It does sound reasonable though, especially considering that could storages make everything so much easier to hold and access.

But another factor that gets added because of cloud storage is the absolute need to be able to monitor the data and the performance of the system. Benefits Of Personal Cloud Storage! Complete cloud solutions and management - quantconnects. The Best Cloud Storage Options for Small Businesses - Quant Connects. We’ve all heard of ‘the cloud’ from time to time, but it’s a lot more than you think.

The Best Cloud Storage Options for Small Businesses - Quant Connects

A cloud is a group of remote servers, your information doesn’t come from a personal server located in your office building or your personal hard drive at home, but instead from another group of servers elsewhere. You need internet access to use the cloud, so you can run programs and store files. Complete cloud solutions and management - quantconnects. Top Reasons How Personal Cloud Storage Will Benefit Your Business.