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Guide to Finding a Technical Co-Founder. Steve Job’s Technical Co-Founder Vinicius Vacanti is co-founder and CEO of Yipit.

Guide to Finding a Technical Co-Founder

Next posts on how to acquire users for free and how to raise a Series A. Don’t miss them by subscribing via email or via twitter. “I’ve got this HUGE idea. I just need to find a technical co-founder.” I was in this situation and we barely escaped. The Challenge of Finding a Technical Co-Founder To find a great technical co-founder, you need to convince them of the following: Your idea is better than all of their ideasThe equity is worth spending all of their spare time working for no moneyYou are worth 50% of the equity of the companyYou will execute and convert an idea into a big successful businessYou’re better than all of the other biz people pitching them This is a pretty daunting list. Your Options Here are your options for finding a technical co-founder. Getting Traction is a Catch 22 College Roommate or Co-Worker. Your Realistic Options Most people find themselves here. What We Did What Did You Do?


WebGL. UK Proxy Server - UK Proxy Server – IP address for BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player, Live UKTV, Spotify, Sky Sports. EUR and GBP transfer - TransferWise. Accessories. 2011 Consumer Internet Predictions. Once again Lightspeed is going on the record with some prognostications for what the future holds.

2011 Consumer Internet Predictions

Before I try gazing into my crystal ball to see what 2011 will bring for the consumer internet industry, let me first see how I did on last years predictions: 1. Social games overflow out of Facebook Grade: C+. While the amount of social gaming on other social networks, especially the Asian networks, has significantly increased over the course of the year, the vast majority of social gaming still takes place on Facebook. 2. Grade: A. 3. Grade: A. 4. Grade: B-. 5. Grade: B-. Overall for 2010, I figure a B average, a little worse than last year. 1.

In 1995, when Amazon was founded, e-commerce was like the proverbial talking dog. This worked great for most internet users at that time because back then most internet users were men, and in general, men do not like to shop. But a few years ago, that changed. Sites like Modcloth make shopping fun through discovery.

More models keep popping up. Daniel Raffel’s Favorite New Geek Stuff Of 2010. Daniel Raffel is a former Yahoo product manager and a newbie entrepreneur.

Daniel Raffel’s Favorite New Geek Stuff Of 2010

A year ago we asked him to write a guest post telling us about his favorite new products, projects and features of 2009. The post below is an updated list of his favorite new geek stuff from 2010. Looking back at 2010, I’m particularly struck by the quantity and quality of new projects that launched. 10 Business Models That Rocked 2010. Read the fucking HIG. I guess its time to start posting shit again because this crap is really getting out of fucking hand End of line as you may have not noticed i am not maintaining read the fucking hig anymore since having shot myself in the head. i might again in the future. if you feel up to maintaining it give @readfuckinghig a reply on twitter first and probably last non-screenshot image. this was too appropriate to pass up on. thanks, anonymous submitter. shame on the developer who makes a semi decent twitter client (twittelator) and then goes off to do this. what the fuck?

Read the fucking HIG.

Haha oh fuck me they really had to make a second title after you know, the fucking titlebar, and they chose to set it in this font. what is this, just baiting me to post this? Thanks iamjordanlittle i am pretty sure no religion or philosophy, including the more relaxed asian ones will let you escape developer hell if you publish this random arrangement of buttons and stock photography to an app store Break.


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