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Quiet Books

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Quiet Books. {Quiet Book I} {Book 1} Page 1- Open the barn doors and find the farm animal finger puppets My kids have loved this page and I think it is my favorite too!

{Quiet Book I}

(or maybe the cupcake page coming up next) These little puppets were so fun and easy to make! Page 2 and 3- cupcake numbers-with a mini hot pad Page 4 and 5- Button on the flowers and Ice Cream Colors Page 6 & 7- Make a Jack-O-Lantern, and Dog House (my kids love this page!!) Page 8 & 9- Pattern Shapes Caterpillar & Piggy Bank Page 10- ABC and 123 pockets for flash cards. Loving It - Quiet Books. I have a new obsession!

Loving It - Quiet Books

Quiet books! Quiet books are fabric books full of fun surprises and activities to keep toddlers and young children *quietly* entertained. With a 5+ hour plane flight coming up in November, this might be a great project! Any sewing fans want to create some pages for me? Starbucks Quiet Book Page. What’s a quiet book?

Starbucks Quiet Book Page

It’s a (generally handmade) fabric book full of learning activities. It’s meant to be played with in situations that require children to be still and quiet, like plane rides, church, waiting rooms, etc… They take a lot of time, love and effort to make, but the end result is a cherished family heirloom! Page 5 in Jax’s quiet book is in honor of our love for Starbucks. Being a work-from-home mom, I only talk to my coworkers by phone and IM. If I have no errands to run, I can go days without seeing an adult besides my husband. This page has features the numbers 1 – 3, as Jax has started counting along with me.

My materials were: a brown felt square background, felt (white, green, pink, light brown, brown, cream and red), matching embroidery floss (plus mustard yellow for strawberry seeds), white machine thread, clear vinyl, white double ruffle ribbon, green satin ribbon, batting, a snap and red velcro. I’m pretty much in love with this page, and Jax is too. Forest Quiet Book Page. Here’s the next quiet book page for Jax’s book!

Forest Quiet Book Page

I knew I wanted to do a tree and owl page, but it wasn’t going to be the next one I made. When Amazon happened to suggest this Skip Hop Treetop Friends Soft Activity Book , I was inspired! Penguin & Igloo Quiet Book Page. Welcome to Antarctica!

Penguin & Igloo Quiet Book Page

This is the next quiet book page for Jax’s book! As you can see, I’ve finally started sewing some actual book pages. It is a bit labor-intensive, so I only have 2 double-sided pages done so far. I decided to be thrifty and use plain white fleece with some batting inside and 2 grommets per page. I’d considered using themed fabrics that matched each page, but the cost would be too high. The page features a stuffed penguin who comes out of his igloo attached to a ribbon. My materials were: a 9″ white felt square (if your pages are a different size, adjust the white hill and purple sky pieces to match your page width), purple felt for the sky, felt (in white, sky blue, black and yellow), clear vinyl, white fur (I used this), batting/stuffing, white ribbon, star sequins and floss/thread to match. The only other thing I did on the machine (beside sew the actual book page) is stitch white-on-white guides for all the lines on the igloo.

What do you think of it?