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Household Tips. How to Create layers of Framed Photos on a Gallery Wall. You have seen it done – the Gallery Wall – a collection of framed art or photos grouped on a wall to create impact.

How to Create layers of Framed Photos on a Gallery Wall

It is an inexpensive and easy way to display objects on a big wall. Today I have a twist on the classic gallery wall – adding a 3-D effect that creates even more of a dramatic effect. Do you remember when I took the mirror off of the dresser in my guest room? I painted it black and moved it to my dining room where I thought it would have more impact. Love it – but it left my guest room wall looking a little un-loved. I didn’t want to just add anything as a temporary fix, so I just let it be. I looked closely at the photo and figured – no problem I can do that, but before I start putting holes in her wall, I will go put them in mine first to figure the best way to create the 3-D or layered effect. Source: Here is what I came up with. After creating the 3D Mirror Gallery Wall. How to Create a 3D Framed Mirror Gallery Wall It ended up looking like this.

Teapot Lamp

Bathing Beauties. Bathing Beauties InstructionsDesigned by Cheri Carlson Keep summer in your heart with these charming bathing beauties.

Bathing Beauties

The colorful vintage images and the antique silver bracelet combine for a look of years gone by. For help preparing and using Ice Resin please visit the Handy Tips section in the Learning Center. There is enough resin in one Ice Resin Kit to make several pieces. Step one: Cut images or decorative paper to fit the antique silver-plated brass round frame Adorno bracelet. Step two: Mix a batch of resin and carefully pour it into the bracelet links to a slight mound. Cardstock Mini Album - fast to make, cute little gift! Freezer Paper Stencil Meets Embroidery Hoop. If you remember a little while back I shared some of my favorite ways to display fabric.

Freezer Paper Stencil Meets Embroidery Hoop

I absolutely love stretching fabric in embroidery hoops, it is such a quick way to add a bit of color to your walls. I also shared a couple of photos of a few hoops that I have hanging in my craft/computer room. I really like them on the wall, but two of them were solid fabrics and needed a little something more. Originally I thought that I'd create a freezer paper stencil and make a silhouette of my son's face, but I decided against it (mostly because I can't get him to sit still without looking directly at the camera).

So instead of the silhouette, and instead of doing a large initial (which I also considered), I decided on a fairly simple shape that would add a little something extra. I found my image on a website called I have referenced them before, but they have an archive of free patterns for download. I started by pulling my design element into Photoshop and resizing it. Heritage makers. Free Paper Toys From The Toymaker! Handprint/footprint/thumbprint. Drawer Organizer. Birds of a Feather Family Tree - Make a Family Tree - Memorykeeping Crafts -