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Fly Babies Aviary – NURTURING OUR BIRDS TO BECOME YOURS. Fly Babies Aviary – NURTURING OUR BIRDS TO BECOME YOURS. Fly Babies Aviary – NURTURING OUR BIRDS TO BECOME YOURS. The Meaning of Feathers – Ornithology. What do feathers mean?

The Meaning of Feathers – Ornithology

In many cultures, feathers represent a connection to spiritual realms. Coming from birds, feathers symbolize freedom, both mental and physical, from the bounds of the earth. In Native American cultures, feathers have always been significant parts of ceremonies, often used for clothing, decorations, tools, weapons and “dreamcatchers.” The Iroquois have a Great Feather Dance to thank the gods for all their blessings – food, water, the sun, the moon. In many Native American cultures the central hollow shaft of a feather was seen as a way to send prayers to gods and receive messages from them. Message About the CNC - Birds Calgary. Matthew Wallace, who has done such a great job of organizing the Calgary City Nature Challenge for the past two years, would like to encourage everyone with an interest in nature to participate.

Message About the CNC - Birds Calgary

Matthew says that this is “a great opportunity to get people focused on nature, science, conservation, and stewardship.” Bird Savers – Ornithology. is a fairly popular website and ranks high on Google, so I receive regular emails from people who want to write articles for me.

Bird Savers – Ornithology

What they really want to do is pitch a product or service via a link in their article. Free advertising, so to speak. 18 Owl Species That Live in the United States! (2020) - Bird Watching HQ. “What types of owls can you see in the United States?”

18 Owl Species That Live in the United States! (2020) - Bird Watching HQ

The above question is common, so I thought I’d help by making a list of all the individual owl species that live in the United States. The temptation to intersperse this entire article with puns is almost overwhelming. 18 Owl Species That Live in the United States! (2020) - Bird Watching HQ. Birding and the City Nature Challenge - Birds Calgary. I mentioned before that a smartphone is the best tool for taking photos of insects and getting close-ups of plants, but not great for birds since they are usually too far away.

Birding and the City Nature Challenge - Birds Calgary

But many of you birders carry cameras these days, and you can submit your bird photos for the City Nature Challenge. They can easily be uploaded to the iNaturalist website on your desktop computer. So if you are out this weekend (anytime until Monday at midnight), take lots of bird photos to upload later. Sounds like….. – Ornithology. OK, what bird makes this call: honk, honk, tweeeeet, twitter twitter, buzzzzzz.

Sounds like….. – Ornithology

Don’t know? That’s OK, neither do I. But I get questions like this on a regular basis from folks who want to know what bird is singing or calling in their backyard. Bird songs and calls may sound the same to different people and the descriptions might come out quite differently. Try it. When I get only written descriptions of a bird sound, I am often stumped; just describing the song in writing is usually not sufficient. Some birds have classic sounds like Carolina Wrens and Yellowthroats. Stay-At-Home Birding: Some Backyard Birds - Birds Calgary. Janet Turner, Bird Artist – Ornithology. The following is from my latest book, The Art of the Bird: The History of Ornithological Art through Forty Artists.

Janet Turner, Bird Artist – Ornithology

Janet Turner was one of the artists I discussed and special to me because I knew her personally. She borrowed bird specimens from the natural history museum I supervised, allowed me to visit her in her art studio, and even gifted me with one of her prints. She was a very special person and a wonderful artist. Janet Turner grew up on her family’s Kansas farm punctuated with summer camps at Cape Cod. Her sister Barbara noted that Janet was engrossed in every detail of the out of doors and believed that all of nature’s creations were just as important as human beings.

At Stanford University in California, Turner was discouraged from majoring in biology because “it was not a field for women.” Turner experimented with different forms and subjects of art, with birds as her main focus. In California, she began to concentrate on local bird images. Calgary City Nature Challenge Results - Birds Calgary.

Posted by Bob Lefebvre Back in April, Calgarians participated for the second time in the City Nature Challenge.

Calgary City Nature Challenge Results - Birds Calgary

This year, with better weather and the addition of participants in Cochrane, Airdie, Okotoks, and Chestermere, we exceeded all of the 2019 results. This was despite the inability, due to Covid-19, of having organized field trips with many observers. Rehabilitation – Ornithology. About once a week I get contacted through my website regarding a baby bird.

Rehabilitation – Ornithology

Often the explanation is that the “baby fell out of the nest.” Green-tailed Towhee - Birds Calgary. Posted by Bob Lefebvre.

Green-tailed Towhee - Birds Calgary

All photos by Steve Dyke. There have been quite a number of unusual birds seen in the Calgary area this year. Here is a real rarity for Alberta, a Green-tailed Towhee that was visiting a rural yard near Cremona, NW of Calgary, in late May. This sparrow was first noticed by Steve Dyke in his yard on May 18. The bird would shelter under lilac bushes, and emerge in to the open occasionally to feed. Green-tailed Towhees are native to northern Mexico and the southwest United States. The bird stayed in Steve’s yard from May 18-24. Bird Blogs – Ornithology. BirdYYC2020 Challenge - Back In Business - Birds Calgary. Posted by Bob Lefebvre In late March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Howard Heffler, Andrew Hart, Gavin McKinnon, and I decided to suspend the BirdYYC2020 challenge which we had organized.

Participants in the challenge tried to find as many species as they could within the city limits. Eponymous and Other Bird Names – Ornithology. Online Film - Avian Summer - Birds Calgary. Posted by Bob Lefebvre Photographer and filmmaker Rick Andrews has produced a wonderful wildlife documentary about some of our local birds. The First Bird Guides – Ornithology. It wasn’t until my junior year in college when I took ornithology and started watching birds. My first bird guide was a Peterson. We didn’t ask for a bird guide when we wanted to look up that bird on the fence post, we asked for a Peterson. If you were a serious birdwatcher, you had a Peterson with little stick-on tabs marking the pages so you could go to the sparrows or shorebirds quickly. People have always watched birds but until the late 18th century, interest in birds revolved mainly around their use as food.

But at the dawn of the Victorian era in the mid 19th century birds became subjects of both serious study and decoration as well as food and decoration. In 1904 a Bird-Land camera for wildlife photography was invented and in 1912 the first exposition of bird photography was held in London. First came local guides like Archibald Thorburn’s 1883 Familiar Wild Birds (of Scotland). Later came a revolution. The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Hummingbird Feeders! (2020) - Bird Watching HQ. Quaker Birds For Sale.