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Facebook Twitter and pages. Research & development. Take college and university courses online completely free. In recent years massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a trend in online education.

Take college and university courses online completely free

The term was coined in 2008 by David Cormier, manager of web communications and innovations at the University of Prince Edward Island. The first MOOC was created the previous year, at Utah State University. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of courses available online at no cost. You can study anything from business to zoology in your own home at no cost. MOOCs are designed like college courses but are available to anyone anywhere in the world, at no cost. Coursera is perhaps the most well-known of the online education facilitators. The 13 Best Science and Technology Books of 2013. By Maria Popova The wonders of the gut, why our brains are wired to be social, what poetry and math have in common, swarm intelligence vs.

The 13 Best Science and Technology Books of 2013

"Geniuses Are Made, Not Born" Mapping the Stairs to Visual Excellence. Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action. The Meaningful Learning Research Group - home of the Misconceptions Proceedings. CmapTools - Home Page Cmap.html. How MySpace Tested Their Live Site with 1 Million Concurrent Users.

This is a guest post by Dan Bartow, VP of SOASTA, talking about how they pelted MySpace with 1 million concurrent users using 800 EC2 instances.

How MySpace Tested Their Live Site with 1 Million Concurrent Users

I thought this was an interesting story because: that's a lot of users, it takes big cajones to test your live site like that, and not everything worked out quite as expected. I'd like to thank Dan for taking the time to write and share this article. In December of 2009 MySpace launched a new wave of streaming music video offerings in New Zealand, building on the previous success of MySpace music.

These new features included the ability to watch music videos, search for artist’s videos, create lists of favorites, and more. The anticipated load increase from a feature like this on a popular site like MySpace is huge, and they wanted to test these features before making them live. If you manage the infrastructure that sits behind a high traffic application you don’t want any surprises. Test Environment Architecture figure 1. Pragmatic Programming Techniques. Google's Mind-Blowing Big-Data Tool Grows Open Source Twin.

Silicon Valley startup MapR has launched an open source project called Drill, which seeks to mimic a shocking effectively data-analysis tool built by Google Mike Olson and John Schroeder shared a stage at a recent meeting of Silicon Valley’s celebrated Churchill Club, and they didn’t exactly see eye to eye.

Google's Mind-Blowing Big-Data Tool Grows Open Source Twin

Olson is the CEO of a Valley startup called Cloudera, and Schroeder is the boss at MapR, a conspicuous Cloudera rival. Both outfits deal in Hadoop — a sweeping open source software platform based on data center technologies that underpinned the rise of Google’s web-dominating search engine — but in building their particular businesses, the two startups approached Hadoop from two very different directions. Whereas Cloudera worked closely with the open source Hadoop project to enhance the software code that’s freely available to the world at large, MapR decided to rebuild the platform from the ground up, and when that was done, it sold the new code as proprietary software.

Running Hadoop on Windows « Hayes Davis. What is Hadoop?

Running Hadoop on Windows « Hayes Davis

Hadoop is a an open source Apache project written in Java and designed to provide users with two things: a distributed file system (HDFS) and a method for distributed computation. It’s based on Google’s published Google File System and MapReduce concept which discuss how to build a framework capable of executing intensive computations across tons of computers. Something that might, you know, be helpful in building a giant search index.

Read the Hadoop project description and wiki for more information and background on Hadoop. What’s the big deal about running it on Windows? Untangle the Integration Knot: Getting Started with HADOOP - Single Server, Multiple Node Simulation. Abxda : QUE TAL!!!!! U.S. Geological... Brief introduction to Scala and Breeze for statistical computing. Introduction In the previous post I outlined why I think Scala is a good language for statistical computing and data science.

Brief introduction to Scala and Breeze for statistical computing

In this post I want to give a quick taste of Scala and the Breeze numerical library to whet the appetite of the uninitiated. This post certainly won’t provide enough material to get started using Scala in anger – but I’ll try and provide a few pointers along the way. It also won’t be very interesting to anyone who knows Scala – I’m not introducing any of the very cool Scala stuff here – I think that some of the most powerful and interesting Scala language features can be a bit frightening for new users.

To reproduce the examples, you need to install Scala and Breeze. How to Create an Effective Data Science Department - Kim Stedman. Quantum phenomenon shown in $15m D-Wave computer. 30 May 2014Last updated at 07:18 ET D-Wave released its first commercial quantum computer in 2011, and is set to release a more powerful chip later this year Scientists says they have obtained the best evidence yet for an important quantum physics phenomenon inside a $15m computer built by a Canadian firm.

Quantum phenomenon shown in $15m D-Wave computer

D-Wave claims it has built the first practical quantum computer, a type of machine that could solve complex problems faster than is possible today. 'First drafts' of human protein catalogue published. Society for General Microbiology. Life Has a History. Catalogue of Life - 3rd February 2012. Tree of Life lesson plans and worksheets. Tree of Life Web Project. Evolution: Sex. Evolution Timeline. Peppered moth photo - Biston betularia - A7783.

This species is single-brooded, with a protracted emergence.

Peppered moth photo - Biston betularia - A7783

Adults are on the wing from May into August. Females lay their eggs in large batches, but the newly hatched caterpillars soon disperse. Peppered Moth Interactive. An introduction to evolution. An introduction to evolution The definition Biological evolution, simply put, is descent with modification.

An introduction to evolution

This definition encompasses small-scale evolution (changes in gene frequency in a population from one generation to the next) and large-scale evolution (the descent of different species from a common ancestor over many generations). Evolution helps us to understand the history of life. The explanation Biological evolution is not simply a matter of change over time. Evolution: Online Lessons for Students: Activity 2- Evidence for Evolution WebQuest. What is DNA and how does it work? Evolution. De tidigaste organismerna var encelliga och levde för tre och en halv miljarder år sedan.


Natural Selection. Darwin, a naturalist's voyage around the world - CNRS sagascience. 14-16yrs_-_Darwin_-_Activity_-_Evolution_-_Peppered_moth_-_classroom_activity. Darwin's finches. What is Evolution? Evolution. Nyheter & fakta - Sveriges bästa webbplats om djur. The Virtual Cell. National Geographic's Great Nature Project. All wildlife Take and upload a photo of a plant, animal, or any other living thing you come across to help us compile the world’s largest collection of nature photos. Sign in to join mission. Evolution. Our Secret Universe. Geologic Time: Graphical Representation of Geologic Time.

Welcome to the National Zoo. Evolution. Understanding Evolution. The Cell and its Organelles. Society for General Microbiology. Types of Boundaries. Understanding Plate Motions. Scientists now have a fairly good understanding of how the plates move and how such movements relate to earthquake activity. Most movement occurs along narrow zones between plates where the results of plate-tectonic forces are most evident. There are four types of plate boundaries: Divergent boundaries -- where new crust is generated as the plates pull away from each other. Convergent boundaries -- where crust is destroyed as one plate dives under another. Transform boundaries -- where crust is neither produced nor destroyed as the plates slide horizontally past each other.

Discovering Plate Boundaries Maps. Downloads All materials created for DPB may be downloaded freely for classroom use. Copyright of all these materials remains with Dale S. Sawyer. Please drop me an email with your comments when you use the materials. Please acknowledge the source when you use the materials in any manner.

Maps. Plate_tectonics. Constructive and Destructive Forces. Geological Time Scale WebQuest. Geologic Time. Initially compiled by Laurie Cantwell, Montana State University This section highlights animations, images, interactive graphics and videos used to teach the concept of geologic time in an introductory geology course. Visualizations cover the specific topics of earth history, relative age dating and life through geologic time. Click here to browse the complete set of Visualization Collections. Earth History ChronoZoom (more info) ChronoZoom is a free, open source interactive timeline tool for learning about all kinds of history, stretching back all 13.7 billion years to the Big Bang.

Welcome to Understanding Geologic Time. Layers of the Earth and Seismic Waves. KS3 Bitesize Science - Energy transfer and storage : Activity. Silly Putty in the Classroom - Reading and Science. 15_magfields.pdf. Exploring Magnetic Fields. Purpose To reinforce the concept that magnets attract and repel items and exert a magnetic field that can vary in strength. Context By exploring magnets, students are indirectly introduced to the idea that there are forces that occur on earth which cannot be seen. This idea can then be developed into an understanding that objects, such as the earth or electrically charged objects, can pull on other objects.

Electricity & Magnetism: Magnetic Fields. Magnetic fields are different from electric fields. Experiment with Magnet Magic. Electricity and Magnetism - Interactive Java Tutorials: Magnetic Field Lines. Magnetic Field Lines. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Drawing Field Lines Activity. A Portrait of Magnetism: Drawing Field Lines Magnets have two poles; the field lines spread out from the north pole and circle back around to the south pole. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Finding Iron in Food Activity. Energy Forms and Changes - Energy, Conservation of Energy, Energy Transfer.

BioInteractive. Gregor Mendel: Great Minds. Life Has a History. The Personality Project: Psychological Organizations and Graduate Programs. Plate Tectonic and other Geological Animations. 15 Inspiring TED Talks Every Freshman Must Watch. List of paradoxes.

Logic and perception - topical index -The Skeptic's Dictionary - Online Science 8. Heredity and Genetics. Forces and Energy. Earth Science. Examine a landscape formed by erosion. Geologic Hazards. USGS Education.

Science Daily. NOVA scienceNOW. CPALMS - Earth/Space Science. ASPIRE Lab. Earth Science Articles. Weather Watch. Educators 9-12. Thought experiment. - Think Outside the Box. Confused, confounded and constipated. Experiments. Nikon MicroscopyU. 30 Things You Should Do Right Now. 100 Incredible Lectures from the World's Top Scientists. Brain Pickings.