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Ultra Ever Dry Review - Do Not Buy Before You Read This. UltraTech 4000 Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, 1 Quart, Translucent White. UltraTech 4000 Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, 1 quart, works with the Ultra-Ever Dry Top Coat (sold separately) to form the two-part Ultra-Ever Dry coating which helps repel water and oil from coated surfaces, protecting against corrosion caused by moisture and keeping coated surfaces dry, clean, and free of ice.

UltraTech 4000 Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat, 1 Quart, Translucent White

The bottom coat adheres to many surfaces, creating a base layer to which the Ultra-Ever Dry top coat bonds. This product must be applied with Ultra-Ever Dry Top Coat (sold separately) and according to the instructions to be effective. The two-part coating adds a translucent white color and matte finish to coated surfaces after curing. The Ultra-Ever Dry Bottom Coat uses a solvent called xylene to allow the active ingredients to be sprayed on for a thin, uniform coating. Cómo conectar un motor de lavadora II,

Battery – E Lumea Ta! What is Basalt? What is Basalt Geo Mesh? What is Basalt Woven Fabric? A.

What is Basalt? What is Basalt Geo Mesh? What is Basalt Woven Fabric?

Basalt is a common extrusive volcanic rock. An inert rock found worldwide, basalt is the generic term for solidified volcanic lava. Safe and abundant, basalt rock has long been known for its thermal properties, strength and durability. We offer basalt fibers in a 100 percent mineral, continuous-filament form. A. Basalt fibers are 100% natural and inert. Durable: Tough and long-lasting, fibers deliver acid, alkali, moisture and solvent resistance surpassing most mineral and synthetic fibers. Fibers and fabrics can take the heat and take a pounding.

We partner with our fiber manufacturing facilities, ensuring customers reliable, consistent supply of fiber products at predictable prices. A. Ecologically safe.


Technology Instructables. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Inexpensive plastic developed that indicates freshness of food. Don't eat that fish - the blue color of the indicator film indicates that it's spoiled (Photo: Fraunhofer) When it comes to buying packaged meat and fish, consumers usually just have to go by the "best before" label to know that it hasn't begun to spoil.

Inexpensive plastic developed that indicates freshness of food

Needless to say, the dates on those labels are just estimates and certainly won't tell you if the product has sat through a lengthy power failure, or been left out of the cooler for several hours. Researchers from the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies in Munich, however, have developed an inexpensive plastic film that will change color in the presence of rotten foods.

The film would be applied to the inside of food packaging, where it would respond to the biogenic amines produced by decaying meat or fish. If a sufficient amount of amines were present in the air within the sealed packaging, they would cause dye in the film to turn from yellow to an obvious blue. About the Author. S touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself. By Kelly Servick L.A.

s touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself

Cicero A small piece of the self-healing material is sliced with a scalpel. The researchers say the material repairs itself in about 30 minutes. Nobody knows the remarkable properties of human skin like the researchers struggling to emulate it. Now, they have succeeded in making the first material that can both sense subtle pressure and heal itself when torn or cut. Silicon-based nanoparticles could make LEDs cheaper, greener to produce. Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are the most efficient and environmentally friendly light bulbs on the market.

Silicon-based nanoparticles could make LEDs cheaper, greener to produce

But they come at a higher up-front price than other bulbs, especially the ones with warmer and more appealing hues. High resolutionClick to expand Mary Levin, UW LumiSands cofounders Chang-Ching Tu, left, and Ji Hoo with with a demo showing the warmer, softer hue of the LED bulb (left side) after a film embedded with their red-emitting silicon nanoparticles is placed underneath. The box on the right is an identical, standard LED bulb. Researchers at the University of Washington have created a material they say would make LED bulbs cheaper and greener to manufacture, driving down the price. The company, LumiSands, started as a graduate student project for CEO Chang-Ching Tu, who received his doctorate in electrical engineering at the UW and just completed a stint as a postdoctoral researcher in materials science and engineering. Prototipuri & Tehnologii.

Read More » {{unknown}} Al doilea block este un EPIHANY este upgradabil si reprezinta un sistem de 16 pana la 64 de core….nu sunt intel sunt RISC deci viteza maxima …..Aplicatii in domenii…variate…..un render hd -2minute ?

Mai jos ce poate face Epihany….! Este o epifanie !!!! 64 High Performance RISC CPU Cores 800 MHz Operating Frequency 102 GFLOPS Peak Performance 1.6 TB/s Local Memory Bandwidth 102 GB/s Network-On-Chip Bisection Bandwidth 6.4 GB/s Off-Chip Bandwidth 2 MB On-Chip Distributed Shared Memory 2 Watt Maximum… Cel mai ieftin si mai eficient…gadget… lampa LED …. 50 000 ore Procesor intel i7-3517UE Linnux ,Windows support Full hd 2560×1600 si 16gb ram.