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Stanton ‘82 touts dome home benefits - ArchONE. Concrete dome homes could be widely implemented as the perfect solution to housing dilemmas throughout the world, said Douglas Stanton ‘82, a former Texas A&M environmental design student, at a May 2012 alternative building materials and design expo in California.

Stanton ‘82 touts dome home benefits - ArchONE

Microsoft Word - 9_cap04.doc - 0904+Numere+speciale.pdf. Domes and Dome Houses. Now you can build your own energy efficient, disaster resistant dome home! Dome-shaped houses tend to look either really good or really bad.

Domes and Dome Houses. Now you can build your own energy efficient, disaster resistant dome home!

Most dome homes are constructed with a single, large dome, which is then divided into many different rooms inside. That makes the most optimal use of the materials, encompassing the most square feet for the least amount of materials. Introduction to Monolithic Domes. Five in one tool - calculates volume area etc. EcoShell II Airforms – Monolithic Marketplace. Air volumes. Too much air is also undesirable!

Air volumes

How much air is acceptable? With a ventilation system whose output is based on the number of people (30 m³/h per person), there are hardly any complaints about poor air quality. However, if the air gets too dry due to excessive air volumes, people tend to complain. Scientific studies have been carried out regarding additional ventilation through windows in Passive Houses during the heating period. Air volumes.

Research Note: # 94-11 How Much Air Do We Breathe? The primary purpose of this study was to provide population-based breathing averages and distributions appropriate for air pollution risk assessment.

Research Note: # 94-11 How Much Air Do We Breathe?

Figures 1, 2, and 3 indicate the average volume of air breathed during various activities for children, adult females, and adult males, respectively. Relative to body surface area, the volume of air breathed by children is substantially higher than the volume breathed by adults because children have greater metabolic needs, due to growth. Differences in breathing volumes among adults are primarily due to differences in body surface area. Findings from the field measurements indicate that common household tasks are typically conducted at moderate exercise levels. Children generally self-regulate and play at moderate exercise levels. The study discerned small but important differences in the volume of air breathed during seemingly similar activities. Archive content from Contracting Business. Everyone knows it’s important to introduce fresh air into buildings.

Archive content from Contracting Business

However, there are two questions to be answered: How much air does a building need, and if you don’t have the proper measurement tools, how can you be sure you’re delivering it? First, things first: if you don’t have the air balancing tools, how do you measure the volume of fresh air? Some field test conditions don't allow for accurate or convenient measurement of outside air cfm.

However, there is a simple and fairly accurate method of determining the amount of fresh air by using only a thermometer as your test instrument. The percentage of outside air can be calculated using these three simple temperature measurements. OAT- Outside Air Temperature. RAT - Return Air Temperature. Geodesic Dome Calculator. Our geodesic dome calculator will calculate the length and number of struts for 2V, 3V, and 4V geodesic domes based on the specified radius.

Geodesic Dome Calculator

It's a useful tool for planning the size of your dome. Raza sau diametrul cercului. Raza sau diametrul cercului. Desert Domes - The Dome Calculator. Geodesic Dome Notes. Written by Rene K.

Geodesic Dome Notes

Mueller, Copyright (c) 2005, 2006, 2007, last updated Sun, September 22, 2013 If you don't care about the origin, the notion, the mathematics behind the geodesic domes, skip right to the 3rd page. Geodesic: from geodesy "surveying"; greek geodaisia "division of the earth"; geo "earth, land" + daiein "divide" - so far Buckminster Fuller 's often used notion, but as pointed out before, Walther Bauersfeld created a "geodesic" dome in 1922 for Carl Zeiss in Jena (Germany), he even patented it in Germany 1925 (Patent Nr. 415395) as seen in this page , so well over 20 years before B.

Surface area of a dome - Math Central. Word Pro - Formula.lwp - formulas.pdf. Domebuilder's Blues. Buckminster Fuller didn’t invent the geodesic dome. The first guy who stitched together a soccer ball did. Soccer balls are made up of the same configuration of hexagons and pentagons. Just take a soccer ball and cut it in half — in your mind’s eye, anyway — and you’ve got the basic design. As a matter of fact, the plutonium core of a nuclear weapon is put together exactly the same way. Domes For The World (DFTW) constructs durable housing and complete community systems for the world's needy. Please select your areas of intervention in the home improvement market Design, Technology, Energy conservation, Green housing, Environment.

Domes For The World (DFTW) constructs durable housing and complete community systems for the world's needy.

Is your innovation addressing barriers in the home improvement/progressive housing market? If so, please describe in detail your mechanisms of intervention The Ecoshells that DFTW is building in developing nations around the world are economical, eco-friendly and thin-shell, hence their name. Ads by Google. Timberline Geodesics. Geodesic Structures Pre-Planning.

Timberline Geodesics

Eco_shell. Ads by Google. Why build a concrete dome? The concrete dome is similar in shape and structure to an egg which has always been a fascination.

Why build a concrete dome?

The egg shows us that a relatively soft and weak material can be used to create a very strong structural shape. Hildebrand Inc / HOME / EcoShell Dome Construction. Ads by Google. 2013 Basic Kit Prices - - Domes from American Ingenuity, Inc. To Learn How To Receive a 12% Discount* (a savings of $2,433 to $11,405) Off the Kit w' One Entryway Pricing listed below, click on Save 12% Kit Pricing includes Exterior 3/4" Steel Reinforced Concrete, Dome Technology. Ads by Google. Concrete Dome Homes. If you appreciate funky architecture and want to do your part to save the environment, concrete dome homes might be a good choice for you. What is a Concrete Dome Home? A concrete dome, also called a monolithic dome, is a well-insulated shell covered with concrete.

Most are based on the structure of the geodesic dome, which relies on a pattern of intersecting triangles to distribute stress across the surface of the structure. Ecoshell. Dome calculation tools. Dome Home May Provide Increased Structural Earthquake Protection. There is no method of accurately predicting when or where an earthquake will occur. Modern building methods have decreased the likelihood that traditional wood framed homes will collapse, but greater protection and structure survivability is inherent in the construction of thin shell concrete domes. No Advanced Warning The first warning of an earthquake could be when the ground starts moving. We can’t predict when or where they will occur (1). According to the U.S.

Safer Residential Structures Needed. EcoShell Construction. Construction of an EcoShell begins with a small group of workers pouring a circular floor, to which the Airform is attached 2 inches in from the edge. The Airform is inflated with a small, high-pressure fan, such as fans used for heavy duty vacuum cleaners. After the Airform is inflated, rebar and then concrete are applied over its exterior.

The concrete can be mixed in a bucket or a fabric mixer and hand applied, or it can be mixed with commercial mixers and sprayed in place with Shotcrete equipment. This latter method obviously takes less manpower and at times produces better results. But the former method is also satisfactory and can be completed by inexperienced laborers. Once the concrete sets, the Airform is removed. Build a dome-home in one day.. cost about $41K..USD...(ADDED PICS)

So many ideas from Japan. $10,000 Monolithic Dome Ecoshells for Basic Permanent Shelter and Infrastructure. Ad Support : Nano TechnologyNetbook Technology News Computer Software An EcoShell with a diameter of 6 meters (19.69’) and a living area of 28 square meters or 8 pings or 305 square feet. Concrete Dome Homes - What Is A Concrete Monolithic Dome Home? EcoShells Changing Lives in Mexico. Apr/07/10 09:20 Since the earthquakes struck Haiti in 2010, interest in EcoShells has been at an an all-time high. Relief agencies from all over the world have been calling Monolithic to find out more about this unique type of building that has been proven to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes and yet can be built entirely by hand using local labor. But while news about EcoShells is plentiful, it is rare to get an up close look at families that have actually benefited from the construction of one of these buildings.

Josh Smith of the Deseret News provided such insight recently when he traveled to Guaymas, Mexico where students from Southern Utah University were spending their spring break building three EcoShell homes for needy families. JDs Domes Frequently Asked Questions. Are EcoShells Sustainable? The following characteristics of EcoShells are sustainable: Sand, crushed, stone, and cement – major components of EcoShells – come from plentiful resources throughout the world.

According to the Portland Cement Association, concrete is 6% air, 41% gravel or crushed rock, 26% sand, 11% cement, and 16% water.The concrete can be mixed on site from locally extracted materials to reduce the transportation of construction materials over long distance.Normally concrete construction consumes large amount of other materials – metal, wood, top soil – as false works or formworks. By employing a reusable thin vinyl air form, the EcoShell prevents such waste.Thin shell concrete dome structures are long-lived and easily repurposed. Home. DOMELIVING3 created by scwmachinations based on Green Properties. The Monolithic Dome. Insulating an Ecoshell. Domes from American Ingenuity, Inc. Monolithic Dome Homes. Monolithic Slab Forms Layout. Geodesic Dome Home Kit. Steve Wilson building ecoshells in Mozambique. Leitgeb: OtherProds.

Domos. Construction. 1.