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A leading CMMI Level 3 certified web and mobile app development company. Offers a wide range of digital solutions for enterprises, startups and businesses.

How Mobile App Helps to Grow Your Business. Mobile App Development Company - QSS Technosoft. Cost Analysis of Building an E-commerce Marketplace like Amazon. On Demand Logistics Management Software Services. Vehicle/Fleet Management Reduce the risk that comes with vehicle management expenditure, transportation and workforce outlays, and improve productivity with our logistics management software development solutions for the seamless management of rent, insurance rate, customer, and payment methods.

On Demand Logistics Management Software Services

Bespoke Dispatch Software Our extensive experience in logistics management software development, coupled with a passion for profound understanding of leading-edge technologies empower us to deliver computer-assisted dispatch solutions for the development of dispatch routing, mobile field dispatch, and vehicle telematics management web and mobile applications. Seamless Assets Tracking We can help you build an app for real-time tracking of domestic and ocean shipments on a digital map with GPS enabled features. QSS Technosoft Launched Its Sister Concern Company, Expands Global Office in Poland, Europe. QSS Technosoft is excited to announce the company’s continued global expansion with the launch of its sister concern company- Triumfo IT Solutions in Poland.

QSS Technosoft Launched Its Sister Concern Company, Expands Global Office in Poland, Europe

The expansion is expected to further strengthen QSS’ identity offering the best software development & consulting services to businesses across Europe. Not just this, the expansion opens up access to a very large pool of the finest software development talent in the region that the company can use to fuel the continued growth of QSS Technosoft.

“After a decade of operation, the growth we have experienced this year has truly been unprecedented. All credit goes to our incredible team that has excelled and proven what it means to be a ‘world-class’ outfit. Custom EHR Software Solution - QSS Technosoft. Tips & Cost to Design a Mobile Application in 2022. Mobile App Designing Cost in 2022. Mobile apps offer a host of advantages to businesses of almost every domain.

Mobile App Designing Cost in 2022

With smartphones and mobile apps growing at a faster pace, the demand for mobile app development services has also drastically increased. 12 Reactjs Development Tools for Increasing Productivity. React JS is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries commonly used for the development of front-end web apps.

12 Reactjs Development Tools for Increasing Productivity

The framework has a variety of useful tools having their own unique features and functionalities. Picking the right tools and IDE is the most essential step when you are just starting with a web development project. With a number of versatile tools, React is becoming a popular and in-demand library for front end development needs with beautiful and usable user interfaces. In this blog, we have curated a detailed list of top 12 ReactJS Development Tools that will help developers build amazing apps with lightning fast performance. How Mobile Application are Transforming. Top Reactjs Development Company. What is the Advantages of Reactjs Development Services? Best ReactJS Development Company. How Much Does it Cost to Build an eLearning App. How to Choose the Right ReactJS Development Company. Top 5 Mobile App Payment Gateways For Android/ iOS 2021. The technological revolution has made online buying an integral part of our daily lives.

Top 5 Mobile App Payment Gateways For Android/ iOS 2021

We can now inpastantly pay for the goods and services purchased online. All thanks to the payment gateways! As we are moving ahead toward a cashless future, we are becoming more concerned about the security & complications involved in the online payment methods. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPalPayPal are considered the most secure and simple online transaction payment mediums in a mobile app. However, there are many payment getaways offering unbelievable security and great shopping experience to users. According to Statista, the transaction value of mobile payment apps will reach approximately $14 trillion by 2022, demonstrating the industry’s rapid growth. The modern market is overloaded with a variety of mobile app payment gateways, but choosing the best that fits the needs of your business is a daunting thing to do. Top 10 eLearningEducation App Development Companies in 2021.

Hire Azure Developers. The process we follow to hire the best developers: We believe having a strong hiring and training process ensures the quality of the developer which is going to work on your projects.

Hire Azure Developers

To ensure this, we are following a unique process to evaluate the technical and analytical skills as listed below. Top 10 Web App Development Companies to hire in 2021. Top 10 Web Application Development Companies to Hire in 2021 22. Estimate Cost to Build Grocery App. Best Comparison for Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website (in 2021) While most of the businesses prefer having both mobile websites and apps, other companies prefer choosing one due to money constraints.

Best Comparison for Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website (in 2021)

Choosing between a Mobile app and mobile websites vary in their cost, usability, required features, and the audience they serve. As per a study most of the users prefer mobile apps more than mobile websites. Thus, we can conclude that having a mobile app gets you more potential customers. But then again a truly mobile website offers more features and functionality than a traditional mobile application or website. While a mobile app helps users to perform specific tasks and advance their mobile marketing goals, it can also be complemented by an Android or iOS app, a Windows Phone app, or even a web app.

QSS Technosoft A CMMI Level 3 Certified Company. QSS Technosoft A CMMI Level 3 Certified Company. Top Reasons to Choose AngularJS as your Front end Framework. Why Most Developers Choose AngularJS Framework in 2021? Out of many popular front-end frameworks of today’s era, AngularJS could be the ultimate one that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Why Most Developers Choose AngularJS Framework in 2021?

With a constant technological advancement in the industries today, it is surely the best frontend framework to choose in 2021 and beyond. Wondering why? AngularJS is equipped with many features, some being, it is both fast and readable, the usage of less coding, the working model being based on MVC patterns and the latest client-side JavaScript. Also, in AngularJS, the Model View Framework Control Architecture is simple, adaptable, and dynamic. The framework helps expand your application’s HTML vocabulary. Because of the above mentioned functionalities of this framework, today, more and more clients and service providers are choosing AngularJs Development Services, the best front-end Javascript application framework. QSS Technosoft is Listed as a Top Chatbot Developers in Minnesota. Tech Reviewer Has Listed QSS as Top Chatbot Developers in Minnesota.

The Chatbot technology is one of the revolutionizing technologies of this era that has become a necessity in today’s age for mobile apps.

Tech Reviewer Has Listed QSS as Top Chatbot Developers in Minnesota

Statistics reveal that every business from eCommerce businesses, healthcare, to financial consulting, insurance, IT, travel and hospitality and telecommunication are witnessing the highest demand for chatbot-based solutions. According to Gartner’s Report, 85% of customer interactions will be managed using bots and virtual assistants for communication without direct human involvement. The global market is competition-driven & it is extremely difficult to thrive in this increasing competition. QSS has thrashed this competition by adopting the latest technology like Chatbots and is proud to announce that it has been featured among the Top Chatbot Developers in the Minnesota, USA by leading B2B reviews and research platform- Tech Reviewer.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Grocery Mobile App? Grocery Delivery App Development Cost + Essential Features. Today almost all people in the world use smartphones.

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost + Essential Features

We have a mobile app for every need & we avail different types of services in just a few taps. In this competitive era, every business owner wants to be a part of the race for customer satisfaction & loyalty. For achieving that, every business looks ahead to building an exceptional on demand apps that fulfills their every day’s requirements. There are thousands of shopping apps and websites for online shopping. Customers are increasingly accustomed to online shopping for everything, starting from beauty products, food, medicine, to grocery items. iPhone App Development Company.

eCommerce App Development Company. Enterprise-grade E-Commerce Solutions Augment the growth of your business through industry-specific e-commerce app development services. We can help you in the development of e-commerce stores that not only helps you gain a competitive edge over your competitors but also attract the right target audience. Tailored E-Commerce Mobile Applications Convert more online visitors to potential shoppers by connecting your target audience with tailored mobile e-commerce app development services. We are all set to develop an inimitable and fast tool to help you grow your business.

Fintech App Ideas When go for Startups in 2021. Top 7 Fintech App Ideas for Startups in 2021-22. The internet revolution has changed the way we transact and avail different services. Everything from banking to finance to insurance has been updated as per the changing customer priority. A feature-rich Fintech application is one of the most demanding mobile app ideas for startups to consider in 2021. A Fintech app connects entrepreneurs/startups with investors in varying industries like software, healthcare, logistics, or infrastructure development, etc. According to the Pitchbook, Fintech gained $1.1 billion from venture capital investors in 2009. In 2020, the investment total reached $44.1 billion. Fintech apps are a kind of payment application that enables users to receive and transfer money with minimum effort.

Smart Ticketing System using Blockchain. Fraud and extortionate secondary market (resale) ticket prices are the two main causes why Blockchain Smart Ticketing Solutions are introduced. Smart Contract Tickets using Blockchain technology has revolutionized the industry by enhancing the security of ticket sales while effectively regulating the marketplace. If you are wondering about “Why use Blockchain? Why do ticketing companies need it?” , then we have got the complete answer for your query herein. Benefits Custom Healthcare Software Solution for Your Organization. Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software Solution for Your Healthcare Facility in 2021. Technology is developing at a faster pace. Like other industries, healthcare organizations of all sizes are required to embrace the latest technologies and adapt to new healthcare expectations. Having custom software for your organization can streamline your healthcare business processes. In the blog, we are making you aware of why these solutions are worth investing in and what you should prioritize.

Here’s what you need to know about custom healthcare software for your organization. Technology impacts every perspective of our lives, and healthcare is no different in that regard. As you can see that all the industry continues to evolve, and healthcare organizations are also going to run more efficiently, they need to choose the right processes and a lot of tools to support them. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Marketplace Development Company. This application was developed as Initial Coin Offering platform and has plethora of features as a marketplace. Top Rated Chatbot Development Companies. QSS Technosoft Positioned Top Mobile App Development Company in Gurugram. Gurgaon, Haryana May 28, 2021 ( - In India, Gurugram is one of the most beautiful cities featuring its heritage buildings.

Top 10 Golang Development Companies to Hire in 2021. Hire Blockchain Developers. The process we follow to hire the best developers: We believe having a strong hiring and training process ensures the quality of the developer which is going to work on your projects. To ensure this, we are following a unique process to evaluate the technical and analytical skills as listed below. Hire Azure Developers. Software Development Services. How to Create Restaurant Mobile App? Top 10 Leading Healthcare & Wellness App Development Companies in 2021 Beyond. Indoor Mapping App Development Company. On Demand Mobile App Development Ideas in 2021. Top Chatbot Development Companies Watch out in 2021. Customer experience is what that decides the fate of a business- whether it can attain success or lead to failure.

Thus, a friendly, smooth and uninterrupted customer support is something every digitally-based business should focus upon. According to Gartner’s Report, by 2021, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without human involvement. Today, Chatbots have become more like futuristic assistants that offer human-like communication to settle down all customer queries with the most effective solutions. An Artificial Intelligent or AI integrated chatbot is extremely helpful in monitoring customer data and gaining insight on shopping trends. How Telemedicine App Help to Improve the Healthcare Services in Covid 19. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Marketplace Development Company. Hire Outsource Web Development Company. How Much Does it Cost to Maintain An Existing Mobile App? Mobile Apps are a great way to keep engaging and connect to your users at even odd hours of the day.

As the technology is rapidly changing, there is a need for a full-fledge security protocol for mobile apps to protect your sensitive data and offer seamless customer experience. Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company. Web and Mobile Adaptability. How to Choose Right Technology Stack for Web Development? How to Build Restaurant App for You to Connect with Customer? Restaurant & Food delivery apps have totally disrupted the food industry in recent times. Statistics reveal that a feature-rich Restaurant app is the utmost thing to consider if you are looking for a flourishing & successful restaurant business. Restaurant owners who ignore food ordering & food delivery app development today would suffer a big loss tomorrow. As per a survey, the average American spends $232 per month eating meals ordered on a food delivery app.

Looking at these stats, Business Insider predicted that the mobile food ordering industry will grow to more than $38 billion by the end of 2021. One should note that not all food ordering apps guarantee a leading position in the restaurant business, even if your food is in high demand among customers. Top 10 eCommerce Design Trends to Watch Out in 2021. Hire Skilled Azure Developers. QSS Recognized as One of the Top Web Development Companies by GoodFirms. How Much Does it Cost to Maintain An Existing Mobile App? Top Notch IoT development company.

Chatbot Development Services. More than 80% of the customers are driven to reach out to their favourite brands through the medium of messaging. Businesses of all sizes are nowadays shifting their attention to tap the benefits of the hottest communication paradigm, Chatbots – to proactively improve customer engagement, answer queries, generate new leads, improve sales, and capitalize on contact-center agent throughput. It is a streamlined and scalable natural conversational system which communicates back to the potential customers, understanding their intention and framing responses, which proficiently equate to the tone of message what your brand wants to convey to your clients. At present, more progressive sectors like retail, insurance, finance, healthcare etc. are leveraging the benefits of chatbots software. Some of the industry giants like Walmart and Sephora have even embraced this next-generation software and experienced a tremendous increase in their web traffic and overall sales conversion rates.

Healthcare App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021. Top Mobile App UI Design Trends to Engage the User in 2021. Your App’s UI design is the first thing that impresses the users, makes them connect to the brand, and increases the entire ROI of your mobile application. How Much Does Cost To Build Logistics App Development Cost? Skilled Blockchain App Developers in the USA. Golang Web Development Companies in USA. Affordable eCommerce App Development Solution in USA.

10 Software Testing Trends 2021 to Ensure Quality of Product. Top 6 Secure Nodejs Frameworks. Top 6 Secure Frameworks- NodeJS Developers Must Trust in 2021. 10 Common Mistakes that Can be Harmful to An App (+Solution) Hire Skilled Blockchain App Developers in USA. Top 20 Flutter App Development Tools Worth Using in 2021.

Top 10 Game App Development Companies in 2021. Why Small Business Must Invest in Flutter Development 2021? On-Demand Mobile Apps in 2021 for New Services Startups. App Ideas for Real Estate Startups. Top Reasons to Choose JavaScript for Your Next Business App. Blockchain (Crypto Application) Development Company - QSS. Boost Online Eduction With Elearning App Development. 6 Frameworks Can Help NodeJS Developers As Best Tool 2021. Top 6 Node.js Frameworks in 2021. Top 10 mHealth App Development Company to Hire in 2021. The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce App Development Company.

Biometrics Attendance Management System & App Development. Blockchain App Development Company in USA. Xamarin App Development Company. Top 6 Business Mobile App Ideas for Startups (Updated 2021) Healthcare App Development Company. 10 Popular Mobile App Technologies (Updated List of 2021) What Does it Cost to Develop Chatbot Solution for Business? Award-Winning Flutter App Development Company. Why Your Business Needs Mobile Application. Why HIPAA Compliant App Development is Necessary.

How Does Blockchain Tech Enhance Electronic Health Record? Top Javascript Frameworks to Use in 2020 21. Retail App Development Can Help for Dealer's Sales Performance. Retail App Development for Online Shopping Business. Cross Platform App Development Services (Xamarin Development)