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- URL creation script. Brevis - URL Shortner. Сокращатель ссылок. - The API based URL shortener. Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn money - URL Shortener. Get paid to paste | Shrink Link Earn Money | Get paid To Share Your Link. CPMlink. Tools « GetLinkInfo :: Expand tinyurl/ URLs, get YouTube video info, get webpage title/description, find URL redirections. GetLinkInfo Firefox/IE Search Engine GetLinkInfo Bookmarklet The GetLinkInfo bookmarklet can be added to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. Clicking on the bookmark opens a popup where you can enter the link on which you need more info.

By default, the link of the currently open tab/window is taken, which is useful in case you want to retrieve the download links for a YouTube video that is already open in your browser. Drag & drop this bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar or click on it to see it in action: Screenshot. Short URL Machine / Tiny. Make email-friendly links. Use on blogs, forums, social networks, instant messages, online publications or ad campaigns. Shorten and track it for business or educational projects. Click statistics. Get interactive charts with click analytics... trace uniques, returning clicks, visitors' country of origin, browsers used and more! No account needed to monitor stats. Edit or delete a URL. Shareable, user-friendly URLsBookmarklet tool for one-click link shortening anywhere on the webEdit links feature for registered usersShort links using your brand or custom domainAccounts for managing linksHigh volume commercial URL platforms for applications such as SMS text, email, advertising or social media campaignsTrack click statistics; and no account needed to monitor statsCustom option for making personalized URLs Insert URLs into email or Skype and never have issues with the links wrapping or breaking.

(uses domain) 500 URLs | Edit Links | Tags for organizing How URLs Work How to Mask Links. Source Code Viewer. - a URL shortener. Mmmm, tasty URLs! Untiny. - Drive More Traffic with Your Short URLs! Qurl: Making urls shorter. - free URL truncation / shortening service. - url shortener. Google URL Shortener. Posted by Michael Hermanto, Software Engineer, Firebase We launched the Google URL Shortener back in 2009 as a way to help people more easily share links and measure traffic online. Since then, many popular URL shortening services have emerged and the ways people find content on the Internet have also changed dramatically, from primarily desktop webpages to apps, mobile devices, home assistants, and more.

To refocus our efforts, we're turning down support for over the coming weeks and replacing it with Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). FDLs are smart URLs that allow you to send existing and potential users to any location within an iOS, Android or web app. For consumers Starting April 13, 2018, anonymous users and users who have never created short links before today will not be able to create new short links via the console. After March 30, 2019, all links will continue to redirect to the intended destination.

For developers. - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL. ShadyURL - Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening. Tiny | a Simple URL Shortener. Free Short URL Redirection - YEP that URL! Free URL Redirection From Metamark - Free Short URL redirection - Make long URLs short. Free URL Redirection | - Shorten urls, share files and track visits - Owly. - free short URL redirect with no ads! Notlong Free Short URL Redirection: Make a long URL notlong. ShadyURL - Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening. TightURL. DecentURL - Making ugly URLs decent. - a URL shortener. Mmmm, tasty URLs! DFT.BA - URL shortener with extra awesome. URL Shortener - Shorten, customize and track your links. | shorturl service. URL Shortener | URL Redirection Service by Go Daddy. Snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / / - Snippetty snip snip with your looong URLs! Short URL goodness since 2001. - free short URL redirect with no ads! Linksert - Home.