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When Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Always Turn Out Rosy. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the pressure is on to find somewhere great to go and something fun to do with your loved one.

When Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Always Turn Out Rosy

Planning can consume your mind in the lead up to the most romantic day on the calendar as you don’t want to leave anything to chance. However, even the most romantic, fun and perfectly planned Valentine’s Day can sometimes take an unexpected twist. A couple who had been on and off over the last few months had gotten back together just a week before Valentine’s Day. This left very little time to prepare and most of the good places were booked out. A friend of the couple, who we’ll call Annie, came to the rescue and altered their restaurant booking from two to four people.

During the meal the dreaded topic of ex-partners came up. A second couple were on their first day one particular February 14th and so you would think that a certain amount of impressing was to be done. The meal was enjoyed by both and it was getting late. Christmas Gift Inspiration To Suit Your Partner’s Love Language. If you’re struggling to think what to buy your partner this Christmas, have you considered the importance of their love language in your decision making?

Christmas Gift Inspiration To Suit Your Partner’s Love Language

What are love languages you say? Good question! As our gift to you, here’s an article we wrote earlier to explain the five love languages, and it’s called; Love Languages and Zodiac Signs. Christmas is an exciting time of year for most couples. The time off work, the festivities, family reunions and of course, the gifts. Habits of Strong Couples. Building a successful partnership takes time and effort and involves a lot of good qualities from each of you.

Habits of Strong Couples

Most people will have only one truly successful relationship in their life. How Much Time Is Too Much Time? Morning Or Evening Sex, Which Comes First In Your Relationship? Posted by Qlocherie on April 28, 2019 You all know that sex can be great, especially when you’re in the mood, but when is the best time of day to experience this pleasure?

Morning Or Evening Sex, Which Comes First In Your Relationship?

A lot of couples have issues with their timing preferences for sex with their partner. Often when they’re in the mood you’re not and vice versa so it can cause problems for couples. Men and women are wired differently and so most likely feel urges at different times to each other. Here we take a somewhat lighthearted at times approach to finding reasons for one over the other. Morning sex is better than evening sex because; Evening sex is better than morning sex because; 5 Tips For A Healthier Argument. How Do You Repay On Valentine's Day? It’s the time of year where love is in the air.

How Do You Repay On Valentine's Day?

A reason to dress up and splurge on all things a partner loves. Valentine’s Day is all about love, Lingerie, flowers, food, dressing up and good conversation. Single people out there need not despair, you don’t need to worry about having a cold one. You avoid having the stress of finding the right venue or the right outfit. Sure it would be nice to be spoilt rotten on the day of love but it doesn’t always go as well as expected as I once experienced. My date and I were sitting across the table from a young couple enjoying a Valentine’s Day double date. I carefully stuck the fork into the duck with excited anticipation and just like that, my moment was broken. I’m not going to divulge the rest of that conversation except to add that the aforementioned couple are now married. ​Do You Know How To Keep Your Man Keen For A Healthy Sex Life? Posted by Qlocherie on December 01, 2018 You’ve been dating your man for some time and things have been going pretty well.

​Do You Know How To Keep Your Man Keen For A Healthy Sex Life?

You like each other’s friends and are equally at home going out or just not really doing much. Suddenly you sense that his interest in sex with you is waning slightly and you’re not sure why or even if your just overthinking things. Or maybe he’s more in the mood than sometimes rather than others and you can’t figure out why. Do You Know How To Arouse Your Girl Sensually To Ensure Satisfaction? Your girl has just climaxed and you’re feeling pretty damn pleased with yourself.

Do You Know How To Arouse Your Girl Sensually To Ensure Satisfaction?

You’re almost air high-fiving yourself as a gratified woman means a highly chuffed partner. Pleasing your girl boosts your ego and is highly satisfying for both of you. The feeling is almost one of accomplishment. Is Your Friend Really A Friend, Would They Ask You This Question? From the outside, everything is rosy in your friend’s life.

Is Your Friend Really A Friend, Would They Ask You This Question?

Regularly posting happy snaps of themselves with their partner, status updates that point to them being madly in love and they’re always busy when you want to hang out. They both have stable jobs and nice clothes and seem to be the envy of every couple. Are Your Needs Being Met? Do Pick Up Lines Pick Up. How To Survive A Break Up. ​How To Find Love In 2018. Posted by Qlocherie on You’ve spent the last few weeks tagging along with friends to Christmas and New Year parties in the vain hope of looking for love.

​How To Find Love In 2018

Friends have looked after you well with all of the invites and you have managed to enjoy most of the events but your desire for something or someone interesting to pop into your life has remained unanswered to this point. Crowded places may seem like you have more chance to meet someone by the weight or probability. The more people there are the more chance there is of finding someone right? Not necessarily as there’s too many distractions happening.

How to Cure Relationship Boredom. Signs He’s Interested In You - Qlocherie. Posted by Qlocherie on Have you ever wondered how to tell if a guy is interested in you?

Signs He’s Interested In You - Qlocherie

Some of us struggle to tell but others just have an instinct and can see it easily. Five Stages of Relationships - Qlocherie. Relationships always seem to start with a burst of excitement or adrenaline. It’s a drug like experience that gets you hooked on someone. There’s a real danger that when this stage of a relationship starts to change, people mistake this shift and think their relationship is falling flat, lacking the initial excitement. The excitement has waned but the rewards are yet to be had. Love Languages And Zodiac Signs - Qlocherie. In this article we explore further into Zodiac Star Signs and specifically to find out if there is a link between your partner’s love language and their star sign. First let us take a look at the love languages before delving into any possible links to star signs. Receiving Gifts is as simple as it sounds. It’s the act of giving a gift to someone special who then has the pleasure of receiving it.

It is an excitement similar to children on their birthday. It just makes them feel loved. You will often hear people saying that they just want to spend some Quality Time together. Which Zodiac sign is the best lover? - Qlocherie. Continuing on from our series on Zodiac sign partner traits, we’ve taken a peek into the bedroom antics of the different signs to give you a glimpse of what you can expect. Please note that we did not personally give each star sign a test run to verify our findings. Air Lovers Gemini lovers are like the bedroom gymnasts. The gymnastic Gemini are very adventurous in what they’re willing to try but they may lose focus whilst their doing their thing if you don’t keep their minds on the job at hand.

Their positive nature may give them an edge but they may lack the skills to finish the routine properly. Air Sign Partner Traits – Can You Take To The Air? - Qlocherie. Attracted to the warmth of the Fire, the quenching of the Water or the grandness of the Earth? Earth Sign Partner Traits – Can You Tread The Earth - Qlocherie. First there was the Fire and then the Water came flooding in. Let’s have a look now into the state of the Earth signs and put their personality types under the microscope. Water Sign Partner Traits - Can you navigate the Water? - Qlocherie. After the fire comes the flood. So naturally after looking at Fire signs last time, we’ll be taking a look into the Water signs to gain insight into their personality types. Fire Sign Partner Traits - ​Dare to play with Fire? - Qlocherie. Is There A Better Feeling Than This? - Horoscope Love Compatibility - Qlocherie. Have you ever wondered what the best feeling in the world is?

You would have experienced a colleague, if not yourself, coming into work looking very pleased with themselves.