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Monkey High Manga - Read Monkey High Online For Free. Fly High! Manga - Read Fly High! Online For Free. Chocolate Cosmos Manga - Read Chocolate Cosmos Online For Free. Sora Log Manga - Read Sora Log Online For Free. Honey Hunt Manga - Read Honey Hunt Online For Free. Read Honey Hunt Manga Online The heroine is highschooler Yura, whose mother is one of Japans most famous and beautiful actress; and father is a World famous Musician. Yura is quiet, and gets nervous in front of crowds. People around often compare her to her famous parents. Yura s world gets rocked with the sudden return of her actress mother, coldly announcing her divorce to Yura s father, who got caught having an affair and Yura s mom has no intention of taking care of their high school daughter.

But this just is not enough, Yura later on finds her mother having sex with her neighbor/best friend/ first love!! Akuma de Koibito Manga - Read Akuma de Koibito Online For Free. Ai Kara Hajimaru Manga - Read Ai Kara Hajimaru Online For Free. Akuma to Tsuki no Yoru (One Shot) Manga - Read Akuma to Tsuki no Yoru (One Shot) Online For Free. Bokura Wa Itsumo Manga - Read Bokura Wa Itsumo Online For Free. Wild Ones Manga - Read Wild Ones Online For Free. Kare First Love Manga - Read Kare First Love Online For Free. Crimson Hero Manga - Read Crimson Hero Online For Free.

Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi Manga - Read Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi Online For Free. Ai Ore! Manga - Read Ai Ore! Online For Free. Be My Sweet Darling Manga - Read Be My Sweet Darling Online For Free. Orange Chocolate Manga - Read Orange Chocolate Online For Free. Love at first sight Manga - Read Love at first sight Online For Free. Uwasa No Midori-Kun Manga - Read Uwasa No Midori-Kun Online For Free. Tora Dora Manga - Read Tora Dora Online For Free.

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Manga - Read Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Online For Free. Suki Desu Suzuki-Kun Manga - Read Suki Desu Suzuki-Kun Online For Free. Charming Junkie Manga - Read Charming Junkie Online For Free. Obaka-chan Koigatariki Manga - Read Obaka-chan Koigatariki Online For Free. Kuroko no Basket Manga - Read Kuroko no Basket Online For Free. Arisa Manga - Read Arisa Online For Free. Beast Harem Manga - Read Beast Harem Online For Free. Saijou no Meii Manga - Read Saijou no Meii Online For Free. Hana Kimi Manga - Read Hana Kimi Online For Free. Stardust Wink Manga - Read Stardust Wink Online For Free. Read Stardust Wink Manga Online Anna Koshiro has been friends with two handsome guys, Sou and Hinata, since childhood. She has a crush on Enamoto, a first-year high-schooler, but she has difficulty finding a boyfriend as everyone always wonders about the relationship between Anna and Sou and Hinata.

One day, she goes to Sou s house and finds out that Sou has a girlfriend. She is not jealous, but she feels like she has lost him. On the other hand, Sou s girlfriend is upset about how Anna comes into Sou s room so freely and asks Sou not to let Anna into his room again. Heart Manga - Read Heart Online For Free. Boyfriend Manga - Read Boyfriend Online For Free. Five Manga - Read Five Online For Free. Girl in Heels Manga - Read Girl in Heels Online For Free. Love So Life Manga - Read Love So Life Online For Free. AAA Manga - Read AAA Online For Free. The One Manga - Read The One Online For Free. Kare wa Tomodachi Manga - Read Kare wa Tomodachi Online For Free. Switch Girl Manga - Read Switch Girl Online For Free. TAMIYA Nika is a beautiful, outgoing, popular high school girl.

Switch Girl Manga - Read Switch Girl Online For Free

She has just the right look, just the right fashions, and is everyone’s friend. What everyone at school does not know is how hard Nika works to keep up this perfect image, and what she is REALLY like at home. When not at school, Nika is a scary, sloppy, tight-fisted girl who wears glasses, an ugly sweatsuit, and has her hair pulled back into unattactive buns. She lays around playing video games and reading manga (ack, sounds like me…). Her attitude is bossy and cranky, and she travels far out of her way to shop where she won’t be recognized. Goong Manga - Read Goong Online For Free.

B.O.D.Y. Manga - Read B.O.D.Y. Online For Free. Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero Manga - Read Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero Online For Free. Shinobi Life Manga - Read Shinobi Life Online For Free. Kamisama Hajimemashita Manga - Read Kamisama Hajimemashita Online For Free. Get Love! Manga - Read Get Love! Online For Free. Nana Manga - Read Nana Online For Free. Akagami no Shirayukihime Manga - Read Akagami no Shirayukihime Online For Free. Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Manga - Read Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Online For Free. Akuma To Love Song Manga - Read Akuma To Love Song Online For Free.

Say I love You Manga - Read Say I love You Online For Free. Black Bird Manga - Read Black Bird Online For Free. Read Black Bird Manga Online The world is full of mysterious "things," but life keeps on going peacefully because no one can see them--except Misao.

Black Bird Manga - Read Black Bird Online For Free

Harada Misao has the special power to see these "things," but she doesn't tell anybody and tries to continue leading a happy high school life. Though she's jealous of her friends who have boyfriends, she's just like a normal teenage girl as she keeps having dreams about a boy she met when she was younger who has the same power as she does. Her mundane life suddenly changes when goblins try to eat her, and her old friend Kyo comes back to protect her from them. Then, she finds out that she is personally being sought out as goblin food and that Kyo is a goblin, too. GE - Good Ending Manga - Read GE - Good Ending Online For Free. Faster than a Kiss Manga - Read Faster than a Kiss Online For Free.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Manga - Read Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Online For Free. Vampire Knight Manga - Read Vampire Knight Online For Free. Popular Mangas for - Page 23. Love Allergy Manga Online by Toru Fujieda. Series Brief Review Love Allergy is about a girl whose name is Hitoe.

Love Allergy Manga Online by Toru Fujieda

Her father is an extremely famous artist and Hitoe has the same passion as her father as well. Hitoe has God's skill when it comes to drawing and painting, but Hitoe herself decides to quit drawing. It is because her heart is broken. Hitoe's teacher who is also a famous artist and a friend of Hitoe's father is going to get married, and Hitoe loved him more than anyone.

Kimi to Scandal! Manga Online by Kazuko Furumiya. Tennenkei Ouji Manga Online by Shizuki Fujisawa. Koitsukiyo no Himegoto Manga Online by Taamo. Series Brief Review At that time, it was a crime for young girls to love...Set in the Taisho era, this is a story about the forbidden love between a young girl and a student.

Koitsukiyo no Himegoto Manga Online by Taamo

Tamaki is the only daughter of a wealthy family, but she's been lonely since she was small, because her parents do not care about her at all. One day, Kuroda Kageaki came to her house as a student. Gradually, Tamaki started to harbor a liking for him. And yet her mother, Satoko, caused harm to Kageaki...!? Taiyou ga Yonde Iru! Manga Online by Yuka Shibano. Kiss & Never Cry Manga Online by Yayoi Ogawa. Series Brief Review Michiru is a happy child who loves to skate.

Kiss & Never Cry Manga Online by Yayoi Ogawa

During her childhoood, she meets Leon, a cute innocent boy. They begin to ice dance together. But as she has a conflict with her mom, she plans to run away with Leon. Leon, considering the danger, declines Michiru. Ano Ko to Boku no Ie Manga Online, Vol. 001 (001. Story 1. These Words Are Magic, 008) 7 Jikanme Rhapsody Manga Online by Meca Tanaka. Toudou Rinko is a serious and reliable class representative, now in 2nd year of high school.

7 Jikanme Rhapsody Manga Online by Meca Tanaka

It happens that the first male person she starts to notice is her homeroom teacher, Saku Makoto. She ends up helping the nonchalant and playful teacher with his "Love Guidance Room". Also included is Tanaka sensei's earlier 1998 work "Light Right Rabbit. " 7th Period is a Secret[C] by Kozue Chiba(Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, 1 volumes, 5 chapters) aka: Nana Genme wa Himitsu, Shichigenme wa Himitsu Akuma de Koibito[C] by Yuki Shiraishi(Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, 1 volumes, 5 chapters) aka: The Demon Lover Anta Nante Okotowari! Koi no Uta Manga Online by Shouko Akira. "Love Song" - those are the three love stories of three young girls who find their own feelings reflected in beautiful songs.

Koi no Uta Manga Online by Shouko Akira

The scribbles on a bench, memories of childish days, feelings echoing in the classroom but cannot reach that person... 18 Diary[C] by Shouko Akira(Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, 1 volumes, 4 chapters) Anta Nanka Daikirai[C] by Kazumi Sakurayama(Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, 1 volumes, 4 chapters) aka: I Hate People Like You! , I Hate You! Hoshiiro no Okurimono Manga Online by Rei Toma, Takuyo. Koi, Hirari Manga Online by Miko Mitsuki. Series Brief Review The food loving and pure-hearted Sumire Misaki's family is moving to the same town where her mother and father met and fell in love.

Koi, Hirari Manga Online by Miko Mitsuki

Sumire's mother tells her that it's a town where she'll fall in love, and it she meets her first love in a very unexpected way: the good-looking Kazuki Miyamoto, as he tries to escape from his home. Through an unfortunate set of events, the wheels of fate have begun to turn for Sumire, as Kazuki is more than he appears to be. In fact, he's a traditional dancer! Will Sumire's first love be a happy one?

Koigokoro Senpukuchuu Manga Online by Saki Shiumi. Series Brief Review There are seven love charms that are circulated at Ayase Academy.

Koigokoro Senpukuchuu Manga Online by Saki Shiumi

Trusting those, Ritsuka believes that she will have a wonderful boyfriend. However, Kuze-kun, who's super scary and infamous at school, keeps getting in her way... Will Ritsuka find the love of her destiny?! Purikyuu Manga Online by Kyousuke Motomi. Katsuragi Anna is a former ballerina who tries to find herself when her dreams of ballet stardom fall short.

Purikyuu Manga Online by Kyousuke Motomi

She is tricked into joining the archery club by her friend... only to find that the president is her childhood rival, Jinnai!? Times Two Manga Online by Shouko Akira. When you're in love, life feels like it's multiplied times two! These five short stores of budding high school romance explore the confusion and exhilaration of falling for someone new! 18 Diary[C] by Shouko Akira(Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, 1 volumes, 4 chapters) Anta Nanka Daikirai[C] by Kazumi Sakurayama(Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, 1 volumes, 4 chapters) aka: I Hate People Like You!

, I Hate You! Shounen Chuudoku Manga Online by Nobuyo Yamamoto. Tokyo Marble Chocolate Manga Online by Fumiko Tanikawa. 1/3 Romantica Manga Online by Yuka Shibano. Ai Hime - Love and Secret Manga Online by Kako Mitsuki. They met. They kissed. Their fate has brought them to be uncle and niece. Even though they're not blood-related, can Mao decide to love him and go through the struggles to be in love with him? Watashi no Cinderella Manga Online by Natsuna Kawase.

Series Brief Review Princess Tsubaki, who loves romantic stories, is told by her father, the king, to choose a guy to date at her 16th birthday party at all costs. Troubled by this, princess Tsubaki asked a favor of Aoi, a boy who's treated like a Cinderella...?! Other Manga by Natsuna Kawase Hoshiyomi no Yogensha[C] by Natsuna Kawase(Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural, 1 volumes, 5 chapters) aka: Hoshi Yomi no Yogensha, Star-reading Prophet. Hoshiyomi no Yogensha Manga Online by Natsuna Kawase. Cafe Kichijoji De Manga Online by Yuki Miyamoto, Kyoko Negishi. Series Brief Review Cafe Kichijoji is a small cafe ran by five very cute guys, but because of them this cafe is far from your average dinning place. Hanatsuki Hime Manga Online by Wataru Hibiki. Series Brief Review. Mizutama Fabric Manga Online by Mikase Hayashi. Collection of short stories: • Polka Dot Fabric She might be tall, but high-schooler Fukagawa Yori likes pretty dresses. Suki Kirai Suki Manga Online by Yuuki Obata.

Benkyou no Jikan Manga Online by Touko Minami. Kiss/Hug Manga Online by Kako Mitsuki. Series Brief Review. Yume Chu Manga Online by Kazumi Ooya. Azuki, a young girl whose father is the president of an entertainment corporation, is always out of luck when it comes to dating. It seems like every boy she had dated before all tried to use her as a bridge to get into the world of media.

So when Azuki met the guy of her dreams, who also happened to be a contestant in the audition her father set up, she wasn't so sure what to do anymore. *Contains in the 4th volume, Juliet Club: An idol in a famous group tries to escape from his fans by studying in the library. Yuru Koi Manga Online, Vol. 001 (001. The Return Of Sakuma Suzu, 004)

Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake Manga Online, Vol. 001 (001. Great Waiters?, 000-cover) Manga Fox: Aozora Yell Manga Series. Rank: 3378th, it has 26,854 monthly views. Rating: Average 4.82 / 5 out of 169 total votes. 青空エール; 青空呐喊; Blue-Sky Yell; Yell for the Blue Sky Read Aozora Yell Manga Online Taken from ANN: Aozora Yell centers on Tsubasa, a girl who saw an inspirational brass band performance at the finals of the Japanese high school baseball championships one summer. Manga Fox: Akuma to Love Song Manga Series. Rank: Manga Fox: Parfait Tic Manga Series. Rank: 879th, it has 87,170 monthly views. Manga Fox: The One Manga Series. Manga Fox: Akagami no Shirayukihime Manga Series. Manga Fox: Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu Manga Series.

Manga Fox: Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto Manga Series. Doubt!! Manga Online by Izumi Kaneyoshi, Yuki Yoshihara. Celebrity Yuukoujouyaku Manga Online by Erika Kurahashi. Sold Out! Manga Online by Sakura Kenjo. Kara no Shounen Manga Online by Yuki Fujitsuka. Ano Ko to Boku no Ie Manga Online by Taamo. Get Chu Manga Online by Ayane Ukyou. Mademoiselle Butterfly Manga Online by Akane Ogura.

Taranta Ranta Manga Online by Youko Maki. Kotoba no Nai Love Letter Manga Online by Yukari Kawachi.