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QeWebby is a WordPress Design, Development, Maintenance &Support service provider. We provide end-to-end solutions right from development to keeping your WordPress website up and running all the time with our 24x7 monitoring services.

WordPress Security issues that makes your wordpress website vulnerable. Hackers strive to find a zero day security hole in every new release of WordPress websites, because they know the release is naïve and is expected to have a security hole that’s taken a zero day to fix (meaning it’s not fixed at all).

WordPress Security issues that makes your wordpress website vulnerable

WordPress security issues are contributed by three kinds of hackers: A single human attacking a single site.A bot program used by a hacker to attack many sites at onceA botnet where its multiple systems running automated multiple programs to attack a huge number of sites. WordPress errors and problems aren’t just concentrated on WordPress core (contributes to 37%) but dive into themes (11%) and plugins (52%) too. Hackers attack by getting an illegal access to your site via front end or backend. What are the security issues that make your WordPress website vulnerable? Weak Passwords Weak passwords are the main reason behind one’s site being attracted to hackers. Brute force not activated When you don’t activate brute force protection, you’re vulnerable. Malware. 12 Top Security Plugins for your Wordpress website - Qe Webby.

WordPress vulnerabilities are numerous and there are high amount of chances of your site getting caught in one of those WordPress security issues, if you don’t maintain a tight security of the site.

12 Top Security Plugins for your Wordpress website - Qe Webby

The choice of one among the WordPress security plugins depends on the size and importance of your site. Let’s take a look at a few plugins, iThemes Security Pro: This is the cheapest and the best known plugin costing as low as $80 yearly. Why WordPress website security is now more important than ever? - Qe Webby. WordPress security issues is an alarming topic of interest today mainly because google algorithms get stronger every now and then to rank the sites based on how secure they are!

Why WordPress website security is now more important than ever? - Qe Webby

You simply can’t afford to make even a single security breach that may cause you a permanent defamation and a bad search engine rank. There are some shocking facts to let you know why WordPress security matters a lot, 800000 banking credentials were stolen from WordPress sites two years agoSlider revolution plugin was vulnerable to attacks due to which 100000 WordPress sites were hackedInfamous less traffic sites also get hacked! WordPress vulnerabilities may range anywhere between mild and devastating; nevertheless every single aspect of security is absolutely warning! Always be proactive and not reactive when it comes to WordPress security because raising up from a security breach fall can be close to impossible.

Ensure to follow the best practices of security always. What you can do with Square for WooCommerce? - Qe Webby. The arrival of WooCommerce made it possible for any WordPress website to start an e-commerce store.

What you can do with Square for WooCommerce? - Qe Webby

Within a short span of time it became one of the most popular and most used ecommerce platforms on the web. With Square joining WooCommerce the amalgamation leaded to a lot of advantages which made it even better. Square is the POS (Point-of-Sale) solution for Woo-Commerce users. It is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store & could be run on mobiles and tablets for digital receipts, reports of sales, inventory checks and much more. After being voted as the most requested change on the WooCommerce support site, Square made a dashing entry to WooCommerce as an extension. Square gives a single platform to track in-store and online payments eliminating the need to managing multiple systems.

10 Reasons why you need website maintenance - Qe Webby. Your website is your business’s identity on the web.

10 Reasons why you need website maintenance - Qe Webby

It the most valuable asset you can have on the world wide web and still many businesses tend to overlook the importance of the regular maintenance it requires to keep it in good health. A decade back a website was considered to be something to have to show your existence on the internet. Nothing more than a business card which you hand out to your online visitors. Fast forward it to 2016 and a website is nothing less than a protagonist of your business dream. A WordPress is visually appealing, easy to use but something that most businesses neglect is the aftercare it requires after the launch and for all the coming years to keep it kicking and throbbing for the visitors.

Leaving your website in a lurch could be affecting your online presence more than you can fathom. Should you use free WordPress theme? - Qe Webby. WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web today.

Should you use free WordPress theme? - Qe Webby

The flexibility and ease of use it provides as a platform has made some of the big companies, large media and publishing house use WordPress for developing their online presence. Having zeroed in on WordPress to build your website was an easy task. The real challenge is to select a theme which concurs with your business goals and your brand. It’s quite human to gravitate towards the lucrative Free WordPress themes for your website. The general ideology says why to pay for something when it’s available for free plays it part over here. Not just professional looks The free themes comes with bare minimums which might sound suffice to you to start with, however that will soon change once you see the limitations it puts on you and your business’s image online.A good website has got more to it other than just visual appeal.