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QeCAD is a leading architectural CAD drafting service provider. We offer 2D CAD Drafting, 3D visualization and rendering services to Architects, Builders, building Contractors and property developers.

Know the architects to follow on twitter and connect with them. Twitter – A very fast paced and 140 characters stream conversation which is no more untouched by AEC industry.

Know the architects to follow on twitter and connect with them

With its rich source of expert content and advice, it is helping architects a lot. Not for getting the clients and projects but building a professional community which eventually lands you to a Project. Architects have an immense benefit of increasing the knowledge and network. Twitter is helping the architects, engineers, and contractors with an endless stream of information and various ways of finding current information about architecture, design, and construction. 1. An architecture writer and critic who works in London. Business model tips for your AEC Business - QeCAD - Your CAD Handyman.

Business models are the base for AEC industry, especially when already a cutting edge competition is going in the market.

Business model tips for your AEC Business - QeCAD - Your CAD Handyman

Learn the ways to achieve profit in architecture industry - QeCAD - Your CAD Handyman. Like every business, architecture firms are also finding the way to gain the profit.

Learn the ways to achieve profit in architecture industry - QeCAD - Your CAD Handyman

Thousands of critical decisions are responsible for every profit in the architecture industry. Try not only cover your costs but make enough profit to reinvest into your business. In case you’re battling with income, or basically, require more cash to go up against more work, here are 6 pivotal approaches to profits in the architecture industry:

Novels that an architect must read and open the architectural world. Novels and the architecture possess many similarities.

Novels that an architect must read and open the architectural world

Great writers observe the world to the tiniest details and then make the most remarkable connections. This observation gives us great stories and experiences whether it is imagined or real. And eventually, everything connects – people, ideas, and objects. Architects also make endless connections from materials, to geography, to time, to people, to experiences and statements of our own beliefs, all coming together in the design of a space. Novels are therefore a great way to tell architects of creative possibilities. 1) Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Know the importance of construction job-site photo documentation. Construction managers and supervisors are nowadays understanding the importance of construction job-site photo documentation to ensure quality product delivery.

Know the importance of construction job-site photo documentation

Monitoring project development and issues on the job-site is a fundamental piece of your business. Here are the reasons why documenting daily with your trusty camera or smartphone while out on site is needed. Photos are Reporting Tools. 10 things to know about what Architects do - QeCAD - Your CAD Handyman. 6 Major issues being faced by architects and their solutions. Architecture is about a worthy, hard day’s efforts.

6 Major issues being faced by architects and their solutions

In spite of the massive construction market, many organizations are yet thinking that it’s hard to be effective. Drawing Checklist - An integral part of your construction contract. The drawing checklist is an integral part of the construction.

Drawing Checklist - An integral part of your construction contract

It forms the base between your construction contract and your builder. During the construction process, these checklists are being referred very frequently in order to avoid any discrepancies. The checklist accurately reflects any design decisions or materials selections you may have made during your project’s previous design phases. The inclusion, or exclusion, of an item from the drawings is crucial to resolving disputes that may arrive over any discrepancies in the construction phase, as well as who bears the cost for such miscalculations or errors.

Let the project managers of your A&E firm save 2 hours a week! The major complaints we hear today from the A&E firm’s leader is how our project managers can save their time and work better.

Let the project managers of your A&E firm save 2 hours a week!

Due to busy schedule and workload, it has become very difficult to hire talented and experienced project managers. Business Development Tactics for Architects and Designers. “Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation”.

Business Development Tactics for Architects and Designers

Business Development Tactics are not a predefined set of rules which can be used to guide every architect and designer. But, a granulous observation that can help you to find a way for an increased traffic to you and your firm. Everybody needs an arrangement for creating new business, regardless of whether you’re an extensive architecture firm or a small design studio. Truth be told, the best business advancement techniques include additional time spent on proactive relationship-working, before publicizing the venture.

Marketing is your first job. Construction industry strategies to get regular construction clients. “Hope is not a strategy and a goal without a strategy is just a wish.”

construction industry strategies to get regular construction clients

Same is applicable for the construction industry. An effective strategy plan can help you to grow your construction business. Market conditions vary across the construction industry, with different rates of growth in residential, public, retail, civil engineering and office building sectors, making it important to identify the niche where you want to compete. Your strategy should take account of opportunities for refurbishing existing buildings, as well as taking on new-build projects. Making strategies and executing them can result in getting a bunch of clients for your construction firm. Here are some strategies to get the regular construction clients: 1) Evaluate your Projects: Landscape Architecture – A Vital Extension For your Homes. A building is not an invasion of the landscape but a vital extension of it. Landscape architecture is the comprehensive discipline of land analysis, planning, design, management, preservation, and rehabilitation.

A large list goes on when somebody asks what landscape architects do? The list does not end with designing parks, plazas, green roofs, gardens, public art, and fountains. A landscape architect uses its skills tactfully to give you a complete balance of indoor space with nature. Building Ideas -A homework for you to do before building your dream home. Thinking of your dream home is always exciting! Investing into your dream home is a big step either financially or emotionally. People directly think of buying or building their dream home. Prefab Homes - Constructing homes of your own choice. Buying a home could be a dream for many peoples. Buyers always inquire for a home that fits into their imagination and can shape their experience. They look for the traits and qualities of their own choice which sometimes stick-built homes fails to meet.

Disaster Resistant Architectural Designs – Giving Disaster Proof Lives ! Natural Disasters are a big enemy of Architects. They always challenge Architects to stand more and more concrete. We can not stop natural disasters, but we can arm ourselves with Disaster Resistant Architectural Designs. So many lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness. Architects play important role in disaster mitigation and recovery. The architectural design might prevent or decrease destructive consequences of disasters on structures.

Earthquake is one of those Natural disasters which swallows life within a few seconds. The behavior of a building during earthquakes depends critically on its overall shape, size, and geometry. The following factors affect and are affected by the design of the building. 2016 Architectural Trends shaping the lifestyle for the years ahead. The famous quote “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. ” explains us in a single line about what Architects must be thinking of before finalizing their designs. Current Architectural trends are the extensions of those continuous thoughts which brings the revolution in the entire world . Blog on how QeCAD is helpful for Architectures - QeCAD - Your CAD Handyman. The most famous architecture of recent times has summed the era of civilization: “Every great architect is necessarily a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.”

Architecture is more than art, it is a defining characteristic of changing culture with the worldwide fact that people need places to live, work, play, learn, worship, meet, govern, shop, and eat. Properly Planned Real Architectural Design Mapping. Ever wondered whether all those scenes that you see have any significance in real life? Intelligent Architectures & Cultural Civilization Building Planning. Marvelous Architecture Buildings in lap of Nature.

Ancient Civilization Design Marvel Architectural Township. If you ever had the idea to go through some of the ancient civilizations that were created, you would be surprised to know that a lot of our current architectural ideas came from there and we owe it big time to these civilizations that have inspired people and architects around the world into building greater buildings and marvels that we see today. Some of the best examples that we get to see is the Harappan Civilization and the way the complete architecture of the way it has been laid out for the people then. When Architectures symbolize emotions.