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Advantages of Serviced and Managed Office Space - Qdesq. 1.

Advantages of Serviced and Managed Office Space - Qdesq

Available on Flexible terms, short-term as well as long-term leases The rentals of a Serviced office are flexible, and many spaces offer contracts for even a day/week and even one month. Hence, this is added advantage for businesses as they can expand or reduce in line with their business plan at a short notice. 2. Why choose vacation over work? Introducing Tourism Coworking - Qdesq.

Having digital and creative jobs has been pushing more and more young people to work like nomads.

Why choose vacation over work? Introducing Tourism Coworking - Qdesq

As the idea of location-independent style of living and working is gaining momentum, the boundaries between leisure and work are blurring, and consequently, of course, new challenges are also arising at individual and society level. When the ways of living and working change, it also impacts the ways in which we travel and holiday. The concept of ‘workation’, combining elements of tourism with aspects of coworking is already introduced, and these transformations are greatly influencing the tourism, leisure and hospitality industry. Tourism coworking enables tourism service providers and destinations to spot potential latent flows of coworkationists, analyse them more closely, and assess their potential. Coworking spaces in every city focus on key aspects like mentoring, grooming, connecting and collaborating for building communities.

Some such hidden gems in India are listed below: Top 10 Coworking Trends to Drive the Industry in 2020 - Qdesq. The growth of co-working space sector is set to spread to new geographies in 2020.

Top 10 Coworking Trends to Drive the Industry in 2020 - Qdesq

The coworking sector has ridden the crest of a wave for the past two years with demand increasing by almost 100% and market supply more than ever before. 2018 and the 1st Qtr of 2019 showed significant shifts in the trend with an increasing demand by corporate clients showing their interest flex space. Simultaneously, real estate developers and landlords are also taking a greater interest in the sector in the face of this rise in demand. A combination of new ways of working, multi-location access, and activity-based settings are taking over the traditional offices, paving way for modern workplaces. Here are the top 10 coworking trends which we expect to drive the industry in 2020. Collaborative Technology: The coworking space nowadays more automated than before. Coworking is here to stay, though the trends may vary from region to region and from time to time. The new normal is now - Here’s how the workforce is resuming office - Qdesq.

The unprecedented crisis in the form of the pandemic has incurred over us.

The new normal is now - Here’s how the workforce is resuming office - Qdesq

Most professionals except the medical caregiver and law enforcement personnel were asked to work from home. The state of virtual working has come to a halt post 4 unlocks nationwide. However, as individuals prepare to step in the office, the concern of virus is still on their shoulder. The office goes worry about the sanitation of the shared spaces as well as the crammed up interior design which makes social distancing almost impossible. It’s quite understandable that no one saw the pandemic coming, which is why the business continuity plans couldn’t work to combat it. Cost-Effective Like mentioned above, coworking workspaces are quite pocket friendly. Noida - The Popular Coworking Hub - Qdesq. The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is inevitably one of the premier corporate regions of Delhi NCR.

Noida - The Popular Coworking Hub - Qdesq

Home to top MNC’s and other renowned companies, it surely is the preferred working location for youngsters. Rise of Coworking's in India - Qdesq. Thanks’ to globalization; we are working in shared & innovative economic culture.

Rise of Coworking's in India - Qdesq

Where boundaries are vanishing and social circle is expanding. Cost Per Desk In Gurugram - Qdesq. Gururgram, formerly known as Gurgaon, is one of the India’s fastest growing financial and technology hub.

Cost Per Desk In Gurugram - Qdesq

The city is known for its high adaptability and embracing innovations. Being the city with ample MNC’s like Google, Nokia, HSBC, Intel & etc putting up their offices, people are highly inclined to move here for work and be a part of corporate culture. While it was easy for huge enterprises to fit in their employees by having a fancy office, freelancers, SME’s and startups were still struggling to find a work environment with minimum budgets. Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Mumbai - Qdesq. Co-working is a growing latest trend, for companies looking for flexibility and a modern office space,outlet.

Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Mumbai - Qdesq

Co-working spaces have seen a rise in demand among startups. According to JLL, in January-June 2018, co-working firms leased 19 lakh sq. ft., compared with mere 6.4 lakh sq. ft. in the first half of 2017. Sharing of office space to reduce rents and promote collaborative work environment - Qdesq. The present market shows a trend which is both dynamic and shifting.

Sharing of office space to reduce rents and promote collaborative work environment - Qdesq

The best stroke to mitigate this altering market is to plan one’s business strategies which mirror such a trend. Shared office spaces have been the most compatible work spaces in recent times owing to this drifting trend. Where private offices cost an arm and a leg especially for budding start ups, Shared office spaces offer far more flexibilities in more ways than one. Throwing light on the many perks offered by shared workspaces, we encapsulate the following: The complete Package From temporary hot desks to permanent offices, one has a handful of options to choose from. Pocket Friendly The most magnetic fact that drives one towards Shared office space is its price. Additionally, one can meet new vendors because it is a whole new market there, with buyers and suppliers and thus a collaborative community is created.

A professional aura But where? The year that was – A flex spaces & Qdesq recap - Qdesq. Essential environmental benefits of flexible co-working workspace - Qdesq. Many reports have suggested that telecommuting can go a long way in helping to reduce the carbon footprint of ventures.

Essential environmental benefits of flexible co-working workspace - Qdesq

Telecommuting is on the rise, which has primarily increased the popularity of co-working or flexible work spaces. Commuting contributes as an essential factor in carbon emission. Hence if the employees are offered a flexible work culture, it could reduce about 4 tons of emission daily (for a 1000 employee business). Its overall benefit would be to save time for employees and also reduce the corporate carbon footprint. Further, since a flexible work culture, requires coming to the office only when needed, the employee’s susceptibility to pollution decreases, thus aiding in a healthier workforce which is accountable for more productivity. India Coworking Space Predictions 2021 – from the Founders’ Desk - Qdesq.

2021 will prove to be a red-letter year for the coworking industry. As the dust slowly settles around the coronavirus pandemic and clarity emerges on how Indians will continue to work post our exit from this black swan event, here are a couple of trends that have emerged or accelerated over this year that will define the industry in 2021. Shrinking demand for traditional leases: Flexible Workspaces For Banking/Fintech Industries - Qdesq. Historically speaking, traditional banks have always preferred proximity to their customers by building an extensive branch network across the city/country to grow their business. Having a physical footprint, apparently, also played a significant role in gaining the trust of the customers. Technology is now gradually enabling the banking industry to break the link between physical presence and market presence to have a highly differentiated service offering with a small property portfolio.

Being major employers, big banks tend to be trendsetters when it comes to office life. A recent survey by Mercer indicates that employees from 44 countries, and within 21 industries, consider flexibility as an important factor when looking for a job. Gurugram - The Fastest Growing Technology Hubs in India - Qdesq. Gurugram is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in India. Formerly known as Gurgaon, the city is high on innovation and is preferred by startups, MNCs and several established enterprises. Today Gurgaon is the birth city of various successful firms like UrbanClap, Fitso, Frsh etc.

Cost Per Desk in Pune - The Oxford of the East - Qdesq. Pune, for its glorious history, classical music, spirituality, theatre, sports, and literature, is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is the second largest city of Maharashtra and the eighth largest city in India. The city offers a plethora of job opportunities in various sectors ranging from IT/ITES to manufacturing, infrastructure to management. Nearly one-third of Pune’s population is in the 25-34 age group. Pune’s graduate workforce has triggered an IT revolution in the city. Almost every top IT company of India has its presence in Pune, making it the second largest software hub of the country.

Being a city with favorable weather conditions, academic options and career opportunities, Pune has rapidly developed into a contemporary industrial hub and is identified as a metropolis with tremendous potential. For freelancers and SME’s, it is important to find open, communicative and no-barrier workspaces in minimum budgets. Baner Average Cost Per Desk: 8,000 – 4,500. Cost Per Desk in Chennai - The Emerging IT and Manufacturing Hub - Qdesq.

5 Ways to attain clients for your coworking space in 2020 - Qdesq. In the contemporary times, flexible workspaces are increasingly being preferred by today’s workforce. Marketing and advertising have proven a surefire way to gain customers; the strategies, however, has changed over the years. COVID-19 was a key accelerator of change in techniques for customer acquisition earlier this year. Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces in India - Qdesq. The several months of lockdown and the continuous exposure to work from home made us experience the various disadvantages – lack of collaboration, decreased productivity, absence of motivation etc. But one aspect that made us happy is the unlimited time spent with our furry friends. As we step out, we are already missing the absence of innocent face around us. But what if you don’t have to anymore, what if there are pet-friendly coworking spaces in India?