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Quick Dry Cleaning Software offers tools to grow your Dry-cleaning; laundry business revenue with complete employee, customer; business management. Best suited for Single store; Multi stores, Factory management & Home pickup & delivery management.

COVID-19: How can Laundry Businesses survive it & how we can help - Businesses all across the world are struggling to stay afloat in the wake of the rapid spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19: How can Laundry Businesses survive it & how we can help -

Governments are trying their best to fight this situation while trying to prevent mass hysteria among people. None of us knows when this will end or how it will affect us in the future. But one thing is certain, global economies right now are taking a huge hit. The only way to stay safe is to limit our social interactions. Don’t go to crowded spaces, self-quarantine yourself at home and wash your hands regularly. Taking these steps is not difficult for an individual but for businesses, whose existence thrives on social interaction, these are challenging times. Disinfecting Clothes COVID-19 virus can survive on inanimate objects, like clothes, for a long time. To help you with this, we did some research and found out this chemical which can be used to completely disinfect clothes. Move towards digitization Customers might not be willing to step out of their homes.

Our Contribution. How Can You Save More than USD 500 in Dry Cleaning Business? Every year dry cleaners across the globe loose anything between USD 500-2000 by failing to track the garments.

How Can You Save More than USD 500 in Dry Cleaning Business?

Sometimes the garments go missing while in transit between various stores to the workshop or while delivering back to customers doorstep, and sometimes due to employee pilferage. It is indeed a very tedious task to track every single garment manually and also most of the dry cleaners do not do it due to lack of knowledge of how to do it. If you are a dry cleaner and facing the same problem then a software solution can help you reduce this waste and minimize your loss.

Android Defining New Ways of Laundry Business - QDC Software. Technology is bringing about change in every aspect of life and businesses are eyeing mobile phones and tablets as the next big thing.

Android Defining New Ways of Laundry Business - QDC Software

Installed software or Cloud software - Which is Better? Often, dry cleaners ask me should I go for installed software or cloud based software.

Installed software or Cloud software - Which is Better?

With the uprising technology, in the last couple of years all the industries starting from booking a cab to groceries, banking to online ordering etc. have moved to cloud based solutions. Now, this transformation is also taking place in laundry and dry cleaning industry. Why are so many Dry Cleaners & Laundromats moved to Cloud ? It is because cloud software enables you to be in control of your business ALWAYS and increase efficiency by utilizing all available resources. Do you find Daily Book Keeping a Tedious Task? - QDC Software. Imagine yourself manually maintaining the accounts and reports of a dry cleaning shop.

Do you find Daily Book Keeping a Tedious Task? - QDC Software

With every new order booked, you either write details in your booking register/order book or you keep collecting all the duplicate booking tickets and by the end of the day, enter the details of the orders. One way or other you maintain the details of the clothes you booked today along with other details like amount, due delivery dates etc. Similar process is done for Delivery and also for cash collection. Typically, every dry cleaner maintains the following information: Booking Report: details around the bookings made during the dayDelivery Book: details around the deliveries made during the dayCash Book: Cash book contains for the expenses made and cash collected On an average either the business manager spends 8-10 hours weekly or pay some amount to an Accountant who does the job for the manager.

Illustration 1: Booking Report – Details around all the orders booked within the selected date range. Manual Tagging vs. Automated Tagging - Quick Dry Cleaning Software. Raj from Silver White Dry Cleaners told us that, it takes about 3 minutes to make and attach a tag to any garment manually.

Manual Tagging vs. Automated Tagging - Quick Dry Cleaning Software

He says that most of the time of his employees go into making and managing manual tags which is obviously a HUGE wastage of time and money. Don’t you think? Raj has solved this problem using Automated Garment Tagging and I’m here to tell you how you can too. Is Losing Clothes in Dry cleaning Business Your Daily Routine? One of the top challenges in the day today chores of any Dry Cleaning/Laundry unit is tracking the garments.

Is Losing Clothes in Dry cleaning Business Your Daily Routine?

Loopholes in the Laundry Business Operations - QDC Software. Statistically speaking, laundry business is one such business that will always be on the upscale move.

Loopholes in the Laundry Business Operations - QDC Software

KPMG states that only 5% of the market is organized while the unorganized laundry sector in India is worth 5,200 crores annually, which yet remains unexplored. The pool of online consumers is expected to grow by 20% CAGR. How to Start Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business - QDC Software. Jet set your entrepreneur dream with the idea of starting a laundry business.

How to Start Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business - QDC Software

The business is easy to start and to add to your ease there are dry-cleaning softwares to help relieve you with business handling hassles. To start, you need to see that your business is located well and offers excellent service to the customers as happy customers contribute significantly to your success. Follow all the environmental regulations that affect the dry cleaning industry for a cleaner business. “Green dry cleaning” offers greater business opportunity as people would naturally prefer a firm that employs none toxic cleaning methods. Make a proper dry cleaning business plan by including all essentials like a cost of operation, other upfront expenses as the business equipment, furniture and other supplies. How to Better Manage your Laundry Business with QDC Software - QDC.

In the current times, when technology has made everything easy, it is redundant to manage your business manually.

How to Better Manage your Laundry Business with QDC Software - QDC

Quick Dry Cleaning Software is helping bring about a technological revolution in the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industry and enabling the traditional businessman to easily stay updated in the market. In the previous blog, Loopholes in the Laundry Business Operations, we talked about the common problems that are faced by the dry cleaning and laundry businesses. This article will focus on how these loopholes can be solved by incorporating Quick Dry Cleaning (QDC) Software into your business process. Here is how the software helps close all the loopholes hindering the progress of your business. Get Rid of Manual Bill Books.

How Dry Cleaners can ensure On-time Garment Delivery - QDC Software. Many dry cleaning and laundry units struggle to ensure that they return all the garments to customers on time after processing it. I have personally interviewed many businesses on this and found out that units that follow a process based approach do manage to achieve this most of the times but none of these have done this all the time. Many a times, due to the factors beyond control, orders are not ready on time and in all those instances the customers are left red faced. Specifically for businesses with walk in customers it becomes very inconvenient for customers to visit the dry cleaner only to find out that the garments are not ready. Needless to say the customers waste their valuable time, effort and money in this process. Well we, Quick Dry Cleaning software team, love challenges and feel delighted when we solve a tough business situation.

Cloud Computing in Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business - QDC Software. With changing time and habits of humans, all the things around us change before we could fathom it. Globalization has made the world a smaller place. You do not have to travel to a different country to taste its local cuisine; you can now get it at a food joint in your neighborhood. This means the introduction of new food ingredient and new stains on your clothes.

If your dry cleaner does not evolve, he is sure to lose out on business. This was just an analogy to introduce a bigger change which is affecting our lives even before we acknowledge its presence, the world is moving to cloud. Best Practices to maximize the impact of Quick Dry Cleaning Software. Quick Dry Cleaning Software can help you achieve wonderful goals that you never thought of in managing your dry cleaning and/or laundry business. You can follow the below mentioned practices and see for yourselves how small changes in your usage can bring about dramatic improvements in operations. Never share admin password and change it frequently:Never share your login credentials: each user should access the system with his/her user id and password.

System captures the activities of every user and this information can be useful in case of any eventuality.Maintain proper data of customers: Including their preferences and anniversary dates so that you can give them the service that they want.Use keyboard and shortcut to improve efficiency: like pressing ‘F1’ to open order booking screen from wherever you are.Diligently set up Short Names in Item Master: You can save up to 70% of your time if you use proper short names (item code) in the system.

Are you a businessman or a shopkeeper? - Quick Dry Cleaning Software. How many hours do you spend on your shop counter everyday and take order from clients, by your own, to ensure that your business runs smoothly? If the answer is more than an hour daily then probably you fall under the category of shop keeper and not a businessman. How to Start Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business - QDC Software.