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QC Signs & Graphics

QC Signs & Graphics is a full service Sign Company located in the Charlotte, NC region. By providing premier customer service and high quality products our goal is to be your first choice in signs. Using the latest technology in the industry, our company provides eye-catching advertising through outdoor signs and indoor signage, vehicle wraps, electronic signs, banners and much more.

Best Wall Murals in Charlotte, NC. Receptionist Desk Plates. Every business needs to be professional in how they approach or welcome their customers and visitors.

Receptionist Desk Plates

When any visitor enters your facility for the first time, they most likely will focus their attention on the front desk sign. So, in a way they play a big part in establishing the first impression. The front desk is also the first stop to gather information and that makes the location important. To leave a positive impression it is recommended that your reception desk signs should match with the theme of your overall interiors so that visitors get a consistent look throughout your facility. Lobby Signs: Custom Office Lobby Signs in Charlotte, NC. ADA Compliant Signs. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act which was introduced in 1990.

ADA Compliant Signs

The act dictates, any directional sign in a public facility which is pointing towards a restroom, elevator, staircase, or any other public area should follow ADA guidelines in terms of a sign’s placement, fonts, and color contrast to ensure that everyone including people facing disabilities can navigate with ease. Following ADA guidelines is not optional, it is mandatory by law for all businesses. Building Directory Signs. When you have a facility with multiple tenants, building directory signs are a great option to guide visitors in the right direction.

Building Directory Signs

If your customers or visitors end up getting lost while finding their way this may create a negative impact on how they feel about your business. Building directory signs are very useful in places such as schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, residential complexes and more. They make sure that the visitors get to their desired location without getting confused or lost. They are available in many materials and in a way, the type of material defines the type of the facility. For instance, a luxury hotel will always have a metal, wooden or digital directory sign, that compliments the overall décor whereas, for hospitals they will always be focused on showcasing clear information instead of the finish.

Custom Trade Show Displays, Booths & Exhibits. Commercial Truck Wraps & Graphics. Charlotte Vehicle Wraps. You may think that custom vehicle wraps work just because they tend to be loud, colorful, busy signs.

Charlotte Vehicle Wraps

But, that’s not so. Even sophisticated brands can get a vinyl vehicle wrap that reflects their high-end products or services, and that more muted wrap will still attract attention. Why do vehicle wraps really work? They are rare curiosities that people enjoy looking at. Bored drivers passing by are naturally interested in the wrap. Unlike in-your-face ads on the internet or in your mailbox, a commercial vehicle wrap is more subtle.

As a result, it’s simple to build a brand presence, raise brand awareness, and even advertise sales with a vinyl vehicle wrap. Custom Vinyl Wraps & Decals. Apart from promoting your message, full vinyl wraps also add a layer of protection to the vehicle.

Custom Vinyl Wraps & Decals

This protects the original paint from scratches, harsh weather conditions and small dents. This increases the value of the vehicle when you plan to sell it. One significant advantage of vehicle wraps is they catch the attention of all age groups. Because of their eye-catching designs, most people notice them while they are driving or on the streets. Fleet Vehicle Wraps & Graphics. Outdoor Lighted Business Signs. If you want your business to stand out from everything around, outdoor lighted signs should be on your priority list.

Outdoor Lighted Business Signs

With lighted business signs, your message can be delivered to your target customers day or night. They are ideal for businesses or buildings that are hard to find, as they make it easy for visitors to find the correct location. There are available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. QC Signs Charlotte, NC. The opportunities are limitless, LED signs can be used for new product releases, limited time offers, and other promotional details.

QC Signs Charlotte, NC

Due to their excellent visibility, they can also be used for directional purposes. They can be also used as interior signs to improve the décor of an office or store. Outdoor LED signs can assist you with directions as they have great visibility in the dark. Businesses that function mainly at night rely on them for bringing more customers to their premises. Another benefit is using outdoor LED signs is you will have access to almost 4.4 million colors to design your message. Channel Letter Signs. Channel letters are one of the most common choices for outdoor signage.

Channel Letter Signs

Since there are so many options available, they are the first choice for many businesses as they provide a professional outlook to a business and they can be illuminated with halo or 3d effect. Each letter can be fitted with LED lights to provide eye-catching appearance and that helps businesses to generate a unique identity and makes them stand out from the competition. Whether it’s naming a business or retail stores or any public facilities, channel letter signs are always given the priority. Business Window Graphics. Windows were made to let fresh air and light in as well as to the block the sound coming from the outside.

Business Window Graphics

But that’s an old story, today windows are also used to improve the décor, and some cases, act as a partition in big rooms, and halls. Business window graphics are a great way of improving the visual aesthetics of windows as well as the overall interiors. Sidewalk Signs For Business. Have you ever noticed stores or restaurants on the sidewalks that you walk by daily?

Sidewalk Signs For Business

Maybe a few but in most cases, it is almost none. It’s not that you are not interested but, in most cases, you are either in a rush or thinking about something else. Custom Commercial Signs. Do you think your business can gain from the traffic that is passing by? Electronic Message Boards. In today’s market, customers are looking for real-time information. Gone are the days where the same message was showcased for days and delivered results. Businesses who communicate with their customers regularly need to use electronic message boards to keep it engaging.

These message boards are fitted with LED lights and feature changeable messages that look way more attractive than traditional signboards. They are extremely versatile as the messages can be changed remotely, with software and that makes it possible to display multiple sets of messages and information to the customers. Outdoor Banners: Custom Outdoor Vinyl Banners & Signs.

Outdoor banners are a great tool for informing existing and would-be customers about grand openings, upcoming promotions, or any other message that your business wants to communicate. Even temporary banners are great for showcasing the upcoming events or special promotions as they are always placed above eye level and therefore attract many eyes. Outdoor signs and banners are also great for informing customers about any major change that a business is going through or when their services would be available again. The best part about banners is how cost-effective it is compared to other forms of signage. Storefront Awnings. QC Signs Charlotte, NC: Charlotte Sign Company. QC Signs & Graphics Is Live With ABC News. Grand Opening. Kendra Scott Exterior Sign. Kendra Scott Exterior Wall Sign. Kendra Scott Interior Sign. Kendra Scott in shop. FlippinJay s Install. FlippinJay. FippinJay s Install. FlippinJay s Happy Customer. OG acrylic Wall. 188 OG Wall acrylic.

Acrylic at entrance. Acrylic on Walls .jpg. Office Gym OG Install. Office Gym OG Install 2. Palmetto Pan Sign 2. Palmetto Pan Sign 1. Palmetto Install. Palmetto Channel Letters. Palmetto pre install. Palmetto Channel Letters 2. Parking Sign. How Effective Is Fleet Wrap Advertising for Your Business. Menu Find Promo Products Spread Your Message and Build Confidence with Fleet Vehicle Wraps QC Signs and Graphics November 10, 2020 Businesses that have several vehicles should consider getting wraps for those vehicles. A Boost to Brand Message Have you seen vehicles with vinyl wraps driving around Charlotte, NC? However, with more vehicles, you have the opportunity to make more impressions on your customers. Instead of paying for repeated impressions through PPC or other advertising methods, you can let your fleet generate them by doing their usual routes.

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