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How SOPA would affect you: FAQ | Privacy Inc. When Rep. Lamar Smith announced the Stop Online Piracy Act in late October, he knew it was going to be controversial. But the Texas Republican probably never anticipated the broad and fierce outcry from Internet users that SOPA provoked over the last few months. It was a show of public opposition to Internet-related legislation not seen since the 2003 political wrangling over implanting copy-protection technology in PCs, or perhaps even the blue ribbons appearing on Web sites in the mid-1990s in response to the Communications Decency Act. Consider the concerted protest on January 18 by high-profile Web companies and organizations. How SOPA would affect you: FAQ | Privacy Inc.
Lúkasarguðspjallið... - ylfamist.blog.is Ég er aðdáandi upplýstrar umræðu. Ég nýt þess að lesa fleiri en eitt sjónarmið og hef gaman að því þegar maður lendir í hressilegu orðaskaki við fólk um menn og málefni, svo lengi sem það er í mesta bróðerni.Netið er mín himnasending. Ég var pennaletingi og sendibréfin sem ég hef komið á pósthús yfir æfina ná örugglega ekki að fylla tuginn. Samt ólst ég upp fyrir daga netsinis. Í dag þarf ég ekki á pósthúsið, ég bara skrifa og ýti á send. Lúkasarguðspjallið... - ylfamist.blog.is
Monogamy is failing men. Not only is it failing them, but it's a "socially compelled sexual incarceration" that can lead to a life of anger and contempt, or so says Eric Anderson, an American sociologist at England's University of Winchester and author of the provocative new book, The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating (Oxford University Press, $49.99). Cheating, however, serves men pretty well. An undiscovered affair allows them to keep their relationship and emotional intimacy, and even if they're busted it's a lot easier than admitting that they wanted to screw someone else in the first place, he writes. In his study of 120 undergraduate men, 78 percent of those who had a partner cheated, "even though they said that they loved and intended to stay with their partner." Contrary to what we may think, most men aren't cheating because they don't love their partner, he says; they cheat because they just want to have sex with others. Vicki Larson: Why Men Need To Cheat Vicki Larson: Why Men Need To Cheat
LXDE and Xfce – the other desktops
GPL, copyleft use declining faster than ever December 16, 2011, 10:28 AM — A new analysis of licensing data shows that not only is use of the GPL and other copyleft licenses continuing to decline, but the rate of disuse is actually accelerating. That was the conclusion of Matthew Aslett's analysis of recent data from Black Duck Software, which shows that while use of the GPL, LGPL, and AGPL set of copyleft licenses dominates free and open source projects, that use is still on the decline. GPL, copyleft use declining faster than ever
This Is Not The Net You Thought You Knew You know how the Internet works, right? Of course you do: you’re a TechCrunch reader, a power user. You know what that “HTTP” means in your address bar (if you’re not using Chrome.) You know that behind the scenes, the Domain Name System translates your requests for domain names like techcrunch.com to numeric addresses like, and secure connections are encrypted by SSL. You know that web servers send HTML, the lingua franca of the Web, over the wires (or the air) to your computer, and that web developers write JavaScript to control what your browser does with it. …Unless you’re actually a techie. This Is Not The Net You Thought You Knew
Til vinnu – öflugar aðgerðir fyrir atvinnuleitendur
Loose Connections - Oldest and Fatherless: The Terrible Secret of Tom Bombadil Loose Connections - Oldest and Fatherless: The Terrible Secret of Tom Bombadil (This is another of my speculative pieces and nothing to do with Star Wars. This one is for an older trilogy.) Old Tom Bombadil. Possibly the least liked character in The Lord of the Rings.
Universal Censors Megaupload Song, Gets Branded a “Rogue Label” Universal Censors Megaupload Song, Gets Branded a “Rogue Label” Earlier today, Megaupload released a pop video featuring mainstream artists who endorse the cyberlocker service. News of the controversial Mega Song even trended on Twitter, but has now been removed from YouTube on copyright grounds by Universal Music. Kim Dotcom says that Megaupload owns everything in the video, and that the label has engaged in dirty tricks in an attempt to sabotage their successful viral campaign. This morning we published an article on a new campaign by cyberlocker service Megaupload. Site founder Kim Dotcom told TorrentFreak he had commissioned a song from producer Printz Board featuring huge recording artists including P Diddy, Will.i.am, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, The Game and Mary J Blige. These and others were shouting the praises of Megaupload.
National Security Notice We are NOT calling for the overthrow of the government. In fact, we are calling for the reinstatement of our government. We are not calling for lawlessness. We are calling for an end to lawlessness and lack of accountability and a return to the rule of law. Ron Paul: “The PATRIOT Act Was Written Many, Many Years Before 9/11. [And The Attacks Simply Provided] Opportunity for Some People To Do What They Wanted To Do”Ron Ron Paul: “The PATRIOT Act Was Written Many, Many Years Before 9/11. [And The Attacks Simply Provided] Opportunity for Some People To Do What They Wanted To Do”Ron
In the movie Groundhog Day , Bill Murray's character is forced to relive a single day over and over and over—waking up to the same song every morning, meeting the same people, having the same conversations—until, after thousands of repetitions, he finally realizes what a shmo he's been his entire life. With that epiphany, the calendar starts to flip forward again. His life reboots, and he once again gets to hear new songs, meet new people, and have entirely new conversations. Rich People DON'T Create Jobs: 6 Myths That Have to Be Killed for Our Economy to Live Rich People DON'T Create Jobs: 6 Myths That Have to Be Killed for Our Economy to Live
Still only seven weeks old, the Occupy Wall Street protest and its myriad offspring throughout the United States are beginning to engage in what will surely be a long battle with local authorities over curfews and other types of assembly permits. Leaders and counsel of “Occupy” movements across the country are presenting First Amendment challenges to municipal actions. Though making the usual ritual reference to the “freedom of speech and assembly,” the defenders of the Occupy movement—and their opponents—have framed the debate thus far almost entirely on the usual free speech terrain: the speech vs. conduct distinction, the issue of content-neutrality, and the reasonableness of “time, place, and manner” public forum restrictions. Even on these terms, the protesters often have strong claims that city governments have violated their rights. What Does “Freedom of Assembly” Mean for Occupy Wall Street? What Does “Freedom of Assembly” Mean for Occupy Wall Street?
Rebecca Coriam: lost at sea | World news The Port of Los Angeles, 23 October 2011. At the Goofy Pool on deck 9 of the Disney Wonder, the Adventures Away celebration party has begun. "Goodbye, stress!" the cruise director shouts. "Hello, vacation!"
New ASP.NET website launched
Ítarleg umfjöllun um tökur á Game of Thrones birtist í Íslandi í dag á Stöð 2 í gær og hér á Vísi. Eftir að myndskeiðið birtist sköpuðust miklar umræður á Internetinu, einkum á spjallvefnum reddit.com, um söguþráðinn í næstu seríu þáttanna. Það er sú sería sem er verið að taka upp núna. Einn aðdáandi þáttanna heldur að það sé Jeor Mormont sem deyr fyrst. Með því þurfi ekki að taka upp Craster House atriðið. Annar heldur að það sé Daenerys, því að það myndi einfalda gerð þáttanna. Framleiðendur Game of Thrones ljóstruðu upp leyndarmáli
Pressan.is 08.jan. 2014 - 14:30 Örlagasaga Braga litla Gígja Dögg Einarsdóttir og fjölskylda hennar fundu móðurlaust folald síðasta sumar og hugsuðu um það í sólahring.
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Ethan Huff Infowars.com December 1, 2011 Afghanistan is, by far, the largest grower and exporter of opium in the world today, cultivating a 92 percent market share of the global opium trade. But what may shock many is the fact that the US military has been specifically tasked with guarding Afghan poppy fields, from which opium is derived, in order to protect this multibillion dollar industry that enriches Wall Street, the CIA, MI6, and various other groups that profit big time from this illicit drug trade scheme. Prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Afghanistan was hardly even a world player in growing poppy, which is used to produce both illegal heroin and pharmaceutical-grade morphine. » War on drugs is a hoax: US admits to guarding, assisting lucrative Afghan opium trade Alex Jones
Einn fagran sumardag árið 2006 lenti kínverski fjárfestirinn Luo Jinsheng í Kalmar í Svíþjóð og innan skamms lýsti hann vilja til að fjárfesta á þeim slóðum. Á þeim tíma glímdi þessi forna verslunarborg við atvinnuleysi og samdrátt. Um mánuði eftir að Luo Jinsheng steig niður fæti í Kalmar var skrifað undir samning á milli hans og sveitarfélagsins; Luo Jinshen myndi kaupa landspildu í Kalmar og greiða fyrir um 20 milljónir sænskra króna, eða tæplega 410 milljónir íslenskra króna á núverandi gengi, og skuldbinda sig til milljarða fjárfestinga. Samkvæmt áformum Jinshengs átti að reisa verslunarmiðstöð, fjögur lúxushótel, veitingastaði og 300 íbúðir sem ætlað var að laða að fleiri kínverska fjárfesta sem og Evrópubúa. Kínahverfi í Kalmar Ekkert varð af áformum Kínverja
Audiobooks: A Cautionary Tale
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The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix
HIV and spam