Home Home Hi all, The Groovy team is very pleased to announce the first beta of the Groovy 2.3 release! Groovy 2.3.0-beta-1 is actually already a feature-complete beta, so the release cycle towards the final version will be very short. Furthermore, Grails 2.4 is looking forward to integrating it rapidly as well for its upcoming major release too! So you can expect a general availability version of Groovy in the coming weeks, as we’ll move directly in “release candidate” mode after this beta. But your feedback, as usual, will be very important for trying out this beta in your respective projects, to tell us about any problem you might encounter.
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Flapjax: Home Flapjax: Home Flapjax is a new programming language designed around the demands of modern, client-based Web applications. Its principal features include: Event-driven, reactive evaluationAn event-stream abstraction for communicating with web services Interfaces to external web services